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    My interests include 1/48 scale modern aircraft, including, but not limited to, the F-14, F-16, F/A-18, and my two favorites, the A-10 Warthog and F-15E Strike Eagle. I am a Transit Operator for Pierce County.

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  1. strikeeagle801

    L/F 1/48 GBU-24

    Yes, I just need one. Using it as a counter-balance to an AGM-130 I'm putting on a Slam Eagle. If you have two you can part with, I can always use another as a spare. Aaron
  2. strikeeagle801

    Saudi F-15C with Fast Pack in Gulf war 1991 ???

    Not honestly sure about A's having CFT capability from the start, but I don't think they did. I think that came along with the Charlie. But, I could very well be wrong on that. Aaron
  3. strikeeagle801

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    All CFT's have been built by IAI. They are the sole supplier of F-15 CFT's to Boeing. And yes, 2 and 8 are wing pylons. 5 is the Centerline. No bombs on the CFT's. the original designation for the CFT's was FAST packs...Fuel And Sensor, Tactical. They were meant to carry fuel and sensors, were adapted to carry missiles, but no bombs. The USAF quickly dropped the "sensor" part of the FAST packs. The F-15E CFT is the same basic design/dimensions, but had the provisions to carry bombs from the start. Aaron
  4. strikeeagle801

    Saudi F-15C with Fast Pack in Gulf war 1991 ???

    As to your question about all F-15's being able to be fitted with CFT's...The answer is yes. All F-15C's would be able to carry CFT's from the factory. Aaron
  5. Does anyone have a spare GBU-24 in 1/48 they could part with? Glad to pay shipping or trade for other weapons. Aaron
  6. strikeeagle801

    Vallejo Model Air...The low-down?

    I picked up a set of these from Hobby Lobby today, and I want to give them a try, but I've never used them. Looking for tips and tricks with them. Do they come pre-thinned for airbrushing? If not, what do you thin them with? I've got Tamiya x20 thinner and rubbing alcohol on-hand. A good PSI to spray them at? Any help is appreciated. Thank's guys n gals. Aaron
  7. strikeeagle801

    F-15SA unique features

    Thank you for the update. Then I stand corrected. Aaron
  8. strikeeagle801

    F-15SA unique features

    Yes. Those are extra chaff/flare dispensers. I don't believe they are on any other version of the F-15 so far. Aaron
  9. strikeeagle801

    GWH S4804 F-15C MSIP II Paint Colors

    Is Mr Color a lacquer then? Aaron
  10. strikeeagle801

    GWH S4804 F-15C MSIP II Paint Colors

    What do you thin Mr. Color paint with? I'm working on an F-15 as well, and am looking for an alternate to Model Master. Aaron
  11. I have a set of Academy parts you can have. Shoot me a PM with your address. I won't be able to get them out to you til Thursday or Friday, but I'll get them to you. Aaron
  12. strikeeagle801

    Midway remake

    I remember seeing the preview for Pearl Harbor in the theaters, just before I left to serve my two-year LDS mission. I was SO EXCITED to see it, and SO BUMMED when I found out it came out like a month after I left. When I got home, it was one of the first movies I watched. I remember thinking...I waited TWO YEARS...FOR THIS??? Aaron
  13. strikeeagle801

    Buckeye is Aces!!!

    I second that, many, many times over. Twice as nice to meet in person, which I have had the privilege several times, and hope to have several more. Aaron
  14. strikeeagle801

    F-15C/E exhausts 1/48 by KA models

    Where are you guys finding these on E-bay? I looked the other day and could not find any. I'm looking for the ones for the Revell/GWH kit without the burner tubes. Aaron
  15. strikeeagle801

    F/S 1/32 Revell P-51D and Revell Me-262

    Bump. Sold the Mustang on E-bay. 262 still available. Aaron