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  1. Vintage racing is growing everywhere, I think. It is not just older riders, either. A lot of people don't like the direction of the sport the last few years. Super powerful, heavy bikes. Huge, dangerous jumps, and high speeds. The new 60hp four strokes are really too much bike for a lot of regular weekend riders, and they are complex and expensive to buy and maintain. There are even rumors of simple two strokes coming back. Very few companies still make them, but I believe there would be a market.
  2. Here is a link to a few recent pics. We have a vintage club here in FLA. It is basically a bunch of 50 to 70 year old guys racing 70s and 80s dirt bikes. We don't really race with the kids on modern bikes. The bike you see in these pics is a my 79 Suzuki RM250. I also have a 76 Honda CR250, but I am still restoring it. It is not quite ready for the track yet. People often ask me about parts support. You can get most everything you need. 9 out of 10 of these bikes are broken up for parts to support the few that are still actively running. High wear items like c
  3. I think the ICM kit is a reboxed Condor kit.
  4. I built the ICM one a few years ago. It turns out OK, but I used lots of putty and it is not finely detailed like more modern kits. Here is a gallery link.. ICM Mig-31
  5. Body work done. Primer. Gloss white. Masking for black. Black applied Masking for leading edges. Decaling. Tracy (Vidar 710) made these decals for me. They do not exist on the real plane. A little artistic license.
  6. And they still aren't. "Obsolete" does not mean anything other than state of the art. In practical terms, it means at a huge disadvantage against what is likely be fielded by a peer adversary. Look what everybody else is flying. When considering overall performance, a SuperHornet will hold its own against most things it is likely to encounter. Remember the USAF and many other nations are still buying "obsolete" F-16s.
  7. JAXCON 2018 will be held at the University of North Florida on Feb 10, 2018. Our primary theme this year is the 75th Anniversary of Naval Station Mayport. We have a secondary theme of "Crazy 8's, which is basically anything that has an 8 in it. We will have our regular award coins with Jaxcon 2018 themed artwork. Here is a link JAXCON 2018
  8. Alclad clear lacquer will work and it is pretty foolproof. I think they have a color called "armored glass" or something like that. It works.
  9. This thing is a gonna be beautiful. Scratch build from the ground up!
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