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  1. Could you imagine what this thread would look like if the Jolly Rogers flew the -22? As I said in his intro thread, it'll be good to have a currently serving V-22 crewchief to ask questions and get the scoop from as I build a few more of these birds.
  2. Welcome aboard! You'll soon be getting inundated with questions about your birds, I'm sure. Now I know who to pester for all sorts of little details when I start on my next -22 kit.
  3. Now, THAT is a claim that I can't wait to see! Don't worry too much, Trigger, I ( and my trusty sock o'quarters) have your back. What did you do, paint a 'cat up in orange as a target drone?
  4. I'd really like to give that shiny scheme a try on one of my -22s, maybe the vanilla troop taxi I've still got to make. I'm not crazy enough to put digi on something as big as a Spectre, though (well, not yet anyway).
  5. When is someone going to get out there and put the FOD covers on the engines? Amazing how tough the Hawg is, isn't it? And the fighter mafia wants to get rid of them...
  6. Ooohhhhh, me likey that idea! I have a "U-boat" in 1/48 that could just get such a treatment...but first I have to get through my current (and phoenix-like) gunship project. Its just like Trigger and his shenanigans to put project ideas into my head when I don't need them.
  7. Not sure about 'hawks, but back in my grunt days, it was always muzzle down in the -46 and -53, cause all the important stuff to keep the airframe in flight was above you; a hole in the floor wasn't nearly as bad (not that a negligent discharge was ever a good thing). Even to this day, I get jumpy when people don't show good muzzle awareness, even if its a cleared and safed weapon being turned into the armory...
  8. Interesting. I guess I never really thought about this topic before. So, do the pilots have to wrassle or draw straws on who gets to fly and who gets to blow things up? Is there a regular rotation or are assignments handed down from on high? Are there better pilots and better gunners that tend to gravitate toward those tasks? So many questions...
  9. I added another 1/48 V-22 to the stash with the help of Hobby Lobby's 40% off coupon. Went back a couple days later and grabbed a 1/48 Revell A-10 for a future navalized build with a hook and folded wings in USMC colors.
  10. Hey, did you all hear about the new tool 1/35 CH-53E from Tamiya? It looks a little pricey at almost $300, but it'll have die cut masks, PE, fiber optics for the interior and exterior lights, pilots, crew and the option of either a squad of jarheads in OEF/OIF battle rattle, or a sling load 1/35 M198 howitzer with turned aluminum barrel and PE for it, too! Think of the diorama possibilities! Man, I can't wait, can I pre-order one now? Happy now, Frank? Maybe I'd settle for a 1/48 UH-1Y and AH-1Z (production versions) sometime in the future.
  11. I believe it's in the MM line. I bought a bottle of Modern US Desert Sand in that line.
  12. But are you Rico..........Suave??????
  13. I, too, would be interested in any tips from the pros here. I've almost given up on PE since I seem to have so much trouble with getting it to stick. I've started using some 2 part epoxy instead of CA, but I feel like I'm wasting a lot of it for a couple small parts.
  14. There, fixed that for you, Brian. Now, I'll show myself out...
  15. Jeeze, those look like the "lucky" bystanders that got caught in the crossfire while we were choosing Frank's new avatar... There's always one that has to push the envelope, no surprise who it is (again)...what makes it worse is that Trigger always stays out of range of the sock o'quarters, plus, he's just plain mean with that empty Maker's Mark bottle (By the hammer of Thor, why won't it ever break???)
  16. I'm gonna beat the next person to say shenanigans with a sock full of quarters (pistol whippings are reserved for other infractions)... Don't leave us hanging, tell us more! What does the WOPR under CoV Mountain think we should do?
  17. That goes without saying. I've seen better organized monkey poop fights at the zoo than the CoV mailroom operation. I think we're gonna need a bigger boat...
  18. Good points. Tho, I always figured Flipper as more of a "two-gun" type...but I guess the photos with his full combat load aren't releasable to the public, so nevermind. It's not bad breath I was thinking about, but more along the lines of prevention of the spread of all sorts of Octoplocky-based disease. Flipper is, after all, a key member of the CoV's aquatic assault section, we can't lose that capability at this stage of the war.
  19. Is that a friggin laser beam on his pectoral fin? I thought those were mounted to his head. I hope he used some mouthwash after this was taken, who knows what that poor dolphin could pick up from the Octoplocky!
  20. GreatModels is definitely not the route to go if you're in a hurry. Which is why I usually give them my business when I don't really need to be buying, but have some spare change burning a hole in my wallet. My biggest gripe is the rather creative definition of "In Stock" they have and the delays that arise from waiting on them to restock an item. I still go to them when I'm looking for ideas, and I like the wish list feature, but I think I'll give another webstore a shot at earning my business the next time I'm ordering kits.
  21. As of just a few minutes ago: 9 completed (I had to sacrifice a few to the styrene gods in order to appease the wife when we PCS'd this last time) 5 in various stages of construction 36 in the stash I always feel better about myself when I see some of those triple digit stash counts...
  22. I have a red paint pen I picked up in a set while living in Okinawa ("Gundam Markers"). I just used it on the gear doors for my A-4M and it takes a steady hand, but it does a nice job. The red Sharpie is an idea I'll file away for when this pen dries up.
  23. I have an old Revell kit of the OH-6 in 1/32 scale in the stash somewhere. Personally, I don't know how it can be 1/32, the box is smaller than any of my 1/48 kits (it was a gift from my EBay obsessed father, I haven't even opened it). Found it. Still shrink wrapped, too. Here's a quick pic:
  24. Looking real good so far. I don't remember having such bad gaps where the wing meets the fuselage, but it's been a while since I glued mine on. Just gave it the third color (of four) of it's MARPAT topsides today, as a matter of fact. I used some 5 minute epoxy on the tail to give it a little added strength. Keep the updates coming.
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