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  1. Jonas from the tv show The Unit always used to say "trust, but verify". With that site, its reverse. Verify, THEN trust.
  2. Parts are sealed in bags. Comes with the following extras -Eduard Brassin wheels -Master machine gun barrel set -Kits-World 148016 Scorchy II and Thunderbird -Kits-World 148043 Tondalayo and Wee Willie -Kits-World 148128 comprehensive general stenciling I'm asking 120.00 for the set. The only trade I am considering at this time is a 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair. I will ship the cheapest way possible. PayPal is best for payment. Respond here or via PM if interested. Thanks Aaron
  3. This is the dual kit with the PE, resin, masks and tons of markings options included. I'm asking 90 dollars plus actual shipping for the set. Everything is present and accounted for. The only trade I'm looking for at this time is a 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair. PayPal is best for payment. Contact me here or via PM if interested. Aaron
  4. Hi all I've got the early version of the 1/72 Modelcollect B-52H up for sale. All inner bags are sealed and the kit is complete. It also comes with Armory Models resin wheels and the Eduard paint mask. I'm asking 100 dollars even for the package, shipping extra. This is a pretty big box, so keep that in mind. I will ship it the cheapest way possible. The only trade I am considering at this time is the 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair. PayPal is the best means of payment. Respond in this thread or via PM if interested. Thanks for looking Aaron
  5. Looking specifically for the Bunker Buster boxing of the Tamiya F-15E in 1/32. If you have one to part with, let me know what you are looking to get for it and we can go from there. Thank you Aaron
  6. GT Resin makes a corrected drop tank, and that was my next step if I could not find one on here. Here's a link to it on Spruebrothers: https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32062.htm?CartID=1
  7. Hello all As the title says, I've got the early-model B-52H from Modelcollect in 1/72 scale up for sale. The box came unsealed from the LHS, but the inner bags are all sealed and in perfect condition. I am also including the Armory resin wheel set and the Eduard paint mask. Asking $100.00 plus actual shipping. This is a big, heavy box, but I will ship wherever you are willing to pay for it to be shipped to. No trades are wanted at this time. PayPal preferred. Thanks for looking Aaron
  8. Thank you Sir for your quick response. I look forward to the sheet. Aaron
  9. Any idea when this sheet will become a reality? Checked your website today and it still says "coming soon". Aaron
  10. Hello all I'm looking for a 1/48 Hasegawa F-22 to purchase. I don't care if it is sealed or not, just so long as the model is complete. if someone has an extra kit lying around they are wanting to get rid of, please let me know what you asking for it, and we can go from there. I would rather deal with someone on boards than E-bay. Thanks. Aaron
  11. Hello all I'm looking for a drop tank from the 1/32 Tamiya F-15 kit(s). Does anyone have one they could spare? I'm willing to pay for it. Drop me a line on here or a PM if you can help out. I appreciate it. Aaron
  12. Do you have any plans on doing any early B-52H markings for the Modelcollect kit by chance? Aaron
  13. Hello all I have a Tamiya Air National Guard F-16C kit in 1/48 scale that I would like to trade straight across for a 1/48 Hasegawa F-22. My F-16 has been stripped of the AIM-120's, AIM-9X's and GBU-12's and associated decals, but is otherwise complete. Because of this, and the fact that I plan to build the F-22 with weapons bays either closed or empty, I don't expect the F-22 to be in perfect condition either...feel free to take a few of the AIM-120's and AIM-9's out for use with the F-16 before you send it. Sound good? If anyone is interested in a trade, please drop me a PM. Than
  14. I've been looking at buying some kits lately, and have seen some truly outrageous shipping prices....55, 60 bucks or more for shipping a 1/48 kit. I had thought that E-bay had included shipping in the price of the fee structure they charged sellers for listing to try and get away from that, is that no longer the case? Aaron
  15. Hi All I'm getting stuff put together to build a 1/32 Block 52 F-16CJ with the -229 engine and carbon fiber "turkey feathers" and am wondering what scale decals I should use to replicate the carbon fiber weave on them. From what I can find, they've got 1/12th, 1/20th, 1/43rd and 1/24th. What would be the closest and best to use on a 1/32 scale model. Seems like a dumb question maybe, but math has never been my forte' thank's for the help Aaron
  16. So, I'm an 80's baby, got into the hobby when I was probably about 10 or 11, and Model Master paints and glue have been my mainstay ever since. If they are well and truly gone now, what is a good replacement for them that is readily available in the US that has the depth of color choices and applications that MM had? Is there any? I use mostly enamels, but am not adverse to switching to acrylics. like I said, I just need something readily available. I do mostly modern US aircraft, but have a few WWII subjects lined up as well, most notably the 1/32 Tamiya F4U1-A Corsair. Thanks in
  17. I've got a complete AMK Tomcat I'm looking to trade straight across for a complete Hasegawa EA-18G Growler. If anyone is interested, please respond here or PM me. I'd like to keep it in CONUS to keep cost of shipping down for both parties, but would consider other areas to get the deal done. Aaron
  18. Not at all. Very easy process. She's easy to contact at that address, and will provide those parts in a timely manner, free of charge, as indicated. Aaron
  19. Looks like you are off to the races! Great job so far. My only real complaint on this kit is the lack of the centerline pylon. I'm not sure how GWH missed that one. Aaron
  20. Thank's for the answers everyone. It is on the itinerary for the trip. Unfortunately, this is not a pleasure trip. I'm going down to say goodbye to my sister who has terminal cancer and has weeks to live. As long and she holds on and everything goes according to plan, I'll be able to hit the museum on the way down or on the way up to see her. Otherwise, it may have to wait for another time. Aaron
  21. Hi all My family and I are taking a trip down to Utah in a few weeks, and I was thinking about trying to go to the air museum at Hill AFB, but I can't find much online about it. Is it open to the public? Has anyone been there recently, and If so, do you recommend it? How long do I need to plan on being there for? Any and all help is appreciated. Aaron
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