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  1. Lone star EB-57B pods are way bigger. A different type I suppose. I sent you these in an email too.
  2. Kursad, I have the Lonestar pods if you would like to borrow them. I could also measure them if you like. Just let me know. corey
  3. Those profiles look great Kursad! I’m super excited about this release!
  4. Thanks for considering me in designing a decal sheet Kursad, I really appreciate it! As for 1/48 B-57’s, it is the EB-57’s of the Air Guard that I am really after. I would also be interested in regular attack aircraft as well. Are the WB-57’s the big wing reconnaissance Canberras? If so, decals for the big wing aircraft might work better in 1/72. I think the only big wing option in 1/48 is the Collect Aire kit. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll comb through my library and see if I can find more inspirational B-57 schemes. 🙂
  5. I’m really excited for these sheets! The hardest part is deciding which one to do first!
  6. Ok found a close up of “This is it” as posted above (which I originally thought was named Tails is it.) 17th BW Commander’s aircraft, Korea crew names are Pilot Col Gordon Timmons Crew Chief TSgt (I think) Emilio Reyes
  7. Here is a cool page that might be relevant: http://www.3rdattackgroup.org/a-26-b-26-invader.php
  8. I’m wondering if it’s yellow or orange. Doesn’t look dark enough to be a red (compared to the red bars in the national insignia.)
  9. 405th BS 38th BW Laon France 1953
  10. Not sure where or when, but certainly colorful. Nose art says “This is It”
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