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  1. Awesome!! I saw it on the what'new section, a splendid work of art really! The main olive color looks quite right to me, what mix did you use?
  2. Greetings to all I found out that I don't have the instruction for Special Hobby's Blohm und Voss P.215 Nightfighter projectin 1/72. Can somebody give a hand? thanks Victor
  3. If it's for Hobbyboss or RPM-Alfa kits, you should try Rob-Taurus canopies : http://eshop.owl-czech.eu/detail/1:72-mig-3-1/
  4. Wow! That's is a-ma-zing John! Never seen a 109 with russian blue on it, very interesting. The weathering is pretty realistic too, good work!
  5. thanks for your comments guys, greatly appreciated. Major parts have been assembled so far, will post pics soon.
  6. Greetings, Here's my recent progress on this neat little model spruced up with the tricky eduard set, some quickboost resin additions (gun cover, control column, gunsight) and fine wire. I may be not experienced enough with PE cockpits but that interior proved to be a real pain to fit with tiny pieces constantly snapping off, at least I could find them all back but jeez! I'm going for resin interiors next time that's for sure. The whole thing was weathered with cmk powders, real good stuff, and silver drybrush. Pre-painted intrument panel and seatbelts are pretty nice though. I just hope that one will be finished before deadline, I'm kind of optimistic, let's hope though.
  7. pure and plain amazing work!
  8. Lovely build Mike, as usual, setting the bar high for us 1/72ers . And great pics too, all been right-clicked.
  9. This will be a great group build, mark my words! A lovely occasion too to get my pacific themed collection out of the stash of inertia. I'll start out with Academy's A6m5c Zero with its lousy out of register decals and the CMK interior set. next should be Fujimi's fine Ki-43-I Oscar with eduard set. If I get the time ; MPM FM-2 Wildcat OOB and Dragon's Ki-61 Tony with special attack squadron markings from Aeromaster. All in 1/72 as usual
  10. This one looks just great, we don't see much of these desert 190s, I wonder if there's one available in 1/72. And you're right that pro-modeller wash is excellent stuff!
  11. Superb result after all John, I'm glad you managed to finish it! That paintwork looks very cool to me. Btw thanks for the chain tip, I was trying to find out how to do this in 1/72 a couple of months ago before opting for eduard pre-painted belts. Good to know!
  12. Gorgeous work, very realistic finish!
  13. Outstanding 202 Mike, those smoke ring decals made a good job. I admire your productivity sir!
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