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  1. Figured this needing and update. Whirlwind in Indiana is closing Sunday, the owner passed a few years ago and his wife just can't keep it running. I heard from Esther in millvale that AB Charles is gone too now. So were running out of shops in Pittsburgh unless someone knows about some new places.
  2. Tom_Kness


    I think the 23rd ended up with a couple of them at somepoint, theres a couple pictures in Lopez's autobiography that are ID'd as Ms. Not sure though since they are so close to the early model N.
  3. Wow and I thought it was stupid when I saw one at a hobby shop for $25... I'll stick to the new Airfix one, you could have a squadron for that price.
  4. At first I just used boxes and plastic totes. Then I took one of those nut and bolt storage things and seperated out some of my more frequently needs spare parts or from planes I build most often so I have a bin for 1/72 figures, 1/48 figures, 1/72 Spitfire parts, 1/48 spit parts etc. Though my 1/48 P-40 parts ended up needing an old Hasegawa box still...
  5. My new MkI's are still in the mail along with the II/Va conversion set from 3-Dkits so its good know the pilot hole points are already marked.
  6. MKII/Early MkI kind of seems like a cheap choice but then again you need the coffman blisters for a MkV so all they'd have left to do is tool up a new B wing. It'll be nice when that occurs then they can add their few years old C wing and have an almost definitive MKV kit.
  7. My guess is 1 of 2 scenairos. They are releasing the footage for deception, Hey we got this fighter, when there already is something better in works similar to the F-117 staying underwraps for so long. OR To see what we do. They know the stories about the Cold War and the grainy pictures and how nutso folks went everytime MiG or Sukhoi had something new.
  8. Yup thats Jordans. Oh man now I can't wait for summer to get here so I can get some more. Any of us Pittsburgher natives ever been to Esters? I think its called in Millvale? I saw them on the TRI-IPMS site the other nite and thought I'd ask before I made a road trip. Also we got anyone from the Middleish area of the state? Curious if theres anything good between State College and Altoona areas, dating a girl from Altoona so planning pitstops. I know theres a Train Shop in Hollidaysburg/Duncansville behind the Meadows but there gotta be something else in town, at least I hope. Also haha getting it all out in one post. ARC'ers planning to attend TRI-CON in March?? I think I'm heading down Saturday with a friend of mine.
  9. RIP Matt, my condolences to the family ;)
  10. HAHA! Yup its still open...well open in the summer, closed for winter right now. If I had a good camera I'd take a picture of it for ya its about 350' from me here at work. And strawberry is still on the menu.
  11. Just a bump to see if theres any new shops in the area?
  12. I think Brett was refering to the actual paint schemes not decals in anticpation of aftermarket sheets to be hitting soon.
  13. Either on here or in FSM one time someone said you can use "White Out" as a filler. Its cheap and pretty sure you can get past TSA
  14. I'd guess actual reverse, it was supposed to exist on multiple airframes.
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