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  1. Your dedication to your subject is as impressive as your scratchbuilding skills. What an amazing project! Thanks for continuing to upload pics! Mark
  2. Wow, that looks great. I'm guessing this is for the Hasegawa kit - would you happen to know if it would be compatible with the Club-M? edit: just checked your ebay link - saw that it's for Hasegawa!
  3. Nice Petar. Hey any chance you feel like a 1/72 GunStar scratchbuild? And of course you'd be obliged to show me how you did it or cast a copy!
  4. I think you're right about reforming another squadron. I gotta ask though, what can you do with 36 jets that you can't do with 24? That's assuming they're all used for strike though. Is anyone here going to the airshow in October? Mark
  5. Hey Andrew, Yeah, it's all speculation at the moment. Boeing approached Defence earlier in the year to offer an additional 12 F-models. What comes of the offer, again, is speculation. If they were to acquire six Growlers, it is most likely they'd be operated by a single squadron, just like the RF-111Cs were looked after by 1SQN. They also had all the AUP & PaveTack jets whilst 6SQN picked up the G models. 6SQN is technically the training/conversion squadron. That said, a few weeks ago F-111 maintenance combined under 6SQN. PS. Love the soapbox. :o
  6. Six Growlers for the RAAF... http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...6-31477,00.html
  7. You said it. I wonder how/if the Geneva convention applies (re: combatants being in uniform) to aircraft? An intelligence aircraft masquerading as an airliner is pretty cheeky.
  8. Wow Gambler, brilliant work there. Is it 1/48? I usually work 1/144 and 1/100 so bigger scales are tough to identify. ;) And word on the street from last week is three years of Super Hornet tyres turned up at Amberley. Now they're trying to find what to do with them for 18 months... First aircrew and groundcrew head over in Nov, right?
  9. Whoops! Got my B & C mixed up there :) Wasn't the pipe dream to have air force pilots on board a navy ship designed to ferry the army around? That's all kinds of purple - with shades of Op Eagle Claw in 1980
  10. And just a few random thoughts after an enjoyable read through this thread: Re: Manufacturing an Australian fighter/strike acft If we cannot introduce our own EWSP gear successfully, producing an entire aircraft is bit of an ask Compare SeaSprite to C-17 - we bought one off the shelf (and is in-service, working flat out) and recently dumped the other because it was expensive, late, and incomplete. Re: Buying the Rhino I'm pretty sure we're just leasing them, with an option to buy. Re: LHD Ships Apparently big bosses are musing over F-35C but if they are also starting to argue against building the air warfare destroyers (reportedly due to profileration of subs) then it becomes less likely. And you have to keep in mind the political statement you make when you buy F-35C to go on your shiny new helicopter/expeditionary ships - a country with carriers (even pseudo-carriers) makes for nervous neighbours. Really cool discussion going on here. Glad I found the thread! :P
  11. Funnily enough, your observation regarding serviceability is pretty darn accurate.
  12. C'mon Austin, that post was a no-brainer Mark /OT
  13. Cheers for the interesting info Ken! And do you guys use "duck's nuts"? (In the same vein as "dog's bollocks")
  14. Whilst we're here, does anyone know where to find a 1/72 Gunstar? I've seen the 1/48 floating around, but hoping to find its smaller brother. Cheers!
  15. Looks like we were actually trumped by the currency difference. The Brits spent 500 million pounds.
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