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  1. Hot Dog...I am finished with the Beany Cap. Do you know where the shuttle window art decals came from? Was it crowe-T? I want to credit the guy in my instructions.

  2. Got any extra ESCI A-4 Blue Angels decals laying around? I could sure use a set!

  3. How did you take that pic of the P-47 sitting on black glass? What surface was it on? background?

  4. Okay, what do you want for them? And thanks for offering, BTW.

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for your help. This has been a headache for me for quite some time.

    I did a little searching online. Do you think this device would work:


  6. Do you still have that 73-138 sheet with the Blue Angels A-4s? If so, what is missing on it?

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