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  1. Detail of the nose. I'm going to close the opened triangulars on the side of the cockpits. I have no pics of them open.
  2. Model assembled and wet sandpapered with 1200 and 200 grid. It still need to be claned with water and kitchen paper.
  3. Thanks Eugene! The air intakes received some modifications, too. I opened some panels, drilled some holes, add some pieces and add a soft cover made by Magic Sculpt putty.
  4. The side metal arches on the side stairs are too big. I reduced the thickness using my cutter as a file, then drilling some holes. There are some damn extraction pins on them that must fix!
  5. I simulated some raised panels on the nose masking the area and adding liquid putty.
  6. The snubber gauge is positioned on the port fuselage (left side) only, not on the right. You must sandpaper it. Please note the lower trapezioidal antennae has a concave surface, so liquid putty is mandatory for solve the issue.
  7. Since there is only one big air scoop on the right side, you must fill the hole on the left side of the upper fuselage.
  8. On the right side of the fuselage there is a small air scoop but the kit base is too big IMHO, so I removed it.
  9. Here is the same piece with improvements: drilled some small holes (simulating screws) and two strenghtening plates. I used liquid Gunze putty with paper masks.
  10. The IFR probe with some improvements. Here is the kit piece.
  11. Dear Collin, the kit is almost done. I'm going to paint it this week end. I had those problems but fixed with my trustworty file in some points of the fuselage. Thanks anyway! Maurizio
  12. Starting improving the MLG drilling some small hles and adding some wires for tubes.
  13. Thank you Elmo et al, The following picture shows that I sandpapered those raised parts on the wings. They will be replaced with smaller pieces of plasticard. They are also located in wrong places. Also note the entire fuselage and wings have been sandpapered with wet 1200 grid paper since the plastic surface was not smooth.
  14. I also opened the side handles placed betweed the two cockpits. They will closed with a piece of plasticard from the interior. Cheers Maurizio
  15. There are some holes here and there in the fuselage that - I think - could improve the detailing job and interest.
  16. Cockpit Painted (some minor details must be still added). Please note the different shades of dark grey, black, dark brown of each single side panel. Tamiya panel accent black was used for the recessed panels and a mid grey for drybrushing (Italeri acrilic paints).
  17. Formation lights are too much raised so you must levelling them using the sandpaper. Also note the previous mentioned hole.
  18. Some panels are raised compared to the fuselage. I obtained this adding Gunze 1500 liquid putty and removing soon the paper tape mask.
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