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    Aircraft Modeling (Duh!), Running, Video games, surfing the web- typical college-age kid stuff. I enjoy good literature, especially competently-written Science Fiction (George Lucas need not apply, thank you very much...). Country music is my staple, along with a bit of classic rock. Rap, Hip hop, and anything sung by an American Idol is not music, and therefore not worth my listening.
  1. I don't know... I'm still partial to James May's Lego house myself.....
  2. Welp, I finally did it. With my POS vac kit not going anywhere and a rather large tax return, I decided to take the plunge and buy the recently-released Amodel kit of the Hughes-Kaiser HK-1/Hughes H-4/Spruce Goose in 1/72. Despite being a rather large (understatement) kit, there really isn't much to it. The large bits (fuselage, wings) are molded fiberglass, while the plastic parts are limited to the engines (in which case you get 8 identical sprues) and interior. I haven't done much work yet, but I did start on the flight deck. Except for a few tables and a couple dozen chairs, this
  3. A lagrange point is where, from a certain location, two other celestial satellites appear to be the same size, even if they are actually not. For instance, the earth is at a lagrange point between the sun and the moon- vastly different sizes, but, to us on earth, they are identical. (PRO TIP: Take my work for it. Looking directly at the sun is ill-advised) Also a ZZ-Top song. No relation. I think.
  4. I always thought it had to do with typesetting a printing press, back when every letter (and space) was an engraved block. The "mind your p's and q's" bit came from the fact that every letter was engraved backwards (so the printed letter was reversed upon printing, so it was front-wards again), and that when setting the type for a page, a "p" looked like a "q", and visa-versa. New one- Italian glassblowers, way back when, had a term for any particular piece that they messed up on, and was unusable. They kept these flawed pieces as examples, of what not to do in the future. We still use the
  5. You know, I'm not 100% positive WHY I actually bought this. Thing is, my tax return this year was pretty good, and my other kit wasn't making any kind of progress (except backward), and I found a relatively decent price, so.... I took the plunge. Not sure when I'm going to start it (I've got two motorcycles in the barn that need put back together), but we'll see. I'll wait to figure out where to PUT it later.
  6. I'm finally knuckling under and finishing my Roden 1/72 Gotha G.Vb, but I ran into a problem- as luck would have it, I ran out of lozenge decals. While I'm not sure exactly how much more I need, it wouldn't be much, and I can't really go aftermarket at this point because it wouldn't match. If anyone has this kit and/or sheets of the decals left over, I'd be very grateful. I really don't feel like buying a whole new kit just for a bit of decals....
  7. Now THAT'S a pretty picture! (Don't get me wrong, the red is a sharp looking color too, but there's something to be said about bringing it back to 'original')
  8. Cool story. Kind of neat it's going to be repainted the original blue. Definitely going to have to make a trip down there to see it once everything's said and done.
  9. 1975 was the very first model year of any Goldwing EVER. Mine's a 1977 (but I'd like to backdate it to a '75/'76- a few cosmetic changes). In 1978/'79 the 1000 was drastically changed. The GL1100 came out in 1979 and lasted until 1984(?), the 1200 coming out in 1984 and lasting until.... I forget. My 1200 (red) is also the last year you could buy a "naked" Goldwing. The GL1500 was the first with a 6 cylinder engine, which Honda later put in a different frame to make the Valkyrie (which I WILL own someday), and the GL1800 is their current Goldwing model. (As you can see, I'm not JUST inte
  10. I've been off the forums for quite a while now, and I figured it was time to let y'all know why. Of course, part of it is the fact I'm working 80+ hour weeks at two jobs, so the time really isn't there anymore. Thing is, the money isn't there for modelling like it was before either. THAT is because of these guys: The 1200 (red one) I bought nearly a year ago now. It was in great shape when I got it, and has been running awesome ever since I brought it home (knock on wood). The 1000 (black one, but eventually yellow if I get it running perfect) I bought this past fall and have b
  11. Nice job. I'm looking at an old '77 Goldwing right now (that I don't need) that the guy's got listed for 600, but I ain't paying that much. Not quite in as good a shape as yours, though..... Good luck with the purchase, though! Looks real slick.
  12. I'm sure if you were able to organize them a bit, they would go like hotcakes on these boards. Heck, I'm even interested in a few myself, and I'm not even sure what you've got!
  13. This has GOT to be that mythical place, the only place on the planet where "the sun doesn't shine". Now, when someone tells you to stick something there, you now where it is.
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