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  1. Well, you can't have it on a lanyard around your neck then, can you? That's what pockets are for.
  2. The conversation at Fortress LemonJello went something like this: I'm all set, the bags are packed, the car is ready and...what? What's that? I'm NOT going to Nats this year? WHY!?!? Oh, I couldn't take leave and we have to drive to Illinois over Labor Day for a family reunion? REALLY?!?! Can't we tell them I'm deployed and won't make it? Oh, we told them we'd be there AND we're looking forward to it. Who would do something like that? Oh, I did? Really? Was I drunk at the time? No? Well...darn. Well, I can always hope for next year, I suppose.
  3. I liked entry #5 of those shown on that page, seemed like a lot of them seemed to be variations of a base design. We're multiple entries by one person allowed in the contest? I like your design, Brent, clean and simple. Hey, as long as you like it, who really cares about other opinions?
  4. *Sigh* Maybe next year...Have to take the family back to Illinois later this month, so there goes the travel budget for the month. Hoist a beer for me, fellas! And take some photos to share with those less fortunate!
  5. The -1W and the UH-1N in 1/48 are both on my watch list whenever I go out, but no joy so far. I'm also waiting for the production versions of the -1Z and -1Y to hit the shelves someday...
  6. If you still need one, I'm pretty sure I still have both from my Set B, with no plans to use them. PM if you need them.
  7. I'll have to give that degreaser a try; I attempted to do the salt method for chipped paint, and it didn't work, so I want to strip my kit down to the bare plastic and start over.
  8. Fixed that for you, and I agree, the H-3 has been ignored for too long in any scale...
  9. Harsh language? I wonder what constitutes accuracy issues in the context of the 30mm.
  10. Cheating? It's a hobby, and unless I just never recieved my copy of the "International Rules for Enjoying Scale Models" I don't see how using something, anything out there from scratch building to the 'top-of-the-line' resin and PE to get your desired end result could be considered cheating. I just used one on the cockpit of my CH-46E, even though you'll never see much of it, I wanted to try one and see if it's worth doing again. Honestly, I think I'll save my money and just paint the kit part next time.
  11. I didn't use all of mine, but the cockpit and fuselage went together pretty well, I think I have the engines, landing gear and wings in the parts box.
  12. Crazy what muscle memory can do, isn't it? Luckily I was headed into a mall parking lot when I realized the stripe was on the wrong side of the road. How's the jet lag treating you? Oh, you want to be put in a check fire, mister? One more crack like that and you can come down center line and sign my logbook as a safety violator. Now, start policing up all this brass!
  13. Wow, this is getting a little teeny bit tense, so... "STAND BY...." "CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE. UNLOAD. SHOW CLEAR. IS THE FIRING LINE CLEAR? SHOOTERS, INSURING YOU HAVE A CONDITION FOUR WEAPON, STAND AND MOVE OFF THE FIRING LINE." Okay, now, can we get back to talking models? Congrats, SSgt D! Too bad about having to sell off any part of your stash, but you gotta do what you gotta do...Enjoy your time with your family, and try not to drive on the wrong side of the road (I'm speaking from experience on this matter).
  14. To my untrained eye, that looks like a well trained group. They went about doing a dangerous job smartly and with purpose. Got it done pretty darn quick, too. The flight crew has some skills, too, keeping that beast steady like that.
  15. I may just have to pick up my first 1/72 kit with this one. Unless they're going to crank out one in 1/48? Oh, and while I'm dreaming, can someone make a good injection plastic B-2 in 1/48?
  16. SSgtD, Dragon, huh? You sure it's not kanji for "frog"? Not that too many Okinawans really like having ANY helos around the island...That is some nice artwork on the armor plate. Thanks for sharing the photos. Been to Ghengis Khan's for mongolian BBQ? Or the Sunday Brunch down at the Surfside on Kinser?
  17. Well, it's not nearly in the same class as some of the places shown here, but its where I try to build once in a while. The bench: The stash:
  18. ALl CoV bombers have been flushed and CoV mountain HQ is sealed. We are at DEFCON 1, sir.
  19. Another 1/48 V-22 (this one is a build for someone, I guess you could call it my first commission build) and the 1/48 Hobby Boss FJ-4 Fury.
  20. Not to take this thread off track, but it's the towed 155mm howitzer that is being phased out of the inventory by the M777. Trump has announced a kit of it coming later this year. I've wanted one for a long, long time. To get back on topic, I'll have to get a Prowler at some point since I want to model as many USMC platforms as possible.
  21. I'd like to get one of these eventually, but right now, I really can't justify adding it to the stash. Plus I have to save up for the upcoming 1/35 M198!
  22. I just ordered a Hobby Boss FJ-4 and its on the way. I will definitely keep this cockpit set in mind when I get around to building my Fury. RIght now, though, I've got a CH-46E on the table with a request to build a V-22 for someone that will be taking up most of my building time.
  23. But really, aren't ALL beans Magic Beans?
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