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  1. To use a line from Charlie Daniels... ...I'm in a bind, 'cause I'm way behind, and I'm willing to make a deal. Here's the deal guys. There's somewhere I really want to go this Saturday (the Sentry Eagle open house at Klamath Falls, Oregon) and I need gas money to get there. I'm willing to negotiate on price on the remaining models to get the money I need to go, so please, if there is something you guys are wanting, reach out to me and let me know what you are willing to pay. Let's make a deal! Aaron
  2. Monday bump. Still lots of great kits here. Let me know if you are interested in anything. Aaron
  3. Bump. Sold items removed and post updated to reflect pending transactions. Aaron
  4. Hello. I have the following for sale. All are open box, bags sealed. I will ship via USPS to anywhere they ship at cost. PayPal is appreciated, but I can work out other arrangements if needed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll check this page often, but a PM is still probably the best way to get a hold of me, as I check my E-mail a with a lot more frequency. If there is any A/M included with the kit, it'll be mentioned in the description. The only trade I'm looking for at this time is a 1/32 Academy F/A-18D. Prices are semi-negotiable. Aaron 1/72 Model
  5. never mind. Found one in the stash that I did not know I had. Aaron
  6. Sorry guys. I hit the post button too soon. Stupid big fingers and little keyboard...(using my phone) Aaron
  7. The F-4 is still available. The Hornet has been sold. If you're interested in the F-4, please send me a PM. Aaron
  8. Excellent shots Gary! Thank's for sharing them with us. Aaron
  9. On the fighters, the AIM-9 usually goes on the outside missile rail to allow for maximum view of the uncaged sensor. On the F-15E, the AIM-120 *tends* to go on the outside, as there is less space on the inside, and there has been times that the AIM-120's fins have pierced the CFT's during loading. Still, optimal position is Sidewinder to the outside though, as it allows for the sensor to have the most unobstructed view of the target. Aaron
  10. Just one bump. Again, if you see something you are interested in, I am open to offers. Aaron
  11. Good morning all. I've got a few models for sale. I need to sell these rather quickly in order to get some money for my kid's birthdays. As such, I am open to offers. All kits are open box, sealed bags (some boxes came that way) and some come with aftermarket accessories, so be sure to read the descriptions. Shipping will be through USPS. I've got them wrapped up and ready to go, so shoot me a PM with your address and I'll get you a quote. PayPal or Venmo works best for payments. I've not been on ARC in over a year, but I am far from new, and have a good reputation on here, so don
  12. Looking Sh!t hot there Sir. I think I found a use for the new F-15E kit I have coming in the (literal) slow boat from China. Keep up the good work. Aaron
  13. Would the following be a legal load? Double ugly tanks, two GBU-24's on the center wing stations, and two AGM-65's outboard?
  14. Hi all. Is it common for Super Hornets to carry two wing tanks and a centerline, or is it more common for them to carry one or the other setup? Aaron
  15. Thanks for the confirmation guys. It took me an hour, and I think I'm permanently cross-eyed, but I painted the door edges. Since I'm building a VFA-103 Foxtrot as well, I get to do it all over again soon. Aaron
  16. Hi all I can't seem to find a picture that shows me conclusively whether or not to paint the edges of the landing gear doors red. Most of the pics I see seem to be all-white, but I want to be sure one way or the other. Thank you for the help. Aaron
  17. Bump. Kit still available and still looking for the trade want as well. Aaron
  18. Bump. Kit still available and still looking for the trade want as well. Aaron
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