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  1. Dotcom

    Dotcom's 2016 in Scale

    Thanks Adam! The X-15 kit is great, a lot of details and small photoetch parts that go into the cockpit. It is supposed to be first in a series of X-planes. The Tamiya X-1 will be next. Happy Modelling, Andy
  2. Dotcom

    Dotcom's 2016 in Scale

    Happy new year everyone! Not much posting from me in the old year, but in terms of finished models 2016 was fairly prolific for my standards. Most of the builds were projects that were started long ago and I managed to complete almost all open boxes. Now this year I will try to have much less builds going on besides each other. But lets see: Group shot (missing the X-15 which is already on display at my office): 1/25 Revell 1968 Dodge Charger 1/72 MPM X-15A-2 1/72 Italeri Su-34 from the Shelf Queen group build, basically OOB but with a number of modifications, shown here 1/72 Zvezda Su-27SM (from Revell's boxing), out of the box. Easily the best 1/72 kit I have ever put my hands on. I already look forward to the new Su-33 Sea Flanker. 1/72 Revell A-10 Thunderbolt II 'Desert Belle', with scatchbuilt Maverick triple launch rails and 2 extra Missiles from the spares box: 1/48 Tamiya F-51D 'Buckeye Blitz VI' from the Korean War, built entirely from the box, just some tape seatbelts were added. 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair 'Spirit of 76' with Eagle Cals decals. Weathering with salt masking, it was my first attempt at this method. Thanks for watching! Let's see what 2017 brings! Cheers, Andy
  3. Dotcom

    The Coming out Party!

    Doing her handle justice, with a delay of just 7months my shelfqueen finally moved to the cabinet! Italeri Su-34 Fullback 1/72, with some scratchbuilt modifications. Build log here Needless to say, during her build some other projects were shelved in turn.... Cheers, Andy
  4. Dotcom

    Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback

    Hello patient readers, in an outbreak of getting-done-itis, the Fullback was finished over the past days. I decided that I could live with the questionable paintjob, and rather move to new projects. Following a few images of the finished beast/shelfqueen. Hope you enjoy, Andy
  5. Dotcom

    Dotcom's 2015 in Scale

    Thanks all for dropping by! I also like how the Crusader turned out, she looks really alive. Cheers, Andy
  6. Dotcom

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-8E Crusader

    Thanks guys! I read that there were indeed some troubles during development. The jackscrew could not be installed on the centerline because of the engine. So it was moved to the side, causing considerable stress and twisting during test flights that could only be remedied with strengthening, adding weight to the airframe. Cheers, andy
  7. Dotcom

    Dotcom's 2015 in Scale

    Thanks Polo! Happy modelling, Andy
  8. Dotcom

    The Schoolhouse

    Hello all, I will join this GB with a 1/72 X-15A-2 from MPM. There are several more options in the stash (X-1, X-29, F-15A Streak Eagle, Sukhoi PAK-FA, Su-47 Berkut,...) but lets take it one at the time :-P Happy testing! Cheers, Andy
  9. Dotcom

    Dotcom's 2015 in Scale

    Hello all, finally I get around to posting my 2015. Not a bad year at all, mostly 1/72 plus a 1/700 ship that was started 10years ago and last year I quickly finished and painted it. Enjoy the pics! Group shot (sorry but I forgot the Tiger II): IAI Kfir. Italeri kit 1/72 with lots of modifications to bring it to C7 standard. More images here. OH-58D Kiowa, Italeri 1/72. Scratchbuilt interior seen here F-5E Tiger II from Hobby Boss, straight from the box. More images here Hunter Mk.58 from Revell 1/72. Out of the box with decals from Skyhart I believe. DH-110 Vampire, Revell 1/72. Scratchbuilt ejection seat and decals from Matterhorn Circle (MC-one). The colorful paintscheme was applied to help training of Flab (Fliegerabwehr, Anti-Aircraft Defense) shooters. Note scratchbuilt heavy duty jack to set this tailsitter straight. F/A-18A Hornet. Hasegawa 1/72 built out of the box with Two Bobs decals. Paint scheme is of the Centennial of Naval Aviation. Finally, F-8E Crusader, Hasegawa 1/72, from the Vietnam group build. More progress and finished pictures here I hope 2016 holds just as many models! Cheers, Andy
  10. Adding to the completed builds, here is a Crusader stationed in Da Nang in 1966. Hasegawa 1/72. Build report and more images here It was big fun to participate, a big thank you to the moderators and fellow participants! Cheers, Andy
  11. Dotcom

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-8E Crusader

    And she is done! All pieces assembled and the last touches of paint applied. This was a fun project and a great experience to participate in the Vietnam group build. Enjoy the pictures! Cheers, Andy
  12. Dotcom

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-8E Crusader

    Some more progress, almost there. The major assemblies, including the external stores. Bombs are 8x Mk82 Snake Eyes from Hasegawa weapons set, also the Multiple Ejector Rails (MER). I never saw an image of a Crusader with bombs on the innermost stations so I assume they were not loaded for clearance or separation constraints. On the shoulder pylons are LAU-33 launchers for 8 ZUNI rockets. Those are scratchbuilt from 2mm styrene rod and some sheet for the launchers. Some final assembly and unmasking the cockpit and she will be done! Cheers, Andy
  13. Dotcom

    GB Idea - Anniversary birds

    Would you include also type milestones, for example 100'000 flight hours with the F-4 Phantom? There are some nice colorful options of such occasions. Andy
  14. Dotcom

    My 2015 Builds

    A very nice lineup! I like the two MiGs especially! For me 5 builds are also about what I usually manage per year. Have a good and prolific 2016! Greets andy
  15. Dotcom

    1/72 Academy F/A-18D

    Hi Thadeus! Just saw this build, I will follow with interest! The Desert Storm environment should make it look real mean! The Academy Hornet is also on my to-do list, I have plenty of Swiss Airforce decals to put on them... Have fun, Andy