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  1. What was the PITA part? I think the whole blue-tac worm camo thing is kind of fun.

    If the painful part was the tape/putty interaction, that I can see. I get around that by ONLY using putty and doing it section by section like this:


    Looks great by the way.

  2. Got bored and made a spreadsheet looking at GB participation over the past decade plus.

    Year with most GB's in one year: 2008 (19)

    Year with most topics (or threads) per GB: 2005 (there was one GB with nearly 700 topics created !!!)

    Year with most replies to topics: 2005 (unsurprisingly)

    But here was the interesting stat. A high reply to topic ratio means that individual threads are followed by lots of people, there is a conversation going on, or somebody just posts a lot of WIP pics.

    While it looks like the number of GBs, topics, and replies have gone down over the years, the ratio of replies to topics has gone up. To my mind that is a measure of engagement and seems like a good thing.


  3. First things first


    Why would anybody make a 1/32 kit box end-open?

    Fixed - little scotch tape, some modifications, and....top-opening


    This kit has the thickest sprues I have ever seen:


    I very rarely bother with figures but if I'm going with an in-flight pose, an empty cockpit would look kinda funny. The Revell kit doesn't come with a pilot figure so I grabbed one from the Tamiya Mk IX (hope to start that in about a month).


  4. Finished !




    For the most part a big thumbs up to the kit. Awesome surface detail, excellent decals, and this being my first Royal Class Eduard kit, just love all of the extras (PE, canopy masks, beer glass, etc). When I get around to doing the other Mk IX from the kit I probably will get the aftermarket cowling. Might be the only downside of the kit from my perspective.

    More pics in the completed thread.

    On to the 1/32 Revell What-If-Style

  5. Sludge wash of burnt umber:



    Wiped off and went over everything with a super thin post shading of Tamiya smoke + red + brown + black:



    Just need to finish up some subassemblies (namely the beer kegs) and I'll be ready to flat coat and move on to the NEXT Spit ! For that one I think I will do my first what-if / radical / creative paint scheme. Never done anything but realistic Spits. One of my favorite models that I've made was a P-38 for my son to play with:


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