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    Tacoma, WA 98407
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    My interests include 1/48 scale modern aircraft, including, but not limited to, the F-14, F-16, F/A-18, and my two favorites, the A-10 Warthog and F-15E Strike Eagle. I am a Transit Operator for Pierce County.

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  1. Well, at least my mind isn't completely slipping! Good to see you again too! Yeah, we made the jump over here to the we(s)t side about four years ago when I got a job with Pierce Transit. Aaron
  2. Hi all I'm hoping someone has the C/N kit and decided to build it as a small mouth Block 30 or something similar. I am in need of the intake lip for the MCID intake, part # H11 I'm also looking for two sets of the Station 3/7 pylon, which are parts C5, C6 and C10. If you can help me with either/or I would be very appreciative. I don't have anything really to trade, but I can offer to help with postage, and of course will pay it forward when I can. Thank you for looking. Aaron
  3. If you're the guy I'm thinking of, you're from the Tacoma area aren't you? Regardless, welcome back to ARC, and I'm sorry to hear about your shelf falling. I remember when the heartache I felt when my wife's cat knocked off a shelf with two mediocre models I built on it. Aaron
  4. Beggars can't be choosers Don. I'm just greatful for the help if you can. Aaron
  5. Hello all As the title says, I'm in search of 1/48 HARM's. I'm working on the Tamiya F-16CJ, and I messed mine up. I'm looking for two, but if you have more, I wouldn't mind having a few extras to work with. I don't have anything to trade right now, but would be happy to pitch in for shipping and pay you a little for the actual parts. I get paid on Friday, so I can't do so until then. If you can help, please send me a PM. Thanks. Aaron
  6. I can second this fact. The 160th still uses them. Aaron
  7. The EP-3E's will be around for a few more years, but as far as base-line P-3C's go, this last deployment was the end of the line for active-duty squadrons. Aaron
  8. unfortunately, all of the reference photos I had of that helo were on an external hard drive that died on me, and are now lost forever. You are doing a great job on it with the references you have. Keep it up! Aaron ps. Here's a couple of shots of it on airfighters. https://www.airfighters.com/photosearch.php?reg=168800
  9. Really looks great. My friends and I helped get the references for the decals, and I am glad to see that scheme used. Aaron
  10. I think we ALL built this kit at about the age of 12. I still remember getting this kit, putting it together, spray bombing the entire thing forest green, and hanging it from my ceiling. We moved when I was 16, and the thing could not come with me (not to mention, I had learned SO MUCH MORE about modelling then...like actual camouflage) and so I took it outside and launched it into the bed of my truck from 15-20 feet away. The first time it hit, I think I only lost an engine. The thing was built pretty tough, just like the real thing. So, I launched it a few more times until it finally shattered. Great job on the model so far. I look forward to seeing more! Aaron
  11. And the same goes in reverse! We had a little hiccup with PayPal, and Brian was a top-notch communicator throughout the whole thing. I would say that not only did I gain a trading partner through this transaction, I may have even gained a friend. Aaron
  12. This is me holding off for a bit! Just sayin' 🙂 Aaron
  13. Bump. Added Hasegawa F-2B and possible trade option. Also lowered prices on some previously listed kits. Aaron
  14. Yes. You need to source a "steam gauge" instrument panel and a non-square stab from an Academy kit, and you're there. That is my plan as well. I have an MH-60 to build, as well as the UH-60L that I flew in with the National Guard. Aaron
  15. That certainly is an eye-catcher. Great job! Aaron
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