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  1. Corey

    CD72076 & CD72083 - 1/72 FJ-3 Fury

    The choice is made!!!
  2. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

  3. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    Thats cool. Though a huge 1/48 sheet would be welcome. Perhaps a chance for another Caracal 1st? The first 8X10 sheet! corey
  4. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    For you
  5. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    It’s available https://www.lonestarmodels.com/store/p_109405/lsm-40569-eb-57e-conversion
  6. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    Not sure, you’d have to check his website. Mike has resurrected sets due to popular demand in the past, so perhaps he would bring it back for a good decal sheet if it’s not already available.
  7. Corey

    CD48147 - 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo Pt.2

    Thanks for doing two Voodoo sheets!
  8. Corey

    CD48148 - 1/48 CH-47 Chinook

  9. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    There is a resin conversion! Lone Star Models does a very nice, very comprehensive EB-57 conversion for the Classic Airframes kit. I have two lone star conversions, and I would love to do at least one model in Vermont Guard markings. 🙂 Corey
  10. Kursad, when is the next batch of decals expected to be released? thanks Corey
  11. Corey

    CD72076 & CD72083 - 1/72 FJ-3 Fury

    I don’t think Koster did. I believe you are thinking of the vacuform RF-8 conversion that War Eagle did? corey
  12. Corey

    CD72076 & CD72083 - 1/72 FJ-3 Fury

    Hate to steer the Fury thread away from Furys, but I second this recommendation. I have a couple RF-8 conversions, and it’s only a matter of time before someone releases an RF-8 kit in 1/48. corey
  13. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    Was looking at my collection of Classic Airframes B-57s and I thought I’d bump this thread. Still hoping for some Vermont EB-57’s and some Phan Rang B-57’s with nose art. Maybe even a couple sheets worth of B-57 subjects! ;) Corey
  14. Corey


    I think the Hobbyboss kit has one in it.