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  1. This is the base choosen for this diorama. It is a Verlinden resin base Painted grey (Tamiya primer) and different shades of brown, light grey, tan. The base received then a light coat of tan-light grey for simulating the a stone pavement. I would simulating a city square. Washings and drybrushings jobs made a nice final effect.
  2. Primer is on. Painting job using Humbrol enamels. My usual technique is: base green + brown, base green, base green + tan. This gives you a first 3D looking. The second 3D part will be done with washings and drybrushings.
  3. Turret done! Hull done!!! All together!
  4. Completing/detailing the exteriors.
  5. The interiors. Details of the inner turret (upside down)
  6. The interiors of the turret are done. Turret closed.
  7. Painting the interiors and homemade decals
  8. Thanks mates! I'm now finishing some model kits in order to write some requested articles for a modelling magazine so I must let the Pelikan apart for some weeks, unfortunately. cheers Maurizio
  9. Turret pieces ready for painting.
  10. Thanks Don et al, Here are the external pods containing the Oerlikon 25mm guns and ammo containers. The Yellow tape strips were needed for duplicating the welding seams with Liquid putty (Gunze - Mr. 1000)
  11. Starting the interiors with stirene strips. I've found the the interior ribs are not perforated. Only a couple of them are and are located close the tail
  12. These could be the materials for the nose radar. A custom tooled sphere made of "delrin" (a plastic material) and made by a friend of mine in a workshop. The tubes are samples of woman parfumes. These materials are very very light. Cheers Maurizio
  13. Engraving the left panel that is a cover for the power supply generator using a template made of plasticard and the Trumpy scriber.
  14. Hi mates,seems like Photobucket is not working properly in these days. I'm not able to upload pictures so only one is available for this WIP. HEre is the left sponson witha modified profile and the 2 layers of plasticard in order toproperly match the fuselage solhouette keeping it vertically. The resin sponson has been perforated in order to reduce its weight.
  15. making the APU with CA glue and bicarbonate of sodium.
  16. Continuing with the preparation of the pieces. The turret ring has been filled with Milliput putty and sandpapered with a Dremel sandpapered drum.
  17. Preparing the rear inner ribs with stirene strips. My daughter put a clip, too....
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