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  1. Thanks Jennings, I appreciate the quick reply! Best regards, Guillaume
  2. Hi Everybody, I would like to know which letter type is used in 'US AIR FORCE', like on the F-101 and F-106 for example, in the ADC grey... Thanks in advance and best regards, Guillaume
  3. Hi, The aircraft in Empire Test Pilot School colors is not a Jaguar E, its a Jaguar T2. The T2 was built for the UK, the E for France. With regards to the ETPS paint scheme, there were several airframes painted that way, but there were subtle differences from one airframe to another. Comparing the Kitty Hawk model and pictures of the real aircraft, and using paint demarcation to judge is IMHO not the best idea. Kit wise, the new Kitty Hawk is a mixed bag. They include both types of seat (UK and French), and both types of probes at the tip of the nose (pitot on UK airframes, refuelling pro
  4. Thanks for the input guys. A fellow member is willing to sell me a Cutting Edge sheet covering the -235 markings.... So that's sorted. The markings for -321 look more difficult to find. I guess its because you can't build one of their aircraft 'out of the box'?.... I'm gonna have to wait patiently in that case... G
  5. Hi All, I'm planning to build a couple of Crusaders in 1/48. On my 'to do list' I have VMF-321 and VMF(AW)-235, but I can't find decals... Are there any (modern) aftermarket sheets available for those? Thanks and regards, Guillaume
  6. Thanks for the link TIm. That Cutting Edge conversion certainly looks good... but where to find?? Its more than 10 years old...
  7. Thats very sad news.... :(((( I really hope another manufacturer will jump in to fill the gap! I need an F-8C conversion or 2 for my Furball sheet...
  8. Ben, Thanks for the link to the Muroc Models products... I note there is a 'max' and 'basic' conversion set available for the F-8C. Any idea what the differences (apart from the price) are? Best regards, Guillaume
  9. Hi, I just logged in to ask what I would need to make a 1/48 F-8C, and I find your topic you just started 10 minutes before me. What a coincidence... :) I'm waiting for the experts to answer the question... Regards, Guillaume
  10. Thanks for the replies guys!!! Well... that means I'm off to look for alternatives... maybe find a cheap second hand Academy E to use as a donor...
  11. Hi Everybody, I would like to model a 1/48 F-111E based at Upper Heyford. I'm leaning towards the Academy kit. I am aware Academy updated their F-111C kit with new, more detailed parts in some areas. I would like to take advantage of this, but the wings on the C and the E are different... I need the shorter wings. My question is: Is is possible to shorten the wings? I mean, were the long wings basically the same with a small extention, or were they completely different design?? And if the conversion is possible, how far back do I need to cut? I guess this could be an easy conversion
  12. Thanks for all the replies! G
  13. Thank You very much for this reply Skull Leader!
  14. Hi all F-14 experts, I have a question with regards to this color scheme: F-14 What would be the correct color for the underside of this particular airframe? I can see a bit of white in several areas, like on the air intakes under 'USS', under the nose or even the pylons, but not sure if its not just a trick of the light. The reason I ask: if it is white, why where the flaps and the upper part of the stabs not white as well? By the way, does anybody know the serial of this particular aircraft so I can try to find more pictures? Many thanks, Guillaume
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