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  1. Aloha from Hawaii. Just getting rolling.... Missed the RAF cockpit green - not quite enough blue but still happy so far. Oil wash next....
  2. Great looking Spit! So that's just Tamiya Chrome Silver airbrushed, or do they have a rattle can? Either way, that's is a great looking NMF - I usually go with Alclad but like you, that stuff gives me the willies.
  3. I forgot to add mine to the runway! 1/72 Hasegawa MiG-21, Iraqi defector: On a related note I just finished it's sister plane right under the wire: 1/48 Hasegawa F-16A
  4. Thanks Graves - still a noob on the forums and didn't know that such a place existed.
  5. Aloha from Hawaii, I'm finishing up an IDF Operation Opera Falcon: I want to get the right Sidewinders on her. I'm using the Hasegawa Black Knights kit with a lot of modifications, but the kit AAM's are AIM-9L's. While I could just go and buy the Hasegawa 1:48 Weapons C set, I'd rather not spend $20 for two missles. So I was also considering buying another plane kit and taking the missles for the Falcon. Anybody know a kit that fits the bill? Thanks for your time
  6. 1/48 Hasegawa Mk Vb 1/48 ICM Mk VII 1/48 Revell Mk IX
  7. Aloha from Hawaii. I'm in with a 1:48 ICM Mk IX. Using a Quickboost exhaust and EagleCals Spitfire Mk IX Part 1 decal sheet. Probably do the MTO version:
  8. MiG is all done. There are a couple mistakes that I didn't notice till it was too late, and the decals are spares so are probably a little out of scale, but pretty happy overall. The kit was old, with raised panel lines so I put more energy into painting than construction and detailing. One from the Falcon. Just did the panel wash. Very happy with the results. Only the starboard side has been done in this pic - see if you can see the difference. Pretty subtle, which is what I wanted.
  9. Ian, Not sure how far along you are, but I realized that I had some pics of the IAF Rapide. Scans from Air War on the Edge by Bill Norton. Figured I'd share in case you hadn't seen them. Amazing book. I don't think I've ever read a book that I could truly call encyclopedic (except the encyclopedia) till I got it. Hope the scans and posting them here count as fair use....
  10. Love the vortex generators. Excellent work.
  11. Fantastic work. I still haven't gone for the multiple shades of Alclad for panels...looks great.
  12. I know this will sound crazy, but it really wasn't that much of a hassle. I scanned in the kit's painting guides, sized them to scale, and drew the masking patterns in CorelDraw. I only drew one side and flipped/mirrored them for their pair on the other side. Then I printed out the masks and used them as cutting guides for the tape. Check out the wing, elevators, and arrow masks - they're all cut out of one piece of tape each. The tail chevron is the easiest to see this. To do them all by hand really would've been nuts. The tricky part was placing them.
  13. Looks great Ian. I agree on the IsraDecal books. I couldn't get a hold of the F-16A/B for my Falcon/Barak build, but I do have their F-16I book which was invaluable.
  14. Thanks guys - I just realized I messed up the dorsal spine - should have had 5 bars but I only masked for 4. I'll live with it....
  15. Thanks Ian. It certainly took long enough And the smallest masks weren't perfect (this was try number 4 for the port stab stripes) And I probably should've/could've done the painting in stages... but I kind of like the challenge of doing it all in one fell swoop Pretty happy with the results though: The smallest and trickiest masks seemed to work well
  16. Primered and Futured: Alcladed: Masking is about 75% done With some very small masks:
  17. Mig is coming along: Found a great reference photo for it too: The F-16 is coming along as well:
  18. Still test fitting the wings. As for paint vs. decals I still haven't decided. The F-16 kit above was for the Black Knights demo team and had huge red decals. So I have plenty to spare, but since the MiG is so small, I might just paint and mask it.
  19. Thanks Marlin, I saw your 107 in the Base Gallery. I can't decide between 107 and 243 for the F-16 above. One question though, did 107 have a kill mark when they flew the Osirak raid? I thought those came after... ND
  20. Ooops. Already posted pics and I was supposed to check in here (1st group build - is it obvious) Hasegawa 1/72 Mig-21 Iraqi Defector and maybe the 1/48 Academy Avia S-199 if I'm cooking. Here's my premature posting
  21. Aloha from Hawai‘i Like Skull Leader, I've been planning a captured Israeli plane. My kids gave me this kit (boxed with a Mig-17) for Father's Day and I figured that I'd jazz it up a bit. Just finishing another IAF plane lately, but it was too far along to qualify for the GB though.
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