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    My interests include 1/48 scale modern aircraft, including, but not limited to, the F-14, F-16, F/A-18, and my two favorites, the A-10 Warthog and F-15E Strike Eagle. I am a Transit Operator for Pierce County.

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  1. Resin Guys need some help!

    I might be able to help with refs after this weekend...Heading down to Portland for the Open House. Aaron
  2. Strikeeagle801...myself

    Money refunded today. Please delete this thread. Aaron
  3. Does the Apache and Black Hawk use the same wheels?

    That would be great. I really need a set for a memorial build I am doing for a friend who was KIA in Afghanistan. Aaron
  4. Any interest in a 160th SOAR reference CD?

    No CD pics either Tim. If the 160th is uncomfortable with photos out there that THEY authorized in the first place, I am not comfortable distributing photos that they may not have had, or doing this project on my own. Floyd and Aaron may feel different about theirs, but this is the way I feel about my photos. I would just say that this is the end of the project. Period. Aaron
  5. Kinetic 1/72 C-17 Update

    I want one. And, after seeing a few here for Exercise Mobility Guardian, an A-400 to put next to it. Aaron
  6. FS: 1/32nd Scale Packages and Kits

    Must be then. Thank you for the response. Aaron
  7. FS: 1/32nd Scale Packages and Kits

    Are you planning on selling the 1/32 F-16 package you bought from me a while back? If so, I'd be interested in getting it back. Aaron
  8. Recommendations on first kit

    I've never built the Academy kit. The new weapons and decals make the kit worth the cost, but honestly, the Academy kit has a lot of issues with it. Revell is the way to go with the F-15E, and can be a pretty simple, straight-forward build. My suggestion is to buy a Revell kit at 40% off from Micheal's or Hobby Lobby, and use the decals, weapons and pylons from the Academy kit to update the Revell kit. Barring that though, I really have no hints on the Academy kit. I'm sure someone on here does though. Aaron ps. If you go the Revell route, this will help you. Also, Great Wall Hobbies will be coming out with an E at some point in the future (they have an F-15I and F-15K already) and it will kick Revell out of the Numero Uno position.
  9. Recommendations on first kit

    Gunship Gray is the proper color for an F-15E. The F-15 Grey is one of the two colors used on F-15A/B/C/D's in the Mod Eagle scheme. As for which type of paint, I know that a lot of people on here prefer acrylics over enamel due to the toxic fumes enamels (and the thinners used with them) have. If you have plenty of ventilation, using a paint booth, etc, then that is not an issue. I tend to use both. I use mostly enamels, but prefer some colors in acryl. Black for instance does not seem to spray as well as an enamel as the acryl does. I use Model Master paints BTW. Aaron
  10. F/S 1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat W/extras

    Sold. Aaron
  11. F/S 1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat W/extras

    Bump. I'll take $65.00 for the kit only. Aaron
  12. Hello One that I decided to keep, but now need to sell, quickly. This comes with pretty much everything you need to build a Gulf of Sidra Tomcat (either engagement). Hurts to let it go, but I have to. Here is what is included. All items are new in box/bag and unstarted. Model box has been opened, but all parts are sealed. Tamiya F-14A Tomcat Eduard Canopy Mask Eduard Brassin AIM-9L/M Sidewinders Eduard Brassin AIM-54A Phoenix Eduard Brassin early AND late wheels Eduard Brassin Ejection Seats Furball AeroDesign Tomcat Colors and Markings Part 1 Furball AeroDesign tail stiffeners Katran F-14 Varied Nozzles I'm asking $135.00 plus shipping for this package. I need to require PayPal on this one, as I need the money quickly. No trades at this time. Please PM me if interested.
  13. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    They have. And I'll add my 2 cents. All jets on that sheet are from Seymour Johnson AFB. All Seymour jets are powered by the F100-PW-220 engines. The airframes at SJ are the oldest in the fleet, and most have spent their entire "lives" at that base...Maybe switching between squadrons, maybe not. The newest jets are at Lakenheath. The air intakes and ram air inlets provide enough air for the 220 engines to allow them to operate at peak efficiency AND allow enough bleed air to provide for the ECS. The -229's require more air, so the scoops were added to force more air into the bleed sections of the engines, thus allowing for the ECS to be taken care of that way. Aaron
  14. Does anyone make a left-handed HTS in 1/48 now?

    I was able to acquire one for the project I need Harold, but I would still look into it. Just about all Block 40/42/50/52 USAF units are flying SNIPER/HTS combos now, so there is a demand for it now. Aaron
  15. Having surgery/major downsizing sale

    Bump. Willing to make deals here (for instance...I'll trade all three things that are left for the 1/48 GWH F-15C) if anyone is interested in anything. I'll wait a few more days, then on to E-bay. Aaron