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    Building models; 1/35 armor and helos, 1/48 aircraft, some sci-fi and cars, too. Also sadly addicted to playing Civilization IV on the PC.
  1. I need the 1/35 Ontos! Any ideas on an ETA if/when it gets produced?
  2. 13218 1/35 ONTOS That's the only one on the proposed list that caught my eye...and that'll get my money if its released.
  3. Looking like a great start. What scale is this kit?
  4. No rotary-wing, but I did get the Hobbyboss LAV-150 with the 90mm cannon and the Trumpeter VRC-105 Centauro as gifts, and with the cash received, I've ordered the AFV Club M1128 Stryker MGS and the Dragon M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage. Now, if someone had a UH-1Y and AH-1Z in either 1/35 or 1/48 scale, that's where my money would have gone...maybe next year.
  5. With two more kits in the stash, I definitely need to get this sheet.
  6. I always thought that there was only one fruit cake, and it just kept getting passed from person to person for all eternity...
  7. Is the CoV hierarchy sure that we can't just nuke the site from orbit? As it's been explained to me, it's the only way to be sure that we can end the Moai threat If all else fails, I've still got my trusty sock o'quarters.
  8. I think I must have gotten that pistol after the Army was done with 'em, Jon. Most of the M9s I've carried would do more damage if I threw it at a target than if I stood my ground and tried to engage them. Last time I tapped into the Lance Corporal Hotline, there was talk that DoD was looking at a .45 replacement for the 9mm. I'll probably be retired before that ever goes into service, though. I've got my late father-in-law's Llama .45 and S&W .357 for when the zombies come, but I need to look into a couple long guns...
  9. "Ugh, you must smell like feet, wrapped in burnt, leathery bacon." Gets me every. single. time.
  10. Definitely good news to hear/read that you're getting better and feel well enough to put up with our demands for your fine products. Hmmm, my re-enlistment bonus should be hitting the bank account soon, I may have to put an order together for some stuff....
  11. Now, just make all the corrections/updates mentioned, then scale it down to 1/48!
  12. Now it's a V-22 thread. 3...2...1...aaaaaannnnnnddddd FIGHT'S ON! Would love to see some update/accurizing AM sets for this kit, as I have plans to build many, many versions.
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