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  1. This horizontal rudder (technical name on helis?) just glued. It need the putty and must be lenghtned a little bit with plasticard.
  2. Dear Chis, thanks your your comment. Why did you use 2 SH-3 kits? is that article yet available? cheers Maurizio
  3. Dear Whitey, I'm not going to use that conversion. I prefer a complete scratchbuilding job. I forget to mention that the Pelikan will have the interiors with the rear ramp lowered and the right side door opened. cheers Maurizio
  4. Here are some pictures of the Attic resin conversion set put apart after the arrival. The White resin was very fragile and warped with no internal nor external details.
  5. Hi there, I'm back here with another heli/chopper after a break with a 1/35 scale scratchbuilt tank, an Italian Anti A/C APC, the SIDAM. Since I'm not able to fall in love with OOB kits (see my 1/48 HH-60J and AB-212ASW), I'm back with a not-very-easily 1/48 HH-3F. The project started back in 2008 or 2009 and put apart untill Jan. 2015 with some minor upgradeswith measurements jobs or styrene sheets cuts. I've bought the Hase SH-3 kit and the Attic resin conversion at that time considering to save a lot of time. After several weeks the parcel arrived and immediately my enthusiasm felt ap
  6. I like the figure face, it is so natural! congrats! Maurizio
  7. Here is the completed model. The base is an IKEA cheap wook window. Cheers Maurizio
  8. Thanks mate! The model is almost done. Drybrushing using the interior green, medium grey and radome tan depending by the different edges colors. For example: radome tan drybrushing job on the lower part of the vehicle due to the dust.
  9. The clear cote is on & dry (Future Wax). Homemade decals (made by myself). Washing using White spirit and dark brown + black. Remember to wash the entire model with pure White spirit befone the dedicated wash with oils otherwise your model will have an entire set of spots. Oils a very thinned.
  10. Humbrol 102 + dark brown as base coat. Humbrol 102 coat with the eception of the angles (stillremaining the 102 + dark brown as mentioned above). Not the subdue shadows are just visible. Humbrol 102 + tan for the central area of the panels.
  11. Checking the pose of the figure. It is a "collage" of different soldiers/brands. The head is Hornet. Tamiya spray primer.
  12. Thanks Tank! HEre you can see both Sides
  13. The model is now ready for painting. Note the different materials used.
  14. The top, rounded hatch, beige colored is from the kit, modified and then copied in resin. The side hatches (for rifles) are made in plasticard and then made several of them in resin (for this and future projects). The MG is from Tamiya and came out from my spare part bank. Thanks for watching. Cheers Maurizio
  15. Thanks Tank. Which hatches are you referring to? Those on the top of the vehicle or the triangular located on the sides of it? Main turret assembly. Detail or the armoured external tanks.
  16. Making the side armor plates from scratch to resin copies.
  17. MAking the MG shield protection. Making the side Windows with plasticard and then copied in resin.
  18. Thanks mate, sorry no updates to the XM706... Maurizio
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