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  1. When I was an AW1 on active duty stationed at Roosevelt Roads, VF-103 came in there with about five of their jets. They were all lined up on the ramp real pretty like and I attempted to take nice pic through the flight line fence. This overreactionary female staff LT with I am assuming no line experience stopped her POV and ordered me not to take even one photo. I told her I had close to 2000 hours in the back of Vikings and had taken many a shot of deployed and armed F-14s, Hornets, and everything else that flies off of a boat. Taking a pic of these unarmed Tomcats was no big deal. She r
  2. Any pattern diagrams or color call outs? Anyone?
  3. Well, here are a few of pics of the ICM kit. The plastic is very thick, and it took putty on all of the major body joints. The landing gear was a bit challenging to work with. My biggest complaint was the canopies had no scribing for the frames. They were just shapes and I had to wing it from photos. Also there was no provision for displaying them in the open position. I wasn't about to put up with that, so I scratchbuilt some actuators, canopy support frames, and braces. The good is that the surface scribing is not overdone, and the model builds up impressively if you are willing to do
  4. Are they slowly converting over from the lighter gray tail? Is "combat black" (great name) going to be the standard for the line birds now?
  5. $61. That's right. $61. A few years ago, right after the YF-22 won the contract, you couldn't give a model of the YF-23 away.
  6. Oh, and I have a KA-6 kit in my stash!
  7. I know there is a metal one in the Hasagawa Redtails kit, but I have six Airfix Vikings in my stash. I prefer the Airfix kit because of the open bomb bays, torpedoes, Harpoons, more accurate fuel tanks, no wing hinge fairing on top of the wing (they did not last long in the fleet), and separate rudder and elevator surfaces. Its lines are not quite as subtle or well rendered as the Hasagawa kit and there are some other minor weaknesses, but it is better kit overall IMHO as it is a more versatile build. I won't buy a Has Viking just for the metal buddy store. Anyone got one they aren't going
  8. I ordered from Lucky Models and their service was prompt and courteous. Thumbs up!
  9. Well, I have built the old Has kit, but have not built either of new tool F-14 kits (Has or Fujimi). However, I have two of each in my stash. My "in the box" observation is that the Has kit might be a little over engineered and does not come with weapons. OMHO, this is unacceptable. Even there old tool kit had a full set of weapons. The Fujimi kit has weapons. Both kits have the dropped flaps/slats and depressed nosewheel option. I think the Fujimi kit has paintable cockpit detail, and I THINK the Has kit has photo etch placards you can use, or decals (or maybe both?).
  10. DutyCat

    IS this true?

    Damn, and I have just about completed an OLD kit of the Monogram F-105G. However, it is a decent it, scaled down from their 1/48 version, I have heard. Surface detail is pretty good, although raised and overdone a bit. In hindsight I should have sanded it down some. It does have some minor alignment and fit issues. Decent, raised detail instrument panel. Decals are awful, however. Here is an in "construction" pic alongside of the "what if" SEA F-107 I am building. http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n68/dutycat/100_5161.jpg
  11. An ARC dinner? I live in Jax and will definitely be at the show and available if there is something on. I will spread the word.
  12. Well, pics are nice, but all I really want to know right now is what is envisioned as the primary mission focus for each type.
  13. Now that the F-18E and F are getting into service in decent numbers, can anyone tell me what the primary mission emphasis is going to be for each community? The two seat F-14 used to be the primary air superiority platform until the legacy F-18 established itself, then the Tomcat community focused more on air to ground. Has this mission emphasis continued with the transistion to the F? Are the E's the primary fighters now? I know both version are multi-mission capable, but certainly there is a difference in mission emphasis. Are there any differences in equipment fit?
  14. Just got the 1/72 VFA-103 Hobby Decal sheet in the mail. I am impressed. Very thin and well printed. You can do the Cag bird or any line bird. Also included is the dark gray tail version. Tons of stencil data and a large, thick paper, poster type reference sheet with every squadron airframe represented and all crew names. I have never worked with dry transfers before. I may convert them to waterslide, but they look like they will go on nicely as they are. We'll see.
  15. I took a closer look on another web site and if I had my guess it looks like a Tamiya rebox of the Italeri kit. The reason I say this is I noticed that they also have a Sea Flanker kit which is definitely a Italeri rebox. I recognize the parts and directions (thumbnailed) as I built that kit years ago when it was first released. They also have the F-35, another kit that is known only to have been produced in 1/72 by Italeri. Still even if the F-22 is a Italeri rebox, it looks pretty good in the pics. I was not aware of the optional open weapons bays and bombs on the wings. Looks worth bu
  16. I took a look and you can tell from the photo it has weapons bays, but the rest...who knows. Why hasn't anyone heard about this kit? The only one I know of out there is the Italeri kit, which has some flaws, but basically looks like a Raptor when built up. Anyone out there know about this Tamiya Raptor and can tell us anything?
  17. I meant F-18F no E. My bust. And Brian, I did not know they were dry transfer! I have never used those. That kinda sucks. I feel like I have been duped!
  18. Well, looking through their online catalog......some pretty good stuff. They sure have been keeping a low profile. No ads that I have seen in mags or on websites. And interesting that just now the word is getting on the street? I have already bookmarked the site. I have an original decal catalog of theirs from the late 70's somewhere around here.
  19. There is already a 72nd VF-103 F-18E sheet on the street. Just released through LuckyModel. I got a set on the way!
  20. Greetings fraternal modulators, I have the above mentioned kit and all the A/M goodies to go with it. I wan to display it nose open to show off the radar, but the nose probe looks like it is about 15ft long in scale! If I build it like that I will be just ASKING to get the nose probe snapped off. Some of the color reference drawings on the net show the plane with a much shorter, conventional length nose probe. Intenet photos I have seen so far are inconclusive. I did a quick search, and some pics show long probes, and some show no probe at all! Does anyone know if some Flagons, particul
  21. I don't know about all that, but there was a dropped flaps/slats wing set that I was given a bootleg copy of. I don't know who made it and I think it has been OOP for several years.
  22. Superscale sheet 72-649 has low vis markings for VS-32 and 33. The buddy store I don't know if anyone makes. I don't imagine it would be too difficult to fabricate, however. Just start out with an Aero 1D tank and start bashing away.
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