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  1. @shark64: no text? ;)

    Anyway - there was quite a challenge in this build because for the first time I had to work on a canopy. The wipers had to go (because it will get pe-ones) and the bar in the middle is way to broadly in my opinion (comparison picture). Damn I had doubts if this will turn out good because it´s the "face" of the model.


    So I took the modified toothbrush and started sanding till all unwanted structures were gone.


    Then I used a file for nail-polishing and polished it.


    A bath in the german version of future (it´s called Erdal Glänzer) was made for the finish. It´s my first ever revised transparent part and I´m quite pleased with the result. Now I wonder how to do the new, narrowly center-bar.


    Looking like a great start. What scale is this kit?

  2. I hear ya, and the brand new one I owned performed the same. Unfortunately, when I was shooting competition in the Army, we weren't allowed privately-owned weapons. The M-9 pistol is crap due to poor maintenance and magazines that should have left service years ago, but that's what we had to use. Pistols aren't supposed to rattle when you shoot them. Army guns have a nasty habit of doing so. The mag springs were laughable. Nothing like stovepiping rounds inside the magazine when you're trying to double-tap a target in the head, do a mag change and then put two rounds in the target's chest....

    I do need to get a hold of an original WWI or WWII 1911. They're just cool and I've never had a problem with one!


    I think I must have gotten that pistol after the Army was done with 'em, Jon. Most of the M9s I've carried would do more damage if I threw it at a target than if I stood my ground and tried to engage them. Last time I tapped into the Lance Corporal Hotline, there was talk that DoD was looking at a .45 replacement for the 9mm. I'll probably be retired before that ever goes into service, though.

    I've got my late father-in-law's Llama .45 and S&W .357 for when the zombies come, but I need to look into a couple long guns...

  3. I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    Roger that. Alright, ladies, you heard the man and you know the drill... so stop yer' grinnin and drop yer' linen, time to get to the LZ for an immediate dust-off. Trigger, you drive.

  4. If the teflon seals go bad in the Badger airbrushes you will get blow back into the cup or jar. The worst culprit is the head washer. After awhile the teflon head washer will get compressed and no longer keep air from leaking in the head, when that happens you will get blow back. Blow back can happen when the teflon needle bearing gets worn out. I always keep a few of the teflon seals on hand just for that reason.

    You can also send the airbrush back to Badger for repair. From what I understand the service is great.

    I may have to look into that, then. It just seems very hit or miss on when it'll work or won't...it just about became a ballistic object out into the yard after last night, but I managed to restrain myself. It was a close call, though.

  5. Same boat here. I shot some MM Acryl the other day no prob, nice smooth coat to my CH-46. Yesterday and today with Pollyscale acrylics, no dice. I get airflow through the nozzle, but nothing but bubbles in my paint cup or siphon jar. I'm already plannig to get an Iwata, but in the meantime I'd like to get this Badger 200 working so I can finish up a couple projects without fear.

    I've broken it down and cleaned it several times. Is it the O rings?

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