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  1. That is a good looking Spitfire. Spitfire + Sharkmouth = hard to beat.
  2. Here's a little bit of the glitter effect On the down side, managed to fog up the canopy parts with my experimental gloss finish....grrr.
  3. Been waiting to start this kit for years ! Box is packed with sprues, PE, Decals, magnets, masks....top notch quality. Surface detail looks fantastic I bought the Aces of the Empire decal set in 1/32. While I'd like to try the Mk. VII - number 2 above - scheme that mixes PRU underside with D-Day invasion stripes and grey/green day fighter, I'd hate to lose being able to look inside with the sealed up VII door....
  4. Glad you finally got a chance to join in. I had thought you were doing the newer Revell 1/32 Spitfire but apparently you're doing the classic kit. I haven't tried any of those - it'll be interesting to watch your progress.
  5. Looking good. How hard are you going to weather it?
  6. Thanks guys. Done but need to figure out how to get good pictures of the paint. It's really cool when you get close up and see all of the blue, purple, and silver interacting....
  7. I don't know what ya'll do with kit boxes after the build is done, but I wouldn't be surprised if some don't save the artwork and chuck the rest like me:
  8. Round three - Tamiya 1/32 Mark IX I've been waiting for five years to crack this kit open !
  9. June 1 marks the halfway point of the Spitfire GB. Check out the finished kits so far: We got started on March 1 and won't be done until September 1 so there's still plenty of time to finish your birds and be entered for f̶a̶b̶u̶l̶o̶u̶s̶ a̶d̶e̶q̶u̶a̶t̶e̶ prizes ($75 and $25 gift certificates to Sprue Brothers).
  10. Finish line in sight: Managed to break the tailwheel but otherwise should be straight forward to finish up.
  11. The White Stripes! Like how it turned out. Now the plan is to future it up to shininess, chrome up the pitot tube, antenna mast, and cockpit framing, add a couple of decals for pop and done.
  12. I know what you mean - the blue and white really screams Corsair. Painting is finished and the white looks sharp! Pictures to follow.
  13. Thanks for looking. Roughed out the stripes in CorelDraw: took a top and side view pic and drew on some polygons. Still have to figure out what the undersides will look like....
  14. Metal flake prismatic sapphire is looking good. Really hard to get a good picture though. I'll try and get better pics with natural light or studio lights.... Till then time to work on the racing stripes. Not 100% sure on placement and thickness yet.
  15. Before: After Liking the shiny parts with the color. Thinking I might reconsider the in-flight part so that the chrome landing gear and bays can still be seen.
  16. I've only ever used Tamiya Flat Black + Future as the base before Alclad and never had any problems. I think that the Prismatic works different from the metallic colors.
  17. Got the plane together pretty well so it's time to start in on the What-If paint job. I'm lucky in that every once in a while at my job I can get paid to build models. For a recent work-build I had thought to use some Alclad Prismatic Sapphire to make solar panels for some satellites that I was building. Spent some time testing it our but was never really happy with the results. Just went with homemade decals in the end. But now I've got a fair amount of Alclad....I've been wanting to go with something a little more colorful and you could do much worse for inspiration than a Shelby Cobra:
  18. Mated ! Definitely one of the nice by-products of having a wife and daughter: never ending supply of ponytail elastic Os. Perfect wing-root dihedral alignment devices.
  19. Alright! More big Spits for the GB. This kit had, how shall we put it, mixed reviews. From what you see so far, does it look alright?
  20. That color is downright sexy on a Spit. Maybe its because we never see it on WWII planes and so often on modern jets but nice changeup from the usual color schemes.
  21. Fuselage is closed and wings are together. Need to add elevators and flaps and the control surface will be done. Overall pretty happy with the fit. The rivets and panel lines may be a touch overdone, but for less than $30 it's a pretty nice kit.
  22. Doesn't it just grate to have to paint the exhaust stacks grey/ green?
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