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  1. Pegasus moulded in grey styrene, not resin.
  2. Don't forget Europe uses 220/240v AC, unlike the US which uses 110v AC. I wouldn't think 220v going into a US charger would do it any good.
  3. Not the original line up - Dave Gilmour replaced Syd Barrett in 1967 after Barrett had mental problems.
  4. Putting the finished kit on the shelf and moving on to the next one, hoping it will be an improvement on previous models.
  5. I have had two Astro Zeneca injections with no side effects. My son has had two AZ injections and felt a bit rough in the evening following each injection. However he was right as rain the following morning. So I think there is no hard and fast rule about AZ, it just depends how your body reacts.
  6. And when you find it, one of two things will happen. Either it will go crunch as you step on it or alternatively you will hurt your foot as you step on it. Difficult to replace items always go crunch.
  7. Our government may not be the shapest knives in the drawer but they are not 'tinfoil hatters'.
  8. I can't speak for deliveries to USA but when I've ordered Wolfpak Decals here in UK from Fantasy Printshop they include the coloured placement sheet but the extensive notes are sent as a pdf by e-mail. Perhaps they leave the coloured sheet out of export orders to save on postage costs?
  9. I hadn't realised that. But I still prefer hardback books to Kindle. Each to their own.
  10. When you can open 3 or more e-books simultaneously to compare the information in the books, then they will be a serious reference tool. Until then, hardbacks rule.
  11. I wish I had £1 for every vac-form or resin canopy that has yellowed over the years on models I have made. And I've never discovered a way to 'de-yellow' them, and neither I think has anybody else.
  12. Especially if it's a piece of Lego - you'll approach the Olympic record for the triple jump.
  13. I've got to agree with John, either scratch build a replacement part taking several hours or scrabble through your spares box(es) until you find a wheel that is nearly right. Then paint and fix the replacement part and within a short time the missing part will appear. You'll find it doesn't work too well with fishnets 🙂
  14. Well you're not going to make money selling to the people who use forums like this. Tamiya's big money earner is RC cars I am told, and for the last two years the biggest selling Airfix kit is the Easy Build Spitfire I that builds like a lego kit. Revell of Germany has also diversified into the non plastic kit market. I think if a company just wants to make model kits, it's going to be a rocky road.
  15. Hannants (owners of Xtraparts, have the kit available at present. The body is injection moulded, with a vac form canopy and white metao seats, etc, and it retails for £7.99. I bought one last year and mated it to a Meng kit. Not a bad result.
  16. In that case, go back to Hannants with your complaint. If it was less than a year ago, they should replace it as being unfit for purpose under UK law. If its more than a year, try asking nicely.
  17. Sorry Steve but the entire country has gone on lockdown with everybody expected to stay at home except for essential journeys for food and medicine. Obviously essential workers are still working for us. The herd immunity idea has been abandoned (thank goodness) and we hope to loose as few people as possible. Like every other country, we pray for a vaccine to be discovered. In the meantime I'll stay at home and work my way throughthe stash.
  18. That was the first trial of the Australian Emergency Cycle Rack, prior to the test fitting of the bicycles. 🙂
  19. Why don't the manufacturers replace plastic bags with the new starch based ones? If starch based bags are strong enough to use on magazines sent through the post, they should be strong enough to use in plastic kit boxes. And on environmental subjects, do you think modellers should do away with oil based and laquer paints and just use water based acrylics?
  20. I hope you have deep pockets holding lots of money 🙂
  21. I suspect the person you need to ask this of is somebody who actually sells kits for a living.
  22. I made a C-2 using the Falcon vac form fuselage and HellerE-2C Hawkeye. I don't know if the Hasegawa E-2C will fit the Falcon conversion as it was designed for the Fujimi kit. P.S. I see you are from the UK. Hannants have the Falcon conversion for £16.99 and a Fujimi E-2C can be picked up for under £20.00 on eBay.
  23. There are occasions where recessed panel lines are wrong - many WW2 types had lapped joints where a panel overlayed another, and neither raised or recessed lines show this correctly.
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