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  1. 1 hour ago, dekon70 said:

    Great looking RM.  Up here in New England there has been a major resurgence of vintage racing.  That's why I did the '89 YZ.  It's going to be my NETRA Vintage series pre-modern ride next season.  If that beats me up in the woods(the suspension is still set for MX), I always have my '89 KDX200.  Both of those were absolute basket cases when I got them.  I think part of the fun is chasing down the parts.


    Vintage racing is growing everywhere, I think.  It is not just older riders, either.  A lot of people don't like the direction of the sport the last few years.  Super  powerful, heavy bikes.  Huge, dangerous jumps,  and high speeds.  The new 60hp four strokes are really too much bike for a lot of regular weekend riders, and they are complex and expensive to buy and maintain.  There are even rumors of simple two strokes coming back.  Very few companies still make them, but I believe there would be a market.

  2. Here is a link to a few recent pics.  We have a vintage club here in FLA.  It is basically a bunch of 50 to 70 year old guys racing 70s and 80s dirt bikes.  We don't really race with the kids on modern bikes. 


    The bike you see in these pics is a my 79 Suzuki RM250.  I also have a 76 Honda CR250, but I am still restoring it.  It is not quite ready for the track yet.


    People often ask me about parts support.  You can get most everything you need.   9 out of 10 of these bikes are broken up for parts to support the few that are still actively running.  High wear items like chains, sprockets, pistons, rings, clutch plates, etc. are still made by aftermarket companies.  Suzukis in particular are easier to find parts for.  These bikes were very popular back in the 70s and Suzuki made a ton of parts for them. Believe it or not, you can also still get parts for old European Husqvarnas, Maicos, and CZs.  It is great to be a part of it.


    2017 Vintage Motocross

  3. 3 hours ago, JackMan said:

    I have the Zvezda one in my stash somewhere and from what I recall from fondling it years ago, it had panel lines that were a little too deep and I also had the Condor one which had panel lines that were too shallow. :doh:

    I think the ICM kit is a reboxed Condor kit.

  4. On 11/11/2017 at 8:00 PM, Scooby said:


    They weren’t when they purchased them over two decades ago.

    And they still aren't.  "Obsolete" does not mean anything other than state of the art.  In practical terms, it means at a huge disadvantage against what is likely be fielded by a peer adversary.  Look what everybody else is flying.  When considering overall performance, a SuperHornet will hold its own against most things it is likely to encounter.  Remember the USAF and many other nations are still buying "obsolete" F-16s.

  5. JAXCON 2018 will be held at the University of North Florida on Feb 10, 2018.


    Our primary theme this year is the 75th Anniversary of Naval Station Mayport.  We have a secondary theme of "Crazy 8's, which is basically anything that has an 8 in it.  We will have our regular award coins with Jaxcon 2018 themed artwork.


    Here is a link JAXCON 2018

  6. If ever there was a kit that looks good in the box, but is a pain to build, it is the Revell 747-400.  It has tones of problems, the most severe of which is the placement of the wing on the fuselage.  It is essentially unfixable as it affects the angle of the engines as well.  So fixing one problem creates another.  Also, #2 and #3 sit to low.


    Here is mine.  I did not change the wing angle.


    Dragon Boat 74

  7. Well, it will be interesting seeing them in SH's...essentially an aircraft almost as big as an F-15.  I don't think it is going to look all that great.  The SH seems to be a step down in terms of agility, except at really low speeds.  The best I have ever seen the BA's look is when they were flying A-4's.

  8. Gents,


    I want to put a quick plug in here for JAXCON 2017, coming up fast.  It is the largest scale modeling event in the Southeast, and will be held at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, on Feb 11th.


    Here is a link to the show pages on the IPMS First Coast website.  There you can find directions to the venue, categories, rules, and printable entry forms.


    JAXCON 2017


    Here are some pics of our awards...Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  As you can see, this year's theme is 60's Sci-Fi.  These are two inch diameter "coin style" medallions.



    All regular awards will be provided with coin easels, so that you can easily display your award next to your winning model.




    ACE Award.  This is for entries of merit that are just edged out for a third place bronze medal. It is NOT a defacto 4th place.  It has to be earned.




    Event Pin Design.  All entrants, vendors, and volunteers get one.  We will have them in both antique and polished finishes.

    Event Pin 17 Large


    Special and Premium Awards.  The specials are 3x4.





  9. My personal preference is the Paasche H for general purpose work and the H&S Infinity for detail work.  The classic H's reputation is well deserved, and the Infinity has the smallest tip diameter (.15 mm) of any "modeling" airbrush that I know of.


    Having said that, there are many good airbrushes that perform great once you learn how to use them. 

  10. People can be so stupid.  My first child caught a cold from my mother the weekend he was born because she absolutely INSISTED on coming to see her new baby grandson.  He little immune system was attacked and he had tiny little nasal passages filled with mucus.  I was not happy.  We had another relative come over for Christmas dinner, because she WAS NOT going to miss it, even though she was just recovering from a bad respiratory infection and was likely still contagious.  On top of that, we had another family member there who was going through Cancer treatment and has a compromised immune system.


    At school, I see kids all of the time coming into class sick, or nearly sick. They are all certainly contagious.  I tell them "STAY HOME."  The most common answer is, "My Mom won't let me."  To may parents, aside from education, the school is a government baby sitting service.  And, of course, kids are excessively social because most of them don't know any better yet.  I tell them if they come to school sick, they are a walking disease vector.  They just do not take it seriously at all.

  11. Just want to put in a quick plug for this year's JAXCON.  As some of you may know, it is one of the largest and most prestigious shows in the Southeast.  Hopefully some ARCers can make it out.

    We will again have our signature color coded, custom artwork medals on pedestals, and our theme for this year's show is "60s Sc-Fi."  We are also going to upgrade our special awards to acrylic, vice plaques.  The idea is to be able to place whatever award you win in your display case next to your model.


    Here is a link to our Facebook Page  post with pics of the medals and event pin.  The award company is still working on the specials.  I will post pics of them as soon as they arrive.


    Here is link to our IPMS First Coast  Website JAXCON Page.  There you will find links to all show documents


    Gil Gregg

    VP IPMS First Coast

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