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  1. Oh well, not gonna make it. While it's still September 1st here at 157° west, it's getting late and I'd rather have a nice slow weathering and finishing stage than rush things through.

    Got the wheels and brakes assembled. Actually never done a kit with OOB brake lines. Looks pretty slick, IMHO.


    Most everything is ready for final construction


    Decided to remove the cracked underwing roundel kit decals and replace them with the Aces of the Empire ones. Vast improvement.


  2. Decals continue to suck. I'm really disappointed at how easily the kit decals crack. Both of the underwing roundels shattered into a bunch of pieces.


    Even the smaller stencils have a tendency to silver despite the fact that I've put down a couple layers of Future.

    Not surprisingly, the leading edge yellow stripes cracked when I tired to apply them, so like the propeller tips (below), I'll wind up having to mask them off and airbrush. A pain but way less frustrating than struggling with a bunch of decal fragments.


    I had been thinking that I would just use the kit decals for the markings after all but with the trouble I've been having I think that I'll go with the Aces of the Empire decals.

    Was a choice between Spitfires flown by Beurling and Gabraski....I'm a sucker for Spits from the Polish Squadron so I think I'll go with Gabby's.


    Regardless, she's coming together and if I keep moving forward I should be done by Thursday and the end of the GB.


  3. Back from a very busy time at work.

    The museum where I work just opened a new exhibit and I got to work on a 1/1 scale model !

    We built a flight simulator that allows visitors to take part in the Battle of Midway. You can choose to fly either for the Japanese and attack the island or for the US Navy and attack the Japanese fleet.

    We really played down the game aspect - no "enemy" icons, radar, maps, or scores. Just a dizzying furball of action and explosions and you only have a couple minutes of fuel before you need to turn back for home. The only nod to gaming was unlimited ammo, though you only get a limited amount before a 3 second "reloading" break. Very easy to mistake friendly / enemy so you have to pay attention.


    Still had some "instrument" stickers left to place but you get the idea


    Love it when people play and use the aviator helmets, scarf, and jacket to get into it

    People seem to like it and I actually got paid to make a WWII combat flight sim ! Super stoked.

    Anyway, back to the Spit.

    Painted the sky (why do they call it sky? It's green for God's sake) fuselage tail band rather than going with the decal.


    I'll try doing the leading edge yellow bands with the decals from the kit because I'm tired of masking already. Hope that turns out alright since I usually paint those.

    Started putting down the Future coat and will begin decals tonight


    One small complaint about the kit. The canopy masks aren't die cut....? WTH? The tape has helpful printed lines for you to cut the tape but I figured that for sure they would have done the work for me with such a premium level kit. Strange.


    The extra set of canopies are replacement ones sent by Revell for my other 1/32 that I managed to fog up. Will get some wrap up photos of that up soon.


  4. Been banging out some of the smaller detail parts:


    Time for overall painting. Not unlike the Eduard kit, if you follow the instructions you need to mask the exhaust stacks during the overall painting. As such I decided to only install the engine temporarily so that I could leave off the exhausts. To hold the cowling on I just stuffed some Uhu-tac (or blue tac to some) in the front.


    For this build I'll be trying something new to me. Rather than the classic and much debated preshade I've primed in all black and will go with more of post-shading and mottling.







    Yeah. Kind looks like the original gray of the plastic but it is RAF light sea grey. So glad that Tamiya came out with the exact colors in coordination with the release of this kit. Now if they would just make a proper RAF cockpit green....

  5. As much as I'd love another Spit for the GB I'd have to say you should hold off. It's such a nice kit that it would be a shame to blast through, especially if the second half out August is already spoken for. Which reminds me I haven't update my build thread in a while....

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