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    Spanaway, Washington 98387
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    My interests include 1/48 scale modern aircraft, including, but not limited to, the F-14, F-16, F/A-18, and my two favorites, the A-10 Warthog and F-15E Strike Eagle. I am a Transit Operator for Pierce County.

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  1. strikeeagle801

    Strike Eagle experts

    There is a GPS "Dot" antenna on the shoulder of the F-15E that receives the GPS coordinates from the satellite constellation as well. It is this that feeds the targeting information from the computers into the bombs themselves. The newer Sniper pods do have GPS capabilities, but the original Snipers did not. Aaron
  2. strikeeagle801

    GWH F-15E vs Eduard boxing of Academy kit 1:48

  3. strikeeagle801

    Best 1/48 SJU-17?

    Title says it all. What is the best aftermarket SJU-17 NACES ejection seat for the Tamiya F-14D, if it even needs one? Thank's Aaron
  4. strikeeagle801

    GWH F-15E vs Eduard boxing of Academy kit 1:48

    Also, unless I completely missed it, the GWH kit does not contain a centerline pylon, which is kind of a glaring error, as the F-15E pretty much always carries the C/L pylon, especially in combat. And (this is just a personal observation rather than an actual shortfall) I don't like how there are no positive location holes for the LANTIRN pylons on the fuselage bottom. Aaron
  5. strikeeagle801

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    Just be aware that you can not use the 40% off coupon on "your price" items...Which includes airbrushes. I tried last night. Aaron
  6. strikeeagle801

    F-15E, what's going on with the top of the wing?

    Not necessarily again...but if you look at loadouts in the early to mid 90's, you'll see a mix of AIM-120/AIM-7's carried by F-15's, where the Sparrow was still "good enough" to be carried, but the AIM-120 had certain advantages over the Sparrow. The same thing is going on here...the AIM-9M is still a potent weapon, and the AIM-9X is still new (as far as F-15E integration is concerned) so there is a certain "failsafe" there...If the AIM-9X's advanced features are needed, they are used. If not (or, if as suggested, the 9X fails), the AIM-9M is "good enough". The F-15 community in general has flown a lot of different missile configurations in the last 15 or so years. I've seen everything from two AIM-120's, four AIM-7's and two AIM-9M's on F-15A/C's, to one AIM-9M and one AIM-120, to three AIM-120's and one AIM-9M carried on the F-15E. Aaron
  7. strikeeagle801

    F-15E Loadouts

    That is correct. Flight Lead was usually the only jet to have both the targeting pod and the nav pod. Aaron
  8. strikeeagle801

    ModelCollect B-1B - a no show?

    Says a 1/48 SR-71 is in the works too. That would be cool to see. Aaron
  9. strikeeagle801

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    Completely agree. the F-15SA and (soon) the F-15QA are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the F-15E, and yet we are giving them to countries that are not really the best US allies right now. The main reason we would not export the F-22 was because we did not want any of our allies...Even our STRONG allies like Japan and Israel, to have parity with the US...Yet, we will export F-15's and F-16's that not only give them parity, but ADVANCEMENT over our models. Hoping the F-15X does come true. I think that Boeing would be able to pitch more than 12 to the USAF, and I know Israel and probably Japan would be interested in them as well. Aaron
  10. strikeeagle801

    L/F 1/48 GBU-24

    Yes, I just need one. Using it as a counter-balance to an AGM-130 I'm putting on a Slam Eagle. If you have two you can part with, I can always use another as a spare. Aaron
  11. strikeeagle801

    Saudi F-15C with Fast Pack in Gulf war 1991 ???

    Not honestly sure about A's having CFT capability from the start, but I don't think they did. I think that came along with the Charlie. But, I could very well be wrong on that. Aaron
  12. strikeeagle801

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    All CFT's have been built by IAI. They are the sole supplier of F-15 CFT's to Boeing. And yes, 2 and 8 are wing pylons. 5 is the Centerline. No bombs on the CFT's. the original designation for the CFT's was FAST packs...Fuel And Sensor, Tactical. They were meant to carry fuel and sensors, were adapted to carry missiles, but no bombs. The USAF quickly dropped the "sensor" part of the FAST packs. The F-15E CFT is the same basic design/dimensions, but had the provisions to carry bombs from the start. Aaron
  13. strikeeagle801

    Saudi F-15C with Fast Pack in Gulf war 1991 ???

    As to your question about all F-15's being able to be fitted with CFT's...The answer is yes. All F-15C's would be able to carry CFT's from the factory. Aaron
  14. Does anyone have a spare GBU-24 in 1/48 they could part with? Glad to pay shipping or trade for other weapons. Aaron
  15. strikeeagle801

    Vallejo Model Air...The low-down?

    I picked up a set of these from Hobby Lobby today, and I want to give them a try, but I've never used them. Looking for tips and tricks with them. Do they come pre-thinned for airbrushing? If not, what do you thin them with? I've got Tamiya x20 thinner and rubbing alcohol on-hand. A good PSI to spray them at? Any help is appreciated. Thank's guys n gals. Aaron