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  1. Did you buy this on eBay, from seller Engine748? I’m interested in tracking one down as well. totally off topic, but your B-1B model at Nats was amazing!
  2. Hey Adrian, welcome! 🙂 I agree with you, I too think a sheet to go with the new Fine Molds kit would sell like a license to print hot cakes! 🙂
  3. wow! Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Sorry you lost a shipment, that’s frustrating! Hopefully the loss is not too painful!
  5. I second these winks and nudges
  6. It’s also cool to see the original nose art artist show up on the forum! Welcome! do you build models?
  7. Bought the Hasegawa A-4L at the local hobby shop for $30 today! My hobby shop find of the year!
  8. Wow that’s really cool!
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