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  1. Yessir! We're doing the best we can to catch up to this thing, we got swamped almost immediately and we just now catching up with the November orders, it will be a few more weeks before we get December cleared out of here.The Spad turned into a monster and we can only make so many a day but I'm ding night work trying to get more cast up and ready to ship. Many thanks for your patience, it will be worth the wait! Paul
  2. I'm making up the parts for the Navy versions now, the centerline tank on Georgia Ann appears to have been painted medium green, and then the usual oil and stuff wiped off so many times it took the green paint off the top, revealing the previous color.At least that's what I think happened, I only have one photo that shows it like that. Paul
  3. Howdy! It's been a while since I last visited, here's my new 1/32 A-1E Skyraider built up from my conversion kit mated to the Trumpeter kit.I have yet to make time to dirty things up, but you get the idea.Hope you like it! Paul Fisher
  4. OK...here we go, I have taken some pics of the bits I have here, in shade and direct sunlight, this may help in mixing colors.The stencilling is called out on the drawings as "commercial Engine Gray enamel per color card 513- Sherwin Williams or equal". In the photo you can see it is a medium to light gray. Can't get the image t upload, it is only 93k, don't know what the trouble is...will try again in the morning.I have a bunch of pics to upload.Alternately, e-mail me at fisher@fishermodels.com and I'll send them direct to you. We'll get her done... Paul
  5. Oh, my..I am blushing...I try to cruise ARC as often as I can, I have been crazy busy trying to get the Cutlass done, and all the other projects in here...it has been a chaotic year for us here, but so it goes. I don't have FS 595 matches for the Banjo colors, I will shoot a few pictures of the stuff I have in natural daylight and try to post them so we can try to figure out what good color call outs would be...when this stuff was done they were not concerned with us lowly model builders. Another amusing tidbit regarding the Banshee from my friend Bill Hannan who was a mechanic on USS Boxe
  6. The natural metal Banjos were actually painted with clear lacquer overall as a corrosion barrier, and any panels made of magnesium were shot with a silver lacquer, hence the paneled appearance in some well known photos. Anti-glare panels are olive green and all stencilling should be in medium grey, not black believe it or not.This is all from a McDonnell Aircraft finishing specs manual on the plane. Interior of the airframes was a bronze-green, pretty dark.I have a few pieces from a crashed specimen on loan for color matching....Shhhh! MadGepetto
  7. Good morning ! Perhaps I can add some accurate notes to the Red October thread. Way back then my little shop was making bunches of submarine models for the US Navy, I was approached by a small production outfit about doing Red October. To make a long story short, my company and the little production company( Madfield Productions) pretty much were just "used" by the producer of the movie to get the USN to sign on to the project, something they were willing to do only because they thought they would be working with people known in the submarine community who would adhere to the security clima
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