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  1. Yes sure, unfortunately it doesn't have mobile slats and correcting this is not at all easy.
  2. About the F-104 family Hase is slightly better than Revell (but it doesn't really offer a real Italian "S"), obviously Revell remain the best option for a Charlie. ESCI/Italeri in the hands of a good modeller can still be a good alternative.
  3. This is a BSU-33 tail, yes is different in size from '82 to '83. I've the USN '83 in the catalog but only in 1/32 with the Mod 0 tail. http://www.videoaviation.com/accessories/132-usn-mk83blu-110-bombs/
  4. I managed to finish a litte dio after a long time, a G-91R/3 Luftwaffe LeKG 43 in 1969. The Meng model is not without problems, the main one is the shape of the characteristic "nose", more other things here and there. Also the model had the small tanks supplied, I replaced them with a bit of cad work and printed with my 3d printer, these are the convenience when you do this job. The decals supplied with the kit unfortunately proved bad, at least those in my box, having no other valid available I had to use the very old ones Modeldecal from the 80s, although slightly off-register and bad appe
  5. This is the Charly Revell, slightly lower than the Hase, however a good model imho.
  6. Nice, the old Esci kit is still buildable.
  7. Yes, it's partly true, I've been influenced by some images where it looks like that, maybe I'll do another softer or even slick version.
  8. Yes, the starting point is that, good work, it will not be one easy task.
  9. There is a model of MJ4 but in scale 48 (Arsenal in France), before closing it had also started by Verlinden, for me it is a very complicated subject to reproduce, maybe one day I will do it but not soon.
  10. Stunning model Red Dog......& great review of my product
  11. Modern tug tractor for aircraft & helicopters used extensively today in the main Raf/R.Navy air bases. Complete with photoetched, decals and precut transparent.
  12. It's likely to be 1,65 high, X2=3,30m
  13. Just for clarification my Blu's shown above were made using NATO/Italian Air Force drawings (including measures and curvature radius) and all had named "27", this is also confirmed by a couple of friends of my former 104 fighter bomber pilots.
  14. It seems too small to be the WWII 250lb, maybe a 100lb with unknow fin.
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