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  1. Yes, thanks God. But on another hand - it took them almost 2 full days. The reason was that many people (including me) were not registered on separate eMail list, but only in shop and Hannants sent warning only to this eMail list. Unfortunately, the shop was the thing which mattered... Anyway, I hope, they will find not only the leak source, but also the thief...
  2. Fifth case. Please, write also to Hannants. BTW, since purchase from Hannants have you used your credit card on internet? As the data might been stolen from different transaction (Andy's case)
  3. Perhaps bad news again. First I didn't pay attention as it looked like one exceptional case. But now I know about 4 cases of people, who were on hannants 3 and more months ago (they claim it was before new webpage was put in). Three of them were charged last or this week, the fourth in July. It might not be connected to this case, but four times...
  4. Thank you a lot for your reaction, that's exactly what I had on my mind while I was frustrated from Hannant's actions. Add to this, that many of hannant's customers are abroad and if they do check modeling forums, vast majority of them (me including) check only forums in their countires in their native language - (that was the reason why I complained about statement from Hannants on britmodeller). You know, to make a shoping on Hannants you do not need to be perfect english speaker. Not counting (as I mentioned before) that it took me huge effort to convince Hannants to start investigation and
  5. We have indirect information from Hannants, that it was clearing bank. Nothing else. The only verified information is that a lot of credit/debit cards used on Hannants were compromised. BTW, I have also debit card. Visa Electron
  6. Good point, changed. Not being a native speaker - if you have better (shorter) suggestion, let me know :-)
  7. I'm not frustrated that I don't have enough information, that's not important. Important is to warn all people who might get compromised of this threat. The reason I put great effort into investigation and convincing Hannants to start their investigation was to warn people and save as much money as possible from being stolen. And that was exactly why I opened this thread here - to warn you and save your money, guys. Some of you already wrote, that it saved their money (thanks God). Why hannants do not write simple email or at least statement on their website? This would save much more than a t
  8. cite from britmodeller: "I've been in touch with David Hannant this morning, and he asked me to post the following on his behalf:" you might be right, but to certain extent - why hannants do not send email to all of their customers? It's obvious there is a problem, credit cards of their customers are compromised and still charged. It doesn't matter if the problem is in Hannants, bank, or anything else. The credit cards are still charged, why there is no warning from Hannants? They might send warning to banks to block cards, but still...
  9. It is huge number of credit cards, they just might not come to your record yet. Try to check also blocked transfers as in my case I didn't see it in regular transfers. Anyway, I strongly recommend to block the card or at least decrease the limit to minimum.
  10. Nice. They give that official information for Brits and that's it??? Well, from my point of view this is significant minus for Hannants. I've exchanged 11 emails with hannants yesterday, forced another guys with stolen credit card data to write to hannats and THEN they started investigation and they even do not care to inform us or other people??? anyway, Edgar, thank you for posting
  11. Back to the trees. Another colleague from Slovak Republic provided me piece of information, that there were atempts to get money from his card, which he didn't use on Hannants for 8 months and in addition the card is not valid for half a year.
  12. I confirm, I made the same deduction - only people who made registration on hannants or made an order within LAST MONTH are affected. At least nobody confirmed opposite
  13. thank you for sharing. And I think, that even if you delete information about your credit card now, it will not help, as attacker already might have it.
  14. I put the information about credit card while registering and didn't delete anything. Hannants claims, they do not store security number of the credit cards. Anyway I strongly recommend to contact your bank as attacker might got information from stored database on hannants (they might have this database in the bank, so also from here) OR from online transaction between hannants and bank OR on the way from you to hannants
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