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  1. While I'm not American, I'll toss in that I love grilled hot dogs with just barbecue sauce on them (toast the buns on the grill too of course). Canadian Club Honey Smoke or mostly anything made by Bullseye is awesome on a hot dog. Other toppings are optional (mustard goes well).
  2. Best wishes and a Happy New Year from St. John's, Newfoundland!
  3. I live about an hour from a place called Dildo. There's a Shag Rock in the same area, and it's not too far from Conception Bay. We also have places like Joe Batt's Arm, Blow Me Down, Jerry's Nose, and Come By Chance.
  4. I felt I should post to say thank you for the odd time zone acknowledgement! :D It's rather beyond my comprehension too, and I've lived with it my entire life.
  5. Great build so far! I can't say I miss working with those canopies on the real thing. I think we broke 2 sections while trying to replace one once, the rivets can be real hard to get out!
  6. Wow that's a lot to take in! Thank you both so much for the information, it really helps. I'll be spending some quality time at the drawing board in the coming weeks I think. -Meg
  7. Hi guys! I'm (hopefully) going to be getting back into scale modelling after quite a break for work. I'm primarily an aircraft modeler, working almost exclusively in 1/48 scale. My interest in automotive has been piquing over the past year. Now, I'm a scratch builder and enjoy a challenge. I'm debating building some cars out of the brass or vintage eras (Bentley 4.5 or Speed Six, Bugatti Type 13 or 35, Mercer 35, etc), but I don't know what scale I should be looking at. I'd be working in a combination of metal, plastic, and wood. I want something big enough to detail without going blind, but n
  8. Gorgeous work so far! I really love how you've done the DPM. Is it hand brushed or airbrushed?
  9. Mechanics figures look pretty close to me too, though I'm on the Canadian side. Apprentices make between $16-20/hour. Licensed AMEs (A&P techs for Americans) for the most part make somewhere in the $20-30/hour range, depending on your job and where you are in the country.
  10. I could see them being useful as things like the dzus fasteners or screws for cowlings and certain panels. As rivets...they might be too big. Like Netz said, it would depend on scale. On the other hand, it can't hurt to see if it looks good! Try it on a section of a scrap kit or a bit of plastic first.
  11. Works really well too! I replenish my supply at Christmas and Easter...or when I need to
  12. I use the wrappers from Ferrero Rocher chocolates all the time for scratchbuilding for things that need a bit of fabric texture. I use pop and beer cans for aluminum and plastic bottle caps for mixing small amounts of paint. Being a woman, I don't find using hair, nylons, and cosmetic applicators all that strange . Off topic fun fact: you can use also use stockings (or the leg of some pantyhose) to replace the fan belt in your car in a pinch (my grandmother did this in her old Austin Mini when her and Pop got stuck once :P).
  13. Copper wire maybe? It bends easily, holds its shape, is strong enough to do some fiddling, and you can find it in different gauges to get the size you need. Most craft stores will have it. All you'd have to do is make your control head out of plastic, drill a small hole in the bottom, and stick the wire(bent to shape)in with super glue.
  14. Thank you to everyone for your comments and compliments! Sukhoi, I love your painting, it's beautifully done. Do you have a particular technique for your clouds that you'd be able to share? I know those are something I need to work on in the future. -Megan
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