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  1. Beanie Cap is currently OOP, but will be back when I get a chance to improve the master and create a new mold. G.G.
  2. A "new" competition for Canada would be stupid. The F-35 clearly outclasses anything it would compete with. It simply comes down to if Canada wants to pay for the capability. If they do, buy the jet and get on with business. If they decide they can't afford it, or can't afford it in enough numbers, then choose from the Gripen/SuperHornet/Rafale/Typhoon. No "new" competition is needed as the capabilities and cost of these platforms are well known. Just decide what suits you best and buy it. It should take you about an hour to make that decision. Everything has been on the table for years
  3. The C is the best looking version of this jet.
  4. Read the book over the summer in hardback ('cause that's how I roll). I thought the book was okay. I did not think it was a riveting page turner. It was more like, "This happened, so I did this to fix it." Some of the "fixes" seemed improbable. I thought the movie was better than the book. There is more humor, for one thing (admittedly MUCH easier to convey in a movie than a book, where it is almost impossible). One of the things I specifically looked for was authenticity in the Martian landscape. If they had filmed it in Arizona somewhere with a red filter, then combined it with some
  5. Ok, folks, JAXCON 2016 has been in the planning stages for a couple of months now, and shortly I will update our club website with the details of this year's show. I can tell you right now that it will be a "themed" show, recognizing the 75th anniversary of NAS Jacksonville. All that really means is our awards for this year will be designed to pay tribute to NAS JAX, and we will have a special award for subjects associated with the base. The contest overall remains the same with all of our regular categories, with a couple of slight refinements. Civil will be broken up into airliners and e
  6. It does say Michelin there, it the tire does not appear to be a retread, BTW. I have personally never seen a retread on a military, or any other aircraft. Not saying it isn't done. I don't know. It could be that the Goodyear tire pictured is manufactured under contract by Michelin. Maybe Goodyear does not make that size and Michelin does, but Goodyear wants to be able to distribute it with their logo.
  7. RIP. The memorial article above is a testament to his talents and it is nice to see that it focused on him as a luminary in the world of scale miniatures, and not just a "hobbiest." Unless you are close to someone who does our kind of work, it is difficult for John Q Public to appreciate the skill and artistry involved.
  8. Saw this in the current FSM as a new release. Is it new tool or a repop of the Minicraft kit? I figure it is unlikely to be a Revell, Mono, or Airfix mold.
  9. You cannot eliminate pollution entirely as it is a product of human industrialization, especially in the petroleum area. The military represents a relatively small footprint overall. I have heard that some of the worst polluters by are the giant cargo ships who use very low grade waste oil for their boilers.
  10. Well, you have to have the right mind set. They are not for everyone. They are as stupid as can be, but that is what is fun about them. Best line in Sharknado 3 was Ann Coulter as VP, when she said something to the effect of, "I have empathy for the sharks, but they are ruining America!"
  11. I am a fan of classic AND cheesy Creature Feature movies and novels from way back. As many of you know, the SyFy channel has gotten the public's attention over the past few years by marketing Science Fiction/Horror movies featuring increasingly ridiculous premises...stuff like "Mansquito" and "Dinocroc," and of course the more recent "Sharknado." Sharknado is so ridiculous that you can't even suspend belief like a traditional creature feature, yet it became a pop-culture phenomenon, so much so that Sharknado 2 was made, which included a bunch of cameos by celebrities. Well, Sharknado 3 is n
  12. It just demonstrates what a compromise airframe the P-8 is. Clearly, the Japanese saw that too, so they went with a clean sheet design. Maybe the P-1 should have been a Japanese-American joint development product and we could have bought P-1s. Assuming comparable avionics, the robust nature of the P-1 airframe and dedicated design seem superior.
  13. Okay, well it seems pretty universal, and as aptly illustrated by MoFo's response, we can't even have a discussion about the possibility of a Forum section on politics without it becoming personal. Just this thread sparked anger in him and perhaps others, I guess, as was pointed out, we cannot, as a species, discuss controversial subjects rationally as each of us is emotionally invested in our perspective. The lizard portion of our brain still dominates, and as long as there is competition over resources and ideologies, it will remain with so. I guess we better keep our defense budget inta
  14. There have been a lot of "political" threads over the years, or that have evolved into political discussions for one reason or another. I am as guilty as anyone if not more so for many of them. Because some of these threads have became contentious, the Forum evolved into a "No Politics" zone. Some folks out there think that this is the way it should be. After all, this is an aircraft modeling website. Anyone who wants to discuss politics can go to a political website, etc. Okay, fine and dandy, but generally speaking, it is not fulfilling, as I don't know any of these folks and have noth
  15. Why would we do that? Canada can have its own nationals. Aside from that, the US Nationals are an open competition. You don't have to a 'Merkin to participate.
  16. I saw a story today on the USNI website that the SECNAV has stated that the F-35 should be and undoubtedly will be the last manned fighter the Navy will buy. Personally, I think it is a bit premature to make that statement. Everything that I have read indicates that AI that is well developed enough to provided anywhere near the autonomy and flexibility of a pilot is WELL over the horizon, not to mention, if you are going to remotely fly the vehicle, the signal can be jammed. Better just to let someone fly it like always. Numbers of aircraft will be down from previous generations, so in term
  17. It almost looks like they hacked the front off of a P-3. forward of the wings.
  18. Very good. Again I am not really trying start a debate on it. I was just showing how an emotionally divisive subject could be debated by simply representing non personal "viewpoints". I had a similar situation recently with a certain teenage young lady, her boyfriend, and her other boy "friend." When we talked "personally," she would get upset, but when I put in non personal terms like given girl and boy A and boy B, it was a lot more manageable as it wasn't "her." Once it became a non personal hypothetical, she could handle it, even though she knew it was her and so did other adults invo
  19. No, those aren't mine. I brought it up as an example on how to civilly discuss politics in a thread because exhausted had alluded to reproductive choice in the first line of his previous text.. I am actually pro-choice, but preferably in the first trimester. I think there are too many people in the world as it is, and I am not religious at all...don't believe in a deity, souls, demons or any of it. I am more of a rationalist/scientist/pragmatist. I represented a very conservative point of view as a demonstration of how it can be done respectfully without calling someone a baby killer, or
  20. I AM the original poster! lol. And I was not really going to escalate it with hostile intent or personal attack. In my view, a political post, or a post the evolves in a political direction really should not be a problem if kept civil. Unfortunately, very few people can debate controversial subjects without expressing undue emotion: then the personal attacks and name calling starts and the thread collapses into meaningless slander. This is how it should be done by adults... To be clear, this is not a personal argumentative political post, but an example of how a political post can be handl
  21. I had a nice response all ready to zing your way, but decided against it. I will just send you a copy of my book when it comes out.
  22. So where is this coming from, then? He should understand. I don't get it.
  23. OOOOOOKKAAAAY.... This sounds more like an anti-military rant than "Americans don't know their history." Just the way you have used terminology is pejorative. Although it is you that originated this thread, it is you that do not seem to get it. American independence was not the exclusive domain of the civilian political effort of the period. Nor is the modern meaning of the holiday only about celebrating their efforts. It took a war (actually, several wars) to secure the future of the nation. Although the ideas, persuasive writings, and eventual proclamations originating from the enli
  24. Yes, they do on some things...but generally speaking, with a few exceptions, the right wants to stay hands off. Today's left is left is far more aggressive and controlling when it comes to progressive social engineering efforts. The right wants to spend money on defense, but then you get into that "enriching the military industrial complex" the left likes to harp so much about. I don't want to give the impression that all if the social change championed by the left in past decades has been bad. There were a bunch of labor, civil rights, social security, and banking regulatory initiatives t
  25. Yeah, you're right. My bad. I just get a little upset when the "right winger" pejorative generalities start getting thrown out. There is a lot of intellectual merit in traditional conservative thought if one takes the time to look beyond some of the typical liberal claptrap accusations. There is SOME intellectual merit in a few liberal positions as well (like maybe 10%), IMO In all fairness, he did call out some "left wingers" as being intolerant. I will also acknowledge that there is bias and closed mindedness among some extreme conservatives as well.
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