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  1. As one of my mostest favorite movies of all time-watched it a bazillian times, ive never noticed that before
  2. ^^^^^^^this :( oh, how many time have we heard X release date only to be.........
  3. And first place goes to..... Which begs the question: why hasnt this been re-re-re released again???? Very, VERY nice!!!!!!
  4. Anyon notice there 3 watchers on it?????
  5. WHEN? When, when, when, when,when,when, wwwheeeeeeeeennnnnn????????
  6. Hi Looking for above decals in 1/48. Just want the low vis markings so if its a partial sheet (with those)... Thanks! Kurt
  7. Anyone have any experience with the above decals?
  8. FYI, For those you who may have Amazon Prime; They have Tamiya 1/32 P-51D's on sale for 89.10 (Free Shipping of course)
  9. Ummmm... Electric toothbrush turned into sander?
  10. If this old news my apologies, but I found this while looking for a "micro power sander" http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=orBqd6w5T4E
  11. Received my first order from Japanese Hobby Plaza/www.plazajapan.com and can say I'm a happy customer. I bought a Hasegawa 1/72 SU-35S on the 12th for just under 36.00 (includes shipping) and received it today. No issues at all.
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