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  1. Hi , Just a little note to mention that IPMS Real Cote ( Montreal ) will be holding their bi-annual contest on May 12th, 2018. For more information please visit our site www.ipmsrealcote.com regards, Chris
  2. alouette2

    Japan Coast Guard colors ( yellow/blue )

    Planning on doing a H-34 in 48 scale using the old Revell kit and decals from DF-Helostuff from Germany. Nothing fancy mostly out of the box. 2 sites worthy of mention for Japanese and Asian aircraft www.J-Hangarspace.jp www.asianairarms.com an IPMS SIG based in the UK Chris
  3. alouette2

    Japan Coast Guard colors ( yellow/blue )

    Thanks LD.
  4. Morning, Am looking for color call out for the old yellow / blue Japan Coast Guard scheme. Anyone have information or point me in the right direction. Searched google but haven't found anything as of yet. Regards, Chris
  5. alouette2

    1/144 Minicraft DC6 instructions

    Thanks Tony, I had looked around but couldn't find anything. Regards, Chris
  6. alouette2

    1/144 Minicraft DC6 instructions

    Morning and Happy New Year to all, I got a kit of the Minicraft DC6 a few weeks back and there was no instructions.Would anyone have a set they could scan. I have pretty much figured out what goes where but need to clarify a couple of things mainly to do with the landing gear set-up. Will be doing it as a PWA aircraft that my father flew on as a passenger crossing the Arctic circle back in the late 60's. PWA would issue a certificate to all passengers when they would cross the circle and I found his going through some papers. Regrads, Chris
  7. alouette2

    Scaleworx 1/48 Alouette 3

    First time for me dealing with Scaleworx. I ordered the Alouette 3 and the Rooivalk kit. Will let you guys know how the Alouette 3 looks like when I get it. Chris
  8. alouette2

    Scaleworx 1/48 Alouette 3

    Will also be much better than Fujimi's kit. Chris
  9. alouette2

    Scaleworx 1/48 Alouette 3

    Afternoon all, Just in case it isn't common knowledge. Scaleworx has released a new 48 scale Alouette 3. You can get more info from his facebook page search Scaleworx. Also has a cool t-shirt and sticker. Regards, Chris
  10. alouette2

    Swedish Norseman orange colour

    Morning, Was looking for something different for my Norseman in 48 scale and found Sweden flew some. They were painted orange FS 22243. Does anyone know of a close match to this colour or the mix ratio? Regards, Chris
  11. Evening, Had a decal fall apart beyond recovery. Would need the 2 part yellow and black wing for the Spanish Navy MD500. Is there someone who won't be using the Spanish set? Regards Chris
  12. alouette2

    North Korea MI8 colors

    Afternoon, Am planning to do a MI 8 and came across a picture of one in North Korean colors. They look to be a dark green and reddish brown over a lighter bright green. Anyone have any information as to the closer FS match? Is there any decals available for any North Korean aircraft? Regards, Chris
  13. alouette2

    HH-3 1/72 scale

    Not having seen the Spanish kit I cannot comment on it's quality. The conversion isn't that hard to do if you have a kit of the HH-3. Finding USCG decals will be an issue. Chris
  14. alouette2

    HH-3 1/72 scale

    WhirlyBirds make a kit of the HH-3 for both the USCG and USAF. Check out Linden Hill for availability or contact WB directly. There was also a conversion set from Aviation Workshop at one point. Chris
  15. alouette2

    May releases

    Hi, Will you be scaling up the RAAF Mirage sheets to 32nd scale. Chris