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    My interests include 1/48 scale modern aircraft, including, but not limited to, the F-14, F-16, F/A-18, and my two favorites, the A-10 Warthog and F-15E Strike Eagle. I am a Transit Operator for Pierce County.

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  1. strikeeagle801

    Local Hobby Shop business for sale!

    I remember swinging by there and meeting you a few years ago when my wife and I went up there. Good times. Aaron
  2. strikeeagle801

    Ordering Tamiya sprues though HLJ

    I have not yet. I will try them. Thank you. Aaron
  3. strikeeagle801

    Ordering Tamiya sprues though HLJ

    Answering my own question. HLJ responded to an E-mail, and has told me that they have not had a dedicated parts department since the 2015 earthquake. They will assist with parts from kits bought from them within 10 days of receipt, but that is all they are able to do. Aaron
  4. strikeeagle801

    Ordering Tamiya sprues though HLJ

    Hello all Is this still possible? I need to order a replacement sprue from one of my kits. If it is not possible through HLJ any more, does anyone know of a company that does it? Aaron
  5. strikeeagle801

    Was the A-10 ever considered for export?

    That is correct. No sales were made. I'm wondering, were they ever considered.
  6. Hey all Re-reading Red Phoenix by Larry Bond, and in it, he mentions a South Korean A-10 unit, and it got me to thinking...Was the A-10 ever considered by other countries? Honestly, South Korea having A-10 makes sense, as North Korea has a HUGE standing army, and a butt load of tanks, and something similar to the events detailed in the book could actually happen...I mean, we still have A-10's stationed there to deter this kind of situation. Aaron
  7. strikeeagle801

    48th Scale B-1B Sniper Pod Pylon

    Probably the Eduard Brassin one. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/edu648252.htm Aaron
  8. strikeeagle801

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    I'm just hoping that no matter what, the US Navy supports the film like they did the first one. if there is REAL footage of the Super Hornet, then it COULD be good. Aaron
  9. strikeeagle801

    A little air brushing help please....

    I had this exact problem a few weeks ago. Get the MM airbrush thinner, and a lot of your problems will be fixed. I still use lacquer thinners to clean my airbrush, but for thinning the paints, stick with the "good stuff". Aaron
  10. Thank you for the response! I've got what I'm looking for now. I appreciate the help. Aaron
  11. If anyone has a spare they could possibly part with, I'd be very grateful. I'm glad to pay postage or trade weapons or something for it. Thank you Aaron
  12. strikeeagle801

    Paint drying too fast out of airbrush

    Just a small update. I bought some Model Master thinner today, and tried again tonight. Complete 180 on the results. Dialed the pressure back down to 12-15ish, and the paint sprayed beautifully! I now much a bunch of hangy/pointy/explody thingies in various shades of green and gray ready for my 1/48 Tamiya F-16. Thank's for the help! Aaron
  13. strikeeagle801

    Paint drying too fast out of airbrush

    I usually spray about 10-15, but thought I would go higher to see if low pressure was the problem. Was just doing some trial and error, but wanted to include the pressure in the OP so you guys knew the exact conditions, and how to help. I appreciate the responses, and will be buying some Model Master thinner and/or mineral spirits today.
  14. strikeeagle801

    Paint drying too fast out of airbrush

    Hey all I know that this topic probably has been covered 1000 times before, but I need help. I am using Testors enamel paint, thinned with Klean Stripe medium-drying lacquer thinner, and am shooting at about 25 psi through my Aztek airbrush. I've tried to thin the paint anywhere from 50/50 to 70/30 (thinner to paint) and seem to have the same problem...The paint is basically dry by the time it hits the model part, and leaves a gritty mess. What can I do to fix this? Any hints would be appreciated. Aaron
  15. strikeeagle801

    May releases

    Still planning on doing F-117's in 1/48 this summer? Aaron