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  1. Any ideas on matches or mixes for the cockpit color? I’ve been brainstorming ideas but haven’t had time to experiment with anything yet. I’m thinking either a modified Soviet cockpit color, or MRP has an epoxy primer color that might have some potential (especially if some blue is added.) corey
  2. Excited to see this Kursad! I’m cranking away on my FJ-2! Should have it ready for decals by the time the sheet is released! corey
  3. Corey

    1/48 B-17 series from Hk

    wow, that’s some great advice! Thanks for posting that!
  4. check out this thread regarding A models and sidewinders:
  5. I agree, good suggestion! Now if only someone would make a HH-3 kit too!
  6. I know this is an obscure model kit of an obscure subject, but ever consider doing markings for the Hobbycraft CF-100? these guys got me thinking about it: I have this kit, but the kit decals are sorry and there is not much out there for aftermarket.
  7. you realize you’re going to have to rebuild the radome and nose to do an 60’s aircraft? It’s not just leaving off the evs.
  8. if they don’t release a specific slatted -3 kit, you could probably use the slatted wing from the -2 kit, correct? corey
  9. Those reserve schemes do look cool. I was looking at them in both the Ginter FJ-2 and FJ-3 books. There might even be common markings between the reserve -2’s and -3’s
  10. Tom Cleaver’s Fury build. He cites a guy on Britmodeller regarding the decals... https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/cleaver/usn/tcfj2.htm I’ve started my kit and have to admit it’s better than the Banshee! 🙂
  11. Corey

    F-105 ideas

    Ben the C&H set is still available. I just ordered and received one from him about two months ago. http://www.candhaerominiatures.com/catalog/f105b.htm
  12. Corey

    F-105 ideas

    that’s a cool idea Kursad! Sign me up! 😉
  13. Corey

    F-105 ideas

    thanks for your support Niels
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