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  1. Corey

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Not sure about alternate schemes, but being that it’s a Roden kit, you know the kit decals are going to stink. Might be a market for replacement decals, alternate schemes or not. corey
  2. Corey

    CD48159 - 1/48 Air National Guard F-84F

    I did one a couple years ago. I pieced together the markings from one of Kursad’s F-100 sheets and from the decal dungeon! http://
  3. Corey

    CD48159 - 1/48 Air National Guard F-84F

    Thanks so much Kursad! I’m super excited! 🙂 corey
  4. Corey

    CD48159 - 1/48 Air National Guard F-84F

    I can send you some photos of Bach’s jet Kursad. I think I sent them to you in an email back in 2014, but I’ll track them down again and resend them to you. Corey
  5. Corey

    CD48159 - 1/48 Air National Guard F-84F

    Figured I’d bump this thread. Looks like Kinetic is rereleasing their F-84F kit, and then there is the Hobbyboss kit and the ubiquitous Monogram kit. I’m still hoping for Richard Bach’s NJANG airplane! 😉 corey
  6. Corey

    New Caracal Models Basics sheets

    I’m down to my last sheet of out of print superscale white USN numbers. I’m hoping you’ll do some sheets of USN letters and numbers soon too! corey
  7. Corey

    New Caracal Models Basics sheets

    Fantastic idea Kursad!
  8. Corey

    New Caracal Models Basics sheets

    Thanks Kursad! 🙂
  9. I’m fantastically happy it’s a Douglas Invader!
  10. Corey

    1/48 C-60 Lodestar conversion?

    Gerry Asher of Fox Three Studios did one. I have it, it’s basic but looks good. It’s actually designed for the Classic Airframes Hudson. Not sure if he’s still in business or not. Last contact I had for him was gmasher at netzero.net. Corey
  11. Corey

    EB-57B's ?

    Semi regular EB-57 topic bump! 😉
  12. Corey

    January releases

  13. Corey

    Possible new topics?

    I like the idea of an A-37 sheet too! Lots of US and international options. corey
  14. Corey

    CD72076 & CD72083 - 1/72 FJ-3 Fury

    The choice is made!!!
  15. Corey

    EB-57B's ?