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  1. Starting with the tail.
  2. ...on my PC the pics are correctly rotated but not here....
  3. Since the Attic lower part of the fuselage is not straigh I must use the kit piece, a piece of plasticard and only the very rear part of Attic resin conversion. I add some plasticard pieces for strengh the entire piece. I used CA glue with Soda Carbonate for gluing the interiors. It is very strong.
  4. Dear Don, many thanks for your comment. Sponsons are from Attic conversion. I saved them from trash can since they are still workable (not 100% accurate). You can see the new rear edges I made making them sharper. I made those holes for made them lighter in weight.
  5. Pictures speak clarly about the quality. The conversion was very expensive, too. Seems like the web site is not running anymore. cheers Maurizio
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. There are no words for this... Condolences mate. Maurizio
  7. Thanks mates for your comments. Here is the last addiction, the Quickbook seats. Much better than original.... I'm very slow on this project since I would finish some more in order not to have a lot of opened projects and boxes around.... time to time something new is coming out .... cheers Maurizio
  8. Thanks mates for your comments. I'm going to use some Eduard SH-3 PE for this project.
  9. I agree with you Marten. I'm building 2 AMXs and I had the same problem. I started with 36270 (Italeri acriilic paints) and after some shadows it changed a lot. Don't worry about the shade of gray. Every plane looks different from another. Cheers Maurizio
  10. Thanks for the congrats, mates! These pics are showing the signining lines for a revetting job.They are 90% correct. Stay Tuned - more pics to come next week. Cheers Maurizio
  11. As regards the APU exaust, I've decided to remake it from scratch using plasticard, CA glue and bicarbonate of sodium for a strong. I'm going to use my files for a long time in order to give the correct shape of this part!!!
  12. Scribing the pavement. It will be 90% correct due to the difficult of finding right alignement measures.
  13. Congrats for this "insane" work on these models and good luck with your health problem! I don't know if just "flagged" before but please note that helmets and survival vests/life preservers for USN-USMC pilots are not correct in those figures. Figures are wearign HGU-56/P helmets instead HGU-84/P. HGU-56/P helmets are used by Army pilots and crew. HGU-84/P are used by USN and USMC. USN-USMC pilots and operators Always wear life preservers (horse collar type) and HEEDS pouches with air bottles. cheers Maurizio
  14. Here is the radar nose. The black ball has been made by a colleague of mine and it is made of delrin, a plastic material quite similar to PVC but paintable. The cilinder is a parfum sample. Both have the correct dimension in 1/48 scale.
  15. I've modified the central consolle. It is not identical to the real chopper consolle but it will be invisible at the end so I can live with this mistake...
  16. Hi Chhuey, the pics are visible by me with Explorer and Mozilla. I've uploaded them using the "choose files" option.
  17. HI guys, I'm back with some updates. Here is the inner structure located between the cokcpit and the cargo bay.
  18. HI there, the only update is the care of the external surface of the fuselages. I've made a perfect smooth surface on the external fuselages using Gunze Liquid putty and grey Tamiya primer. I need a perfect surface for the rivetting job. I'm going to finish some kits in order to have enough space for the Pelikan inside my window. Thanks Maurizio
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