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  1. Last time I used bare metal/expert choice decals, they exploded when they hit the water. I too would like to see the 57th get the Caracal/Cartograf treatment!
  2. the tiny letters at the bottom of the stencil are BAFB….im guessing Bergstrom
  3. You also have to fix the Kinetic intake with the Quickboost replacement. The Kinetic intake looks closer to an earlier straight wing F-84 intake that the oval F-84F intakes.
  4. I agree with that! Hopefully some day. Nice model!
  5. look for the Falcon or the C&H conversion for the B model. They both come up fairly frequently.
  6. Oh No!!!! Now I REALLY feel bad! I’m not staying at the convention hotel, so after I went out to lunch, I went back to my hotel to rest for a bit. I will be back for social hour at 1700 and then the banquet, but I’m guessing you’ll have gone home by then…
  7. Crap, sorry I missed you. I didn’t see this til 14:30. Did you see my Fury in Caracal decals in the contest room?
  8. Also, will you have a table at San Marcos? I should be there so I look forward to meeting you in person!
  9. sounds like a plan. Headed anywhere cool for July???
  10. Are the Thud and A-10 decals going to be a post vacation release? July is rapidly approaching. No big deal, just curious.
  11. Is this the other former AF Crowman bird?
  12. Fantastic RF-84F Jon! I know that’s not the easiest kit, and watching your build on Facebook I really appreciate the work you’ve put into it! well done! corey
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