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  1. Word from various Facebook forums is that Dan Jayne, modeler extraordinaire, passed away on March 1, 2016 of an aneurysm. Hoped it wasn't true, but it's been confirmed by more than one source. His cutaway's were true works-of-art.
  2. Email sent regarding ACADEMY Hawker Hunter F.6 $18
  3. Wow!! I've been in Chelan on a bike trip. While both vids are impressive, the first one really gives perspective. Thinking about you guys in central Washington. (From a former Western Washingtonian)
  4. As the title says - I'm looking for the Dutch specific markings (Dutch roundels and tail markings: F-001) off the Furball 1/48 sheet: F-35-A Anthology Pt. 1. Anyone have that sheet and willing to part with the Dutch parts? email me offboard: hmveldman@allcom.net. Thanks! Harold
  5. Everyone starts somewhere. Two years ago I rode with a charity group (Sea to Sea) and we rode from LA to NY - nearly 3,500 miles in nine weeks. It worked out to be about 70 miles per day, six days a week IIRC. Some people out there were in incredible shape. Some not. No one got left behind. Everyone started somewhere and built up fitness that spring. It just has to become part of your routine. You're not a slug. You just haven't started yet!
  6. Does the A-380 fly into O'Hare - Chicago? Live near Grand Rapids, MI, and saw a VERY large commercial jet flying from the NNE to SSW yesterday Saturday (5/23) afternoon. White jet, red rectangle on the belly (narrows it down to an Emerites jet), but that sucker was huge. Wonder if it might be the A-380. Anyone?
  7. We live near Grand Rapids - about 60 miles away. Heard it before we felt it. (Went through the Nisqually quake in '01 on Whidbey Island.) Sounded like a truck going by (without any doppler effect). Rumble got louder and louder, then the house vibrated. I knew it was an earthquake immediately. The whole neighborhood wondered. Fun to go through one without any major damage or injuries. But it is a fragile world we live on.
  8. PM sent on 48008 - Special Hobby 1/48 X-15A-2 Box Open, Inside Bags Sealed $35.00
  9. Except here in the wonderful state of Michigan where insurance is all no-fault. They hit me tailgating? They might get a ticket, but I have to pay all my own damages. Genius.
  10. I'm in. I'll check the stash. I'm sure there's something I can live without. (Maybe.) ;-)
  11. So, the wife wants me to slim down the stash, since it won't all fit in the closet anymore. She said I had to get rid of stuff - and shouldn't buy any more. However, finder-of-loopholes that I am, that doesn't mean I can't trade for some stuff I want. I've got some wants below, with what I'm offering. As usual with trades, we each pay our own shipping (I'm in zip 49401). CONUS unless extenuating circumstances. Aircraft (with one exception) are 1/48. Armor are all 1/35. All reasonable trades considered. Unless noted, all my kits have open boxes with sealed bags. Contact me off b
  12. I meant the Quinjet - didn't know that was it's name. If they want $135 for the 1/72nd version - man, I was hoping for something 1/48... But $135?!? Well, at least it's out there.
  13. Finally saw Captain America II Great movie BTW. Relevant discussion about security vs. freedom.) Has anyone heard any rumors of a model of the hovercraft VTOL's they had on the hovercarrier? Looks like a really updated version of a V-22: part ground attack, part troop transport. Anything on the rumor mill?
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