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  1. If memory serves (alas the stash is in disarray at present so I can't check) there's a camera fairing in the injected UM Model 109 set HTH - Patrick
  2. I've been in and out of the forums this year, lots of stuff on outside. So I'm intrigued, I just got this message from a browser on a new computer: Did I miss something?
  3. That makes me feel so slow! My next project (the box fell off the shelf, it was evidently crying for attention) I bought the aftermarket for - five years ago, the kit - ten and shot the reference pictures...thirty-plus years back! Other projects, other aspects of life, best made plans etc :)
  4. Thanks for that, I'm signing up! a ) it appears to be written by a well-known member of this very board and b ) Since it offers to 'PROLONG YOUR LIFE BY UP TO 1,000 YEARS' I will finally have hope of finishing the stash...
  5. Thanks for the replies gents, most helpful. I must read more :)
  6. To anyone who restores full scale aircraft: Can I ask, what happens for static exhibits? I was reading a cockpit book the other day (c/w Bock's Car: it was excellent) and some of the aircraft are evidently flown, have modern instrumentation in places and gunsights removed etc. For the other aircraft which will never fly again - e.g. the He115 or the 219 pulled out of the water recently, assuming the instrumentation is there, is it checked to work and wired if possible? I've seen statics that look rewired, and I wondered just how far the restoration went for a non-functional aircraft. Many
  7. I thought I had one of those in the stash :)
  8. They are like Rocking Horse, aren't they? Once I learnt they existed I couldn't wait until one came my way, wasn't five years but it came half way round the world. Do wonder if the engines from the single seater will fit :) Patrick
  9. I have a Jerry Rutman Henschel 129 that he was good enough to go out and pour for me. Bought the barrel for it (B3 version) directly from Robert Schatton at one of the Telford shows. That probably beats the Revell Raiden (rescued from a bin where I'd thrown it and kept for twenty years by my father) narrowly into second place :)
  10. Surely that's what a screenwriter does for a living, though? Deliver a script that will resonate with a sizeable proportion of the moviegoing public? This is after all, a mass entertainment medium and there is no reason why a cerebral theme needn't be an unpopular one, if written accessibly. I wasn't impressed by the storyline. I believe I get most of the references (though some of the fanboy things seem to be a bit of a reach, and one could argue the very open script actively encourages this.) Some of these themes were interesting, some were risible (the Space Jesus thing is meant to be *
  11. Does look very nice indeed - Revell are going from strength to strength in 32nd. Looking forward to getting one of these :)
  12. He's already doing it, according to reports. Is it to be another pseudo-prequel, or something based on the (non-original author) follow-up books? Will it be a case of George Lucas Syndrome? Only time will tell :)
  13. Given the wide variety of styles shown by the various Alien films over the years, I think one could be mistaken for thinking that, given the story takes place in the same universe with the same basic premises, you could reasonably expect a good-to-excellent science fiction film with some vaguely familiar bits in. That's what I was hoping for, anyway.. The disclaimers to me are a complete cop-out:. Nice if you're respected enough to get away with it.. Instant audience, all the history pre-done but also full freedom to play with the core material. Likewise the stuff about this film being pr
  14. It hasn't made me feel safer about Blade Runner 2... Question (probably better for IMDB I suppose) - when the second lead character starts displaying great knowledge about how to read and manipulate the strange alien artefacts, did anyone else think whoa, shouldn't the rest of the crew be noticing this and questioning said character about what they knew and what this meant? Maybe even doing something scientific with the information gained?
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