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  1. Authentic Airliners has all three engine versions of the A330-200 and -300. Spendy? Absolutely. Accurate? The best there is. Period. You can do quite well with the Revell kit, but it isn't 100% accurate, hence the reason that Braz released nose and tail corrections. It all depends upon what you are satisfied with and want to do. For me, the AA kits are simply the best. Kurt, AA"s owner, posts regularly on Airlinercafe.com, if you want to contact him and ask any questions. He's very sociable and helpful with modelers. https://www.authentic-airliners.de/ Bob
  2. It looks like a few don't have the pointy 212 nose. They seem to have retained the older bulbous nose. http://www.bellhelicopter.com/commercial/bell-huey-ii Scroll down to the gallery. Two or three seem to have the original nose, if I'm seeing things correctly. Bob
  3. That White Sands ex-NASA bird looks outstanding. I would love to build that guy too. Maybe a decal sheet for gov't agency and law enforcement? Just an idea. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8561874
  4. You guys are awesome. Great info on these NASA birds. There's something about a NASA Huey gunship of sorts that just screams, BUILD ME!
  5. That sounds wonderful. Some civilian/government/agency users wouldn't be bad, either, if there is enough call for them. You can never have enough Hueys!
  6. These look super! I hope we'll see more Huey decals. With Fireball no longer producing, there is a definite need for more Huey decals. Bob
  7. Awesome. Any idea on whether this will be suitable for a NASA UH-1H, like this guy? http://www.shopdrawdecal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=48-Huey-1 That's a very pretty NASA Huey! Bob
  8. HI all, Happy happy happy, joy joy joy. A gentleman on the SSM boards was kind enough to ask the Horizon Models owner at a show in Australia what's coming, especially Apollo and Gemini. It looks like the Mercury/Atlas/Redstone series is about done with what's been disclosed above. The great news is that they are working on a Gemini-Titan and - drum roll - a Dynasoar-Titan. Wow, I sure hope this ambitious series gets produced. I can foresee myself buying 3-4 Gemini-Titans of various marks. I hope we also get an Agena target vehicle to go along with the Gemin
  9. Thank you for the links! That will save a lot of time. I'd seen some of them, but not all. Bob
  10. PS. My plan will be to display Snoopy in flight with Charlie Brown made from the Monogram CSM. This is the ONLY Lem model that will allow for that. The quality of the designs is tremendous. Get it! In fact, we need to have a LEM group build using these parts. Seriously, we do.
  11. Thanks! I have the Space in Miniature books and they are super. I'm looking for things with actual dimensional callouts to be able to CAD from. The SIM books have awesome drawings but don't always have the dimensions included. I'll be purchasing the Realspace drawings and I hope they have them as I want to CAD up my own CSM for the Airfix 1/144th Saturn IB. Nothing against the ones already out there, I just like doing this and would like to see if I can really create a nice one. Bob
  12. I have two of the kits but haven't started them yet. They're from Two Six Decals, who sells them along with some of his own decals. Best move quickly, though, as they're nearly sold out. I got the AA and DAL kits. From memory, Two Six has or had a KLM scheme in one of the boxings. In the box, the kit looks quite nice, and far better than I anticipated with nice panel lines. It puts the 787 to shame. There is a build over at airlinercafe.com that might help. Bob
  13. Does anyone know where I can get some decent drawings of an Apollo Block 2 CSM? I'd like to CAD up and print my own. I'm also looking for some decent drawings of F1, J2 and H1 engines for the various Saturn marks. I'm aware that there are some on Shapeways, but I just feel like seeing if I can CAD them up myself. Many thanks, Bob
  14. I just ran across this thread! I was that guy. Mine will become Snoopy. Everyone, yes the 3D parts are expensive but they're worth it. The detail and research that Mr. Meens put into this is really incredible. As an Apollo junkie, this LEM is a must have. Now, if someone will only do an out of the box proper Gemini...
  15. Wow I"m blown away. I'm actually planning to start a similar build but after seeing this I'm going to have to up my game. I'm really impressed with the super work! Would you be able to post links to the Shapeways stores where the 2D printed parts came from? I may know one of them but not both, and Shapeways' search engine pretty much blows. Many thanks! Bob
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