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  1. 21 hours ago, Ken Cartwright said:

    I agree 100% - getting vaccinated should be a choice.  However, if you are not vaccinated, then you should have to deal with the consequences, such as having to pay the the medical expenses if you get COVID, or not being allowed in certain places.  I think of it like smoking - you can smoke all you want, just be prepared to pay for all of the health issues yourself, and don't smoke where it affects others.


  2. Get vaxed and wear a mask. Hopefully Darwin will take care of cleansing the gene pool. Whenever I go to a public place I double mask, carry my own hand sanitizer with me. For me, when I go into a public building the masks are an identifier of those that are just a bit smarter than those that aren't wearing one. Identifiers like some bumper stickers I see when I'm driving.   

  3. If Tamiya does a C/D Phantom it is a pretty easy jump to a J. The C/D had the thick wing. Add the wing and a new sprue for the longer burner cans and you are pretty much there. Maybe some cockpit bits too. 

  4. I apologize if I misspoke as to which version and subject I wanted to build. I have not decided yet. Thanks for lots of good info. What I'm going to do going forward is acquiring an ESCI D for the rotors and armament. I will hold the HB kit in reserve in case the airframe I decide to go with has the C boom. In which case I will remove the C boom and apply it to the monogram kit. Is there a good internet source for photos? Thanks again for your input.


    Just curious. Were the C booms sent as a kit to mod the B's or were they from retrieved damaged C's? Were the mods carried out locally or to some depot level facility?

  5. 5 hours ago, rotorwash said:

    The original kit was actually worse than the "Huey Hog" kit you have.  You are actually in luck wanting to do a HAL-3 bird as the kit will build into a decent B modal with some help.  most HAL-3 birds were old Army UH-1B's.  The tail and sync elevators that come in the kit are B model features and cannot be easily converted to a UH-1C without the Cobra Company upgrade set.  That being said, to make a decent B model all you need to do is replace the roof mounted pitot tube with a nose mounted one for the B and find a donor kit for a new rotor.  The 540 rotor that comes in the kit is accurate for a UH-1C but the B model used the earlier 204 head and blades.  They are totally different with the 540 head being a simple door hinge design with a 44ft main rotor with a 27 inch chord and and the earlier 204 head having upward facing blade counterweights with a 44ft main rotor and 21 inch chord.  The easiest thing to do is to find a ESCI 1/48 UH-1D and cut the main rotor down from a scale 48 ft to a scale 44ft. and add the blade counterweights.  The air intake isn't a problem as the later particle separator filter seen in the kit was also put on B models, including most HAL-3 birds and is not unique to the UH-1C/M.  The B model has a right handed fuel filler as well.  You can build an early HAL-3 bird with the M16 quad M60C armament that comes in the kit, but most HAL-3 ships carried the M21 system with the 7 shot rocket pods (either M157 or M158) and the M134 miniguns.  Lots more details but that should help you get started.  Good luck!



    Here is a typical HAL-3 UH-1B.  Red circle shows blade counter weights on 204 rotrohead, orange shows the particle separator in the Huey Hog kit and the yellow circle shows the nose pitot.





    Thanks for that info. Very helpful. I had bought the simple Hobby Boss UH-1C and was going to use the R/M kit to supplement. The R/M kit looks a whole lot better than the HB kit. I'll Keep an eye out for the ESCI kit. Are the different armament parts available either in a kit or aftermarket? Plus decals seem to be an issue.

  6. I just bought this kit for a good price new in box. I know Monogram released a Huey in the very late 1950's or very early 1960's. Is this the same basic kit from then or at some point along the way did Monogram retool the kit? I know it was originally a med evac version and over time parts were added for the attack version. My knowledge of the Huey is very limited. I know the tail boom changed on the early versions along with the rotor blade widths. 


    I am wanting to do a HAL-3 Seawolves aircraft so how accurate is this kit for an early HAL-3 bird?

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