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  1. This 1/144 Testors C-5 was missing a number of parts. Make it inflight and used Caracal decals to make it look better.
  2. I received the F-5 many months ago. Just like KursadA said.
  3. Its not a Constellation class........but it looks great!
  4. 1/144 Matchbox CC-130H Its much smaller then my usual 1/48 scale builds........
  5. Thanks, here is a Matchbox 1/144 CC-130H with decals from a 1/72 CF-5. Its a tad smaller then my 1/48 CC-130J
  6. I use IMGUR. ....No issues for me.
  7. I think your right Kurt.
  8. Sorry, the photos did not load. Lets try again......
  9. Just mix a little white in there to get close to the decals. The Cockpit in a CF-18 is getting near 40 years old. Have to expect a little sun fading over time.
  10. I go to the surplus store, buy bulbs and wires and do it myself. Its easier then I thought it would be. There are lovely light sets you can buy (Tenna controls for example) But they cost big money. The lights on my 1/350 Constellation cost me around $15. Much better then $300. Here is a bunch of options. Only the 1/350 Enterprise uses a light set (Polar lights) everything else is home made.
  11. Oh I agree. When I bought it there was doubt if Dave was going o do it. His turned out great.
  12. I have that scheme from a Korean company. Leading Edges IS better, and I would go for it first. But if you can not find it I can sell you the second best. Postage from Canada to the Netherlands would be more then I would charge for the decals. ($10)
  13. Thanks, had the parts , might as well use them.
  14. Finished these 1 and a half models......Both 1/350 Polar Lights.
  15. Ahh. In the episode The Ultimate Computer, the Excalibur was destroyed by the Enterprise under the control of the M5 computer. I figure the same would have happened in the Mirror universe. The Empire would not waste a perfectly good ship. Just remove the dead crew and a coat of paint, you have a repaired ship. The primary hull is being readied to be connected to the new engineering section. In reality, I bought a extra saucer in case I screwed up the cutting up of the Constellation. As I bought the very expensive decal sheet, it seemed a waste not to get more use out of it.
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