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  1. Please do Mirage III/5 and Kfir intakes and/or FOD covers in 1:48 first!!! 😏
  2. Would these decals also fit the Academy kits without problems or are the differencies between ZM and Academy to heavy to use? As the prices on ZM kits of the Phantom family in Europe are double as the Academy kits it would be good to know.
  3. Hi Raymond, thanks for your reply. I try to take some picture when I'm back from work. I asked end of last year for 4 sets replacement and received the same quality I had before. It looks like you have still the old production parts in stock.
  4. Has anyone figured out the best way to fix the fit issue for the windscreen to the fuselage? I've built 3 Mirage kits now and on all models I was faced with the same problem. The windscreen won't pop into the right position at the front, so I had to shim the hole windscreen at both sides. But if you plan to build a model with a closed canopy this solution results in a windscreen sitting too high. @Raymond Chung: Do you have plans to update the tooling for the windscreen and canopy? The canopies on all my single seater models have imperfections at the framing behind the
  5. Hi Kursad, any chance to see the decals in 48 scale?
  6. Thanks for the detailed information. It looks very rough and for me it's not worth spending money for these parts.
  7. How accurate is the MH-60R conversion from Olimp and what is the quality of the parts?
  8. Now this is spectacular!!! Congratulation on a perfect display. Please tell me how you made the perfect concrete apron, which is totally awsome.
  9. I would also like to see the colorful F-4B Phantom's from VF-102 Diamondbacks on board USS Enterprise. They've never been done correctly and such a nice scheme.
  10. Hi Folks, I received my copy of the brand new Mirage 2000 book yesterday What can I say - stunning, marvellous, gorgeous All the details are covered everybody was looking for ages. @Ioannis: You have done it again. Thank you very much for producing such an hammer. Looking forward to your next production. Can you tell us a bit?
  11. As the Mirage III 2-seater is now available from Kinetic we need some good decals for the whole series of Mirage kits. Any date forecast on your sheet(s)?
  12. There is decal sheet from another company on the market available only for retirement schemes of the Argentine Airforce. Does it make sense to put this version on your sheet which is also on the mentioned sheet for single and double seater insteed of taking a version of an Airforce currently not available? Just a thought. Looking Forward to the release. Any dates yet?
  13. Hello Raymond, Thank you for the heads up on this and other Topics - highly appreciated. This is very good news on the Mirage side and all Harriernados will go cracy at Telford. Me included as I got one ride in a T8 ages ago so I have to build it. Cheers, Jost
  14. Hello, Are there any news available about the two seater Mirage III in 48 scale? This kit was forcasted by Kinetic for this year but since it was announced it has become very silent about this topic. Cheers, Jost
  15. Yianni, last year requested with a book of the Mirage F1 and this year delivering 50%. Awesome!!! I'm definitely in for one. Jost
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