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  1. Pa. Model builder is looking to trade for a Monogram USS. Voyager & a PlayMates brand ST-TNG Tricorder. I have been trying to find someone who has both of these items for some time now. The model is going to be built so the box or yellowing of the decals is not important. The Tricorder is going to be gutted out & refitted to try to match the actual stage prop as close as possable. The toy came with stickers that were very close to match the "real thing" but I'm hoping to find someone who hasn't applied them yet so I can scan them & make a silk screen for painting. If they have bee
  2. Hello Everyone, my name is Eddie Baxter & this is my first time on the forum so I'll just go ahead & apologize for any mistakes I may make up front! I experiment with designing & etching my own Printed Circuit Boards for Star Ship models. Some Circuit Boards are made by using dry transfers that use preformated component designs & dry transfer lines to create the circuit & create soldering points for components. I have been trying for a long time to find a sheet of small dry transfer letters that have upper & Lower case. They don't have to a fancy font, only the size c
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