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  1. With renewed F4U-4 interest driven by the movie Devotion, any possibility of a post war F4U-4 sheet? Eagle Strike had a couple sheets that covered that subject, but unfortunately they contracted the printing of those sheets to a shop in Mexico. It seems all the Aeromaster and Eagle Strike sheets printed at that shop have badly yellowed over time. some nice Caracal designed and Cartograf or Microscale printed sheets would be fantastic!
  2. Been eyeballing my FJ-4 kits and looking at my Eagle Strike decals which have all mostly turned yellow. looking forward to the FJ-4 getting the Caracal treatment!!!
  3. makes sense! It’s a must buy for me regardless!
  4. Looks great! I’m super excited for this sheet! No girlie art make it on?
  5. Wow! Did they land an F-18 in Truckee?
  6. I’d love some Luftwaffe Tornado line jets too!
  7. yup, did an orange and white FJ-2, it’s posted around here somewhere. I imagine the Furies will be rereleased eventually along with other Kitty Hawk subjects. Could you post some more photos of your FJ-2 Bob? I’d love to see some more. I see you modeled the slats retracted, was that a pretty straight forward modification?
  8. Though I think you mean an early FJ-2 in GSB, I am pedaling hard to get a GSB early FJ-3 done along with NY reserve late -3 and a NMF -2.
  9. wow! Fantastic looking Fury! That NMF is fabulous!!!
  10. only only did two versions of the tiger markings. Plus that sheet is sold out. there is plenty of room for Caracal’s take on this subject.
  11. I think the 108th could support a whole F-4 sheet on its own. three types of tigers for the E models: full color, orange and low viz. Grey schemes, euro one and SEA wrap around (I think.) F-4D’s in SEA and Euro one…. it’s a good subject, not to mention the other airplanes that unit has flown through its history, F-47D’s, F-51D’s and H’s, F-86E, F-84F (still waiting for that mode Richard Bach markings!) F-86H, F-105B, KC-135’s. I have a slowly expanding mini collection of slides of 108th F-4’s, I can pass along scans if it would help Kursad.
  12. I think that’s a fantastic idea, in both 1/72 and 1/48!
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