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  1. Pa. Model builder is looking to trade for a Monogram USS. Voyager & a PlayMates brand ST-TNG Tricorder. I have been trying to find someone who has both of these items for some time now. The model is going to be built so the box or yellowing of the decals is not important. The Tricorder is going to be gutted out & refitted to try to match the actual stage prop as close as possable. The toy came with stickers that were very close to match the "real thing" but I'm hoping to find someone who hasn't applied them yet so I can scan them & make a silk screen for painting. If they have been applied but are not worn, it's OK. I was in a serious accident in 2002 when I had all of my Lumbar spine badly broken. 4 years & 3 surguries later (with one more to go), I have found out what It's like to try to survive on what workman's compensation pays and also have found out what it's like to learn how to deal with "4 wall fever", lack of sleep & constaint pain. I'm certain I've payed to for several Drs. kids college tuition as well! But other than that I - I - I - I - I don't think my mind has been affected! ! I haven't got much money but I do have some decent stuff to trade. I can't believe the prices some people are asking on "Evil-Bay" for these! I can only presume the model & the toy must have been lovingly stored in a velvet lined box, vacuumed sealed, gently talked to and reassured of it's value each day as well as signed by the cast of the show! As I said, the model will be built so it doesn't even have to have a box at all as long as everythings there & the same goes for the Tricorder. If you have one that has had the stickers applied, that would be alright too if there not worn and come off alright. I plan on filling in the back, cutting out the top front to be replaced by a new panel with all the LEDs. I have an Enterprise-E, C, a Polar Lights 1/350th NX-01 & 1701 refit, just to name a few in the general price range. I have a pretty big collection of ships of the Original series & Next Generation but I almost always take off the shrink wrap to look at the kit but a few duplicates are still sealed. I also have some Star Wars models as well. I have the VooDoo FX brand Light Kit for the NX-01 (requires soldering). If you happen to have one or both of these, Please contact me at stargaze@pulsenet.com and we'll figure out a trade you'll be satisfied with. This is my first time posting on this forum so forgive me for any errors I may have made as well as the puns & poor taste jokes. Thanks!!!!! Eddie B.
  2. Hello Everyone, my name is Eddie Baxter & this is my first time on the forum so I'll just go ahead & apologize for any mistakes I may make up front! I experiment with designing & etching my own Printed Circuit Boards for Star Ship models. Some Circuit Boards are made by using dry transfers that use preformated component designs & dry transfer lines to create the circuit & create soldering points for components. I have been trying for a long time to find a sheet of small dry transfer letters that have upper & Lower case. They don't have to a fancy font, only the size counts. What I need has to be roughly 1/8th tall. a little bit larger would be ok but no smaller. If anyone knows of a vendor, please contact Eddie Baxter @ stargaze@pulsenet.com. I would like to add that this site comes HIGHLY recommended for having courteous & helpful members! I really appreciate any help I can get in obtaining these transfers! Eddie B.
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