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  1. I have only a few WIP photos, but i did a little two post write up of my build here: https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?share_fid=2031166&share_tid=520795&share_pid=2770790&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tapatalk.com%2Fgroups%2Fhyperscale%2Fviewtopic.php%3Fp%3D2770790%23p2770790&share_type=t&link_source=app
  2. Yes the stencils are awesome Kursad! I’m glad you spent time on them too! They are most definitely readable! As I look at my photos, I’m spotting areas I of paint I wish I touched up before decaling. In the future, I might use photos to spot errors as I work.
  3. I took some photos of my Kitty Hawk 1/48 FJ-2 Fury completed last week with Caracal Decals!
  4. Also, the quality of your decals are so much better than what Kitty Hawk produces, subject overlap probably wouldn’t matter on sales I think.
  5. Pulled this off an eBay listing. Hope it’s accurate. I ordered some kits from Lucky Model (they haven’t posted photos yet) and I’ll posted updated photos when my kits arrive.
  6. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait! 🙂
  7. Sweet!!! I agree with Whitey on Deep Sea 129. is this going to be an EC only sheet? If not, I would like to suggest a Jersey Guard medical transport C-121 if possible. Wyoming also had a medical mission in the -121 as well.
  8. Here is another in the same series: 2nd C-47
  9. Lol! I had the same thought!!!
  10. Wow, two very exciting months, February and March!
  11. Wow!!! 20 options! That’s awesome! Thanks for doing this!
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