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  1. Now this is good news! And as luck would have it, I've come into some extra funds (happy birthday to ME!). I will have to peruse the Cobra inventory online and put in my order. Probably happen later this week or this weekend at the latest, as I'm making the commute into DC this week for some classes. Now, which kits need the most help? Probably my Panda 1/35 UH-1N... Again, good to see you back in business, Chief Snake!
  2. I'll be checking the couch cushions and under the recliner for all the change I can scrape together to order a couple sets myself. Now I just have to figure out which boxes have my kits and supplies in them...
  3. I've got two in the stash that will eventually go alongside my MH-60 (when they all get built). My first attempt to build it was going well, then I got frustrated and tossed the kit...only to find out how hard they used to be to find since the kit had been taken out of production! I highly recommend grabbing one if you get the chance.
  4. I looked over the Leatherneck Featherweight sheet. Looks like exactly what I want/need. I'm not all that particular about what unit I model, I just want some good, accurate modern markings, since they'll probably go right next to my -53 and -46 with their OOB markings Now, I've just got to find the kits. Oh, well, nothing like a good kit search to make the build that much better.
  5. Another prize-winner to add to the stable, Gino. All three helos are superb. But, one question, where do you put them all?
  6. Leatherneck224, for about the next month, I'm doing time at Div G-6, living over on Oregon St right now. Then I pack the family up and we move to Quantico (so I'm dragging out my current project and not starting anything new until I get set up at the new place), gonna be working at Marine Corps University, can you believe that?
  7. That is one mean huey. That'd be a pretty interesting conversion, make for a unique addition to the display, too. Post pics if you get one going.
  8. Double post. Move along, nothing to see here...just keep moving...
  9. Pete, those are some nice photos, and that is exactly what I'm hoping to eventually have on the shelves. Andy, I'll have to get those MAW decals, since I think they're literally just down the road from me here at Camp Swampy. Gotta have USMC markings, or it just isn't right. And I'm convinced that the CC update sets are a must-have too. Thanks for all the help. I knew someone here would have the answers.
  10. That sound? My jaw hitting the floor. That is one sweet looking build, Gino. The level of detail is amazing, and inspiring. Thanks.
  11. Cool. Thanks for the leads. I've been bouncing around the webstores, just putting together a wish list of sorts and I was having trouble finding these two helos. I'll have to keep my eye out for them, but that'll have to wait until after the move to "The Crossroads of the Marine Corps" in the next month. I definitely think I'll be getting some of the CobraCo resin sets to update my helos when I get to them. O/T: Trigger, I've still got your copy of Fletch, in a box to send back to you, but I've held it so long, I need to add something to the box, got any requests?
  12. I searched the forum before I posted, didn't want to be from the Department of Redundancy Deptartment. Does any company make a 1/48 AH-1W? I've got a built one in 1/35 and a -1T still in the box, but I'd really like one in 1/48 to go alongside my CH-46 and CH-53. I'd also like a curent huey in 1/48 to go with my Marine Air Wing on the shelf. Or will I have to wait for the -1Z and -1Y to be kitted?
  13. No apologies needed, Phil. Sure, I'm pretty happy with my design, definitely has an insect/ugliness to it. Yours, on the other hand, is a much sleeker look to my eyes. Really a stunning design to this knuckledragger. Like you said, it's always interesting to see different takes on the basic idea. Glad you posted your photos as a comparison.
  14. This build has given me a lot more confidence to get back into my AV-22 gunship,and finish that one up next, that's for sure. I probably should have kept more of the leftover pieces from the OV-10 kit, but I've had to start thinking about what is going to get packed up for the relocation and what just needs to go. (Sorry, no kits in the stash will be sacrificed in this process)
  15. Thank you all for the supportive comments and the great welcome! I'm glad you like it.
  16. Well it all started on another forum, we were discussing a possible escort for use with the V-22. As it happened, a few modelers started brainstorming and this is my version. It started life as a 1/48 OV-10 and a 1/72 V-22 with a lot of putty and a few curses I managed to put this together. Definitely a good way to try my hand at scratch building and kitbashing on smaller assemblies.
  17. Well, I finally managed to finish something this year. It's taken me a while to just finally sit down and put the last touches on this and put it on the shelf next to my A-10W in USMC MARPAT. Have a look: The AV-22 will have to wait until after the move to Quantico (a story for another time).
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