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  1. That's a cool pilot. Where did you get that? Excellent build!
  2. So, wait... the U.S. Air Force will can a B-52 squadron commander over some drawings but they WOULDN'T can the squadron commander at Fairchild AFB that was doing very dangerous things with his aircraft and eventually killed himself and his co-pilot? Wow...
  3. Blue Angels are better! Doin' it without g-suits since 1946! FLY NAVY 😄
  4. Good! Fat Albert was here (Tinker AFB) not that long ago on a one-time flight deal to have all of the paint stripped off and preliminary corrosion repairs before heading to Hill for a complete overhaul. It was in very bad shape. It's about time that the Blues got some new equipment.
  5. I have the Monogram Hellcat parts that you need. Just let me know where to send them.


    Chris Sakal

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    2. chriss7606


      I just wanted to let you know that I got your parts off to you after work. The USPS tracking number is:


      9505 5158 0794 8043 3443 85


      They said it should get to on Wednesay. If by some case they lose it or damage it, I have a second set. The parts are in a small zip lock bag, inside a bubble envelope, inside a small priority mail box, so they should be fine. Just let me know when you get them.



    3. F-16


      Thanks Chris.


      I'll let you know when they arrive.




    4. F-16


      Ok Chris.


      The parts arrived today (Wednesday) in great shape. Nothing broken!


      Thanks again for the help. I really appreciate it!




  6. I can help you with your question. There seems to be a bit of cunfusion. The Skyrays in your first photo that has the VF-33 Crusaders in it are not from VF-74. If you look closely the trim on the Skyrays is dark blue. The following is the air group assignments: CVG-6 CVG-6 August 6, 1960 - February 17, 1961 August 3, 1961 - March 1, 1962 Mediterrranean
  7. Hmm... something tells me the wicked witch isn't interested in the ruby slippers anymore. I couldn't resist...
  8. Tommy, Thanks for the reply- that's great! It goes along with what I was thinking. I didn't get a chance to reply to the Martin-Baker question. I did actually go to Pueblo and extensively photograph the ROHR aircraft with the M-B seat in it. I also photograph the Blue Angels jet at the Combat Air Museum and the original Grumman seat that all of the other Tigers carried. With the cancellation of Kitty Hawk's 1/32 scale model the F11F dropped way down on Detail & Scale's priority list though.
  9. There is one thing that I have been wondering specifically for the Blue Angels when they flew the F11F Tigers. The pilots obviously never wore parachutes out to the aircraft, which means that they had to have stayed in the jets. However, I have never seen a photo of a F11F seat with a parachute in it. To be accurate, a model of their Tigers would have the boarding step extended, canopy open, helmet on the cockpit sill, and a parachute in the seat. I have no idea where to even begin as far as the survival equipment goes. Does anyone have any ideas that can get me at least started in the right d
  10. Darren, I checked my KH F9F-8 kit and mine doesn't have 2 canopies in it. Now, the FM kit does have 2 vac canopies in it.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the replies! I guess I missed Testors quietly retiring from producing kits. I usually do go to Ebay for kits like this, and usually there are several of those RF-4s on there. I saw the one listing that the link was for but as was mentioned, that's a bit more than what I'm willing to pay for that kit. I was hoping to get one for a reasonable price and just have fun with it. If I were to do it more seriously (and down the road more than likely will), I would use the Hasegawa kit, the resin wings, and the Impact decals. Unfortunately, I looked and Spruebrothers doesn't h
  12. The 1/48 Bicentennial RF-4B was one that I always liked the look of and decided at the spur of the moment to get one to do. Granted, it (and the other Testors kits for that matter) isn't stellar I just wanted to do it for myself. It used to be where you could buy kits directly from Testors' web site but now they don't seem to have any listed. It seems that they have gotten out of producing kits and do strictly hobby supplies. I'm just wondering when I missed this. Now that I want one, I can't seem to find one of those Phantoms.
  13. Do you mean these markings? http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Navy/Douglas-A-4A-Skyhawk/2422841/&sid=98307e8ce202f809df823ffc307ff53e That was from the U.S.S. Shangri La in '56, not '65. Those were also A4D-1s (A-4As) not A-4Bs. I know this because I would love to build that jet too and no, there are no decals available. I wish...
  14. Thanks! I appreciate the help, but I actually thought of something that I'm surprised no one else thought of before- buy the color PE! Install, dullcote, DONE! Now all I have to do is figure out how to change the topic description... Thank you again.
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