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  1. If you want to keep the windows open, paint the fuselage halves before closing them up and without the windows glued in, and then when it's all together mask off the windows with small strips of masking tape. You'll need to give it another coat if you've done any sanding/filling on the seams, but they're nowhere near the windows so it's not an issue.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this one. Flew on N350AA to RDU last year, and I'd like to build it. Anyone know where I can get some decals? I've not got that kit.
  3. Stunning! No other words needed!
  4. Nice build! Flew one of these (but in their new colours) back from Porto to Gatwick on Thursday. Nice flight, odd plane though! One FA had to sit in the middle of the plane by the exit, and my friend behind had a special table that clipped into the arm rests.
  5. Well, I've got a sheet from my Revell kit for all the little markings! Perhaps Danny (Daco) will be able to release those details on a separate sheet.
  6. vc-10

    Wing Flex?

    Or the old B-47, which had wings that go up and down in level and smooth flight! They used to oscillate, according to a book I read ('WideBody, the story of the 747' I think)
  7. The old ones, apparently. Thanks to Charles Dayhuff for the 767 models, and whoever made ACM and the repaints for them too!
  8. vc-10

    Wing Flex?

    Also some similar aircraft have different amounts of flexing. 737NGs for example seem to flex (based on my observations!) more than A320s, although it is more noticeable with the winglets.
  9. BA use theirs extensively on lower density long hauls out of Heathrow (Caribbean, USA), and recently 'dusked' them, putting in lie-flat seats and PTVs. I could see them adding winglets, as their 787s are a long way off, and it will add to the value of the planes when they sell them. Qantas use them mainly on domestic and NZ flying I think. Steven, just watch out, there are 2 kinds of GE engines on the 762, some of them look more like a hybrid PW/GE mix (a bit like the Revell engines, really!) I'll be ordering mine, and trying to get hold of some American Airlines decals, to make N350AN, which I flew to RDU on last year. Anyone know of any?
  10. You've got to be a bit wary of some of the Airfix airliners though. Some (747 and L-1011 I think) we based on drawings before the real things were built, some are based on prototypes (BAC 1-11, VC-10). Others are real gems though, like the A300, which was developed with Airbus IIRC
  11. A spray can I think. Looks great to me! Are you going to paint the engine cones?
  12. I hope my Connie comes out as well as your propliners! Love them both! Leo, what paint did you use for the silver?
  13. Coming along very nicely Tim! As you can see from my username, I rather like the VC-10s!
  14. Might have to Frank! Not just now though, not got enough time or money. A-Levels coming up and all that jazz
  15. Sounds like my sister Does the Eastern Express kit have the nessasry holes in the fuselage and wings for the gear bays?
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