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  1. I never use the sandpaper to remove the central palstic lines. I just use my "delicate" file. After the central line is sandpapered, I polish all the canopy with a car (but multiporpouse) cream. It is from Arexons since the one I was used to use is not more imported in Italy (the product was called "IOSSO" and it was first sold for shinying cromate boat parts - it was fantastic). I also use this paste in order to restore dark or clear visor from my flight helmet collection or my motorcycle helmet visor. It REALLY works fine. Within a 7-10 minutes your canopy will be ready. cheers Maurizio
  2. I suppose that the White glue is a vinilic glue. I was used to use (...) it before the Cristal Clear. Just add some drops of water to the vinilic glue. cheers Mauriziowww.ma-files.it
  3. dear mate, you can easily build an instrument gauge i the following steps: - secure a small piece of styrene sheet to your wood modelling base with a sticker - drill an hole (diameter of the instrument comes with the scale...) in the middle - cut with a xacto blade all around the hole (4 cuts). The final result will be an "hole with the squared window". Just attach to the kit or scratchbuilt panel, paint in black and add a gloss cote... Use Evergreen stirene sheet or rods for adding particulars... sorry for my English-explanation Good luck! ciao Maurizio Bressan this tip is from my
  4. Hi gents, I use this method for my models in 1/48 scale but It will works for the 1/32 , too. the tires are keeped witht he help of a toothpick positiioned in the landing gear hole. I airsbush the tires in Humbrol matt black as usual. after 2 days I pass the tire in trough my fingers. since the fingers are little bit "grease" the black MATT paint will appear a little more satin, a real satin. You can decide if your tires will be more satin or more glossy... up to you! cheers Maurizio Bressan www.ma-files.it[/url] thanx for the suggestion to:
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