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  1. Dragon Lady

    I also like your colour transition on this one Mark. Excellent subject and painting.
  2. Race Day at Reno

    Thanks so much, Mark. Don't get too many of these drawings done anymore.
  3. Race Day at Reno

    The CAC Ca-15 in the pits at Reno. Only one of these was produced in the late 40's and scrapped in the early 50's, so this is a "what if".
  4. Serbian/Yugoslav MiG 29 part 2

    Like it, nice lines in this aircraft.
  5. Cold War Interceptor

    A beut, Mark.
  6. B-17 Oil painting

    Ver nice painting, Mr. Mustang. Do you have more to show?
  7. Turkish Spitfires

    Nice work, Omar. Great detail.
  8. Duel of Canvas Falcons

    I like your composition on this one, Mark.
  9. Some recent art

    Great stuff, Mike.
  10. Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Good looking portfolio of work, Sketch.
  11. Working on a painting!!

    Good start on this one, Sukhoi.
  12. Spitfires in Action

    Thanks Greywolf. One can only imagine how busy you would be in those kind of situations.
  13. Douglas DC3

    The venerable old DC3 in Delta colours.
  14. Digital art of an F-16 firing a missile

    Very cool drawing, jessirelli.
  15. Hand Painted Leather Sqd/Group patches......

    Great looking patches, PN.