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  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing. Inspires me to build mine. Like the weathering. Interesting about the decals, I had the problem you describe on a 1/32 Tomcat ca 20 years ago, seems they didnt figure it out­čśľ Andy
  2. Some on and off progress on this build. The major parts are together. It feels like 10% of the plastic volume was removed in the trimming process. Still left to sand and fill some gaps. On the upside the stabs fit so nicely that they will only be glued on after painting. The oil cooler shutter and radiator shutter were made from sheet styrene. The cooler intake takes some more work also (it is molded shut). Then the canopy goes on and the painting starts.
  3. Not so much to show here...The fuselage is closed up and sanding and trimming in progress: Still missing some filling and rescribing along the seams. When dryfitting the wing to the fuselage I noticed the leading edge seems totally off. The sweep at the wing root is pronounced as on the later P-51D when for the B model there should be less of kink. But worse, the remainder of the leading edge sweep towards the tip seems too straight. The whole wing shape just looks off. Will have to compare it to drawings to be sure. I'm not decided yet whether to fix the outer portion, the inner section should be doable. Andy
  4. The level of added detail is absolutely stunning­čĄę­čĄę­čĄę
  5. Getting started. Cleaning up stuff: Instrument panel is totally blank so some gauges were added as very thin slices of stretched sprue: Not super scale in the layout but works for me for closed cockpit doors and scale 1/72: Tape seatbelts: Black instrument panel, silver drybrush and small drop of gloss clear coat on the gauges. Then ready to get buttoned up: Cheers, Andy
  6. Hi HAJO, yea I checked...after I bought it. Funny that a kit of this quality enjoys such a varied life...I am also not sure about the relations between Mistercraft and Mastercraft, the instructions mention Mastercraft throughout, so maybe Mistercraft is just a new legal entity in charge of re-issueing Mastercraft stuff. PS I just saw that I will also have to remodel the kink in the leading edge to be less pronounced as the current wing seems to be of P-51D shape. Andy
  7. Hello all, fairly late to the group build, but I chose a small subject which I should be well able to finish in time. On 19 July 1944 P-51B WD*U of 4th FG was escorting a bomber formation to Augsburg when she developed motor problems. Pilot 1st LT Simpson set course to neutral Switzerland and landed in the mountainous region of Ems. As with all aircraft landing on Swiss territory during the war, the Mustang was impounded. She was transferred to D├╝bendorf where the cause of the engine failure, a stuck radiator flap, was repaired. The Mustang then received Swiss colors and was used for evaluation and air combat training. Needless to say, the model proved far superior to the Morane D-3800 then is Swiss Air Force use. After VE-day, she was returned to the USAAF in her original colors. Based on the very positive evaluation results the Swiss Air Force decided to buy 130 surplus P-51Ds in 1948 as a stopgap until the advent of jet fighters. Unfortunately the same assessment can not stand for this kit. Some years ago I picked up the 1/72 Mistercraft P-51B in some rear shelf of my local hobby store based on the appealing box art. Back at home I opened the box and had my jaw drop. This is one of the strangest plastic model kits I ever had in my hands. The sprues contain parts that can be identified as assembling into a P-51B. However the quality of the molding is of an estimated 1970s vintage. There is ample flash, a large count of ejector pin marks in unfavoring locations and generally a rather low level of detail. It does have recessed panel lines but they are quite soft, and the plastic surface is fairly rough or 'grainy'. The decal sheet contains only five Swiss Crosses while there should be six. The strangest thing is the instructions sheet. From the parts breakdown it clearly fits the kit but the parts drawn have much higher level of detail, such as guns, radiator flaps, seat detail and so on, where the kit parts are very crude. In fact the instructions drawings seem to show parts comparable to a Tamiya level kit. Well, lets see what we can do here. Never too shy to breathe some life into such a pig, it's like taking a trip back into the earlier days. Battle plan: - deal with the mold quality - add some detail to the completely flat instrument panel, add seatbelts, headrest, throttle lever - scratch build radiator flaps, guns, etc - EDIT: correct wing leading edge near root - paint all national insignia References: [1] https://www.flieger-hanspeter.ch/Mustang-P_51-B.htm [2] https://old.hermannkeist.ch/north-american-p-51-mustang.html Happy modelling, Andy
  8. I wonder if I am too late to join, seeing that half time has already passed on this GB.. I would like to join with a 1/72 P-51B in Swiss Air Force colors. The aircraft was originally on a USAAF escort mission with a bomber formation to Germany in July 1944 when it developed motor troubles and landed in neutral Switzerland. The Swiss impounded the plane, painted it in national colors and used it for evaluation and air combat training. It maintained the invasion stripes on the underside. After VE day the plane was returned to the USAAF. Kit from Mister Craft:
  9. Thanks Adam! The X-15 kit is great, a lot of details and small photoetch parts that go into the cockpit. It is supposed to be first in a series of X-planes. The Tamiya X-1 will be next. Happy Modelling, Andy
  10. Happy new year everyone! Not much posting from me in the old year, but in terms of finished models 2016 was fairly prolific for my standards. Most of the builds were projects that were started long ago and I managed to complete almost all open boxes. Now this year I will try to have much less builds going on besides each other. But lets see: Group shot (missing the X-15 which is already on display at my office): 1/25 Revell 1968 Dodge Charger 1/72 MPM X-15A-2 1/72 Italeri Su-34 from the Shelf Queen group build, basically OOB but with a number of modifications, shown here 1/72 Zvezda Su-27SM (from Revell's boxing), out of the box. Easily the best 1/72 kit I have ever put my hands on. I already look forward to the new Su-33 Sea Flanker. 1/72 Revell A-10 Thunderbolt II 'Desert Belle', with scatchbuilt Maverick triple launch rails and 2 extra Missiles from the spares box: 1/48 Tamiya F-51D 'Buckeye Blitz VI' from the Korean War, built entirely from the box, just some tape seatbelts were added. 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair 'Spirit of 76' with Eagle Cals decals. Weathering with salt masking, it was my first attempt at this method. Thanks for watching! Let's see what 2017 brings! Cheers, Andy
  11. Doing her handle justice, with a delay of just 7months my shelfqueen finally moved to the cabinet! Italeri Su-34 Fullback 1/72, with some scratchbuilt modifications. Build log here Needless to say, during her build some other projects were shelved in turn.... Cheers, Andy
  12. Hello patient readers, in an outbreak of getting-done-itis, the Fullback was finished over the past days. I decided that I could live with the questionable paintjob, and rather move to new projects. Following a few images of the finished beast/shelfqueen. Hope you enjoy, Andy
  13. Thanks all for dropping by! I also like how the Crusader turned out, she looks really alive. Cheers, Andy
  14. Thanks guys! I read that there were indeed some troubles during development. The jackscrew could not be installed on the centerline because of the engine. So it was moved to the side, causing considerable stress and twisting during test flights that could only be remedied with strengthening, adding weight to the airframe. Cheers, andy
  15. Thanks Polo! Happy modelling, Andy
  16. Hello all, I will join this GB with a 1/72 X-15A-2 from MPM. There are several more options in the stash (X-1, X-29, F-15A Streak Eagle, Sukhoi PAK-FA, Su-47 Berkut,...) but lets take it one at the time :-P Happy testing! Cheers, Andy
  17. Hello all, finally I get around to posting my 2015. Not a bad year at all, mostly 1/72 plus a 1/700 ship that was started 10years ago and last year I quickly finished and painted it. Enjoy the pics! Group shot (sorry but I forgot the Tiger II): IAI Kfir. Italeri kit 1/72 with lots of modifications to bring it to C7 standard. More images here. OH-58D Kiowa, Italeri 1/72. Scratchbuilt interior seen here F-5E Tiger II from Hobby Boss, straight from the box. More images here Hunter Mk.58 from Revell 1/72. Out of the box with decals from Skyhart I believe. DH-110 Vampire, Revell 1/72. Scratchbuilt ejection seat and decals from Matterhorn Circle (MC-one). The colorful paintscheme was applied to help training of Flab (Fliegerabwehr, Anti-Aircraft Defense) shooters. Note scratchbuilt heavy duty jack to set this tailsitter straight. F/A-18A Hornet. Hasegawa 1/72 built out of the box with Two Bobs decals. Paint scheme is of the Centennial of Naval Aviation. Finally, F-8E Crusader, Hasegawa 1/72, from the Vietnam group build. More progress and finished pictures here I hope 2016 holds just as many models! Cheers, Andy
  18. Adding to the completed builds, here is a Crusader stationed in Da Nang in 1966. Hasegawa 1/72. Build report and more images here It was big fun to participate, a big thank you to the moderators and fellow participants! Cheers, Andy
  19. And she is done! All pieces assembled and the last touches of paint applied. This was a fun project and a great experience to participate in the Vietnam group build. Enjoy the pictures! Cheers, Andy
  20. Some more progress, almost there. The major assemblies, including the external stores. Bombs are 8x Mk82 Snake Eyes from Hasegawa weapons set, also the Multiple Ejector Rails (MER). I never saw an image of a Crusader with bombs on the innermost stations so I assume they were not loaded for clearance or separation constraints. On the shoulder pylons are LAU-33 launchers for 8 ZUNI rockets. Those are scratchbuilt from 2mm styrene rod and some sheet for the launchers. Some final assembly and unmasking the cockpit and she will be done! Cheers, Andy
  21. Would you include also type milestones, for example 100'000 flight hours with the F-4 Phantom? There are some nice colorful options of such occasions. Andy
  22. A very nice lineup! I like the two MiGs especially! For me 5 builds are also about what I usually manage per year. Have a good and prolific 2016! Greets andy
  23. Hi Thadeus! Just saw this build, I will follow with interest! The Desert Storm environment should make it look real mean! The Academy Hornet is also on my to-do list, I have plenty of Swiss Airforce decals to put on them... Have fun, Andy
  24. Hello all! Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Yes I definitely will finish it. I had planned to finish by end-of-year but it may take a few more weeks into 2016. Over the holiday season I managed to paint it. But... trouble started when matching my preferred Gunze colors to the pictures that were at hand of the original. For light blue undersides I chose H323. The medium blue I could not match so I used a old Tamiya Sky Blue. For the dark shade I had a rough time, on some images it looked dark blue and on other images it had a greenish shade. Finally I chose H42 Blue-Gray...a classic case of the bottle lid not well corresponding to the contents. On the model it looks way too dark. Maybe H56 Intermediate Gray would have been the ticket...bummer. Here is what it should look like: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Russia---Air/Sukhoi-Su-34-%28Su-32FN%29/0493265/L/&sid=896460d282c4614d3149e807bf3855fd I am also not happy with how the color demarcation turned out. I painted free hand as usual instead of masking and I struggled with air pressure and paint thinning so in several areas the delimitation between colors has bad overspray... Now I have to consider leave as is versus repaint the whole thing... I'm afraid this may drag on a little... Cheers, Andy
  25. In the meantime the holiday season offered some time to make progress on the Crusader. After assembly and cleanup of the major components all panel lines were preshaded: ...and painted: ..and decalled. The kit decals were used of VMF(AW)-312 Checkerboards, based in Da Nang in 1966: Next up: Weathering, detail painting and final assembly! Cheers, andy
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