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  1. I see the Fury decals are in the mail! Tanks!!
  2. Clear Prop actually makes a lot of sense, maybe we should start a lobbying campaign?!?
  3. I agree! A new kit is needed in both 1/72 and 1/48 and maybe even 1/144! Maybe AMP or one of the other Eastern European companies. I’m surprised that Italeri hasn’t done one, especially since the Italians flew HH-3s!
  4. Rain, I wish we could get some of that! anyway, thanks for the update Kursad, much appreciated!!
  5. Just saw about this this on Facebook.....Really sad... http://www.kinnickfuneralhome.com/obituary/Mark-Bilas
  6. Thanks for the update! Hope you are doing well!
  7. that’s exciting news! Any leads as to where to find it? I haven’t spotted it yet.
  8. The 8 gun nose is in every boxing, it’s on the primary sprues. This is a good thing (sorta) as those parts don’t fit very well. It took me a couple attempts to get one nice enough for NMF. I wish they had molded it as a single part like the 6 gun nose. Also, both cockpit canopy types are included in every boxing.
  9. I emailed Quickboost suggesting they do a slotted turret. I included lots of photos. Maybe you could email them too? Maybe lots of feedback requesting these might prompt them? the link is on this page: http://www.quickboost.net/catalogue.htm
  10. Don, also keep your eyes peeled for the Hypersonic Models https://www.hypersonicmodels.com resin that should be available once the Japanese Post resumes service to the US. Looks like it will be awesome!
  11. Cool, I’m excited to see them! I’ll probably pause once I get the white base where it needs to be, and then proceed once the decals are available. I can fall back to other projects until then.
  12. makes me think the artist took his early H profile and slapped some EVS’s on it to do his drawing. the two most recent photos Quixote post show a clear panel line between the radome and the fuselage forward of the EVS’s.
  13. wow great photos! Thanks for posting!
  14. Where did that rendering come from? I wonder what refs that artist used?
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