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  1. Hello, It is finally FINISHED! Since the whole thing ismolded in clear, not styrene, I was not able to get the main rotor blades to droop simulating weight. I even had them for over a day upside down with a weight at the center but it springs back as if nothing. Main Details: Transparent windows masked so you can see thru Added external fuel tanks ( 6 parts each / turned out a bit narrower than required and fit at a slight angle instead of almost level on the 1:1) Scratchbuilt refueling boom Scratchbuilt sensor on the left side of the front opposite to fuel boom
  2. Hello, Ya know... you can't call it a helicopter without a swash plate and pitch links... (There are 3 days of work here) Yes, I noticed in the pic one link is not straight. Thanks, Ismael
  3. Hello, This is what happens when you find the smallest wire you have seen in a long time. I suppose this is to prevent the tail rotor to strike the ground. Thanks, Ismael
  4. Hello, So, been 1/350 there is really nothing you can do to enhance the main rotor. Yeah right! Still more to come after painting. Been even smaller, nothing can be done in the tail rotor... Thanks, Ismael
  5. Hello, I think I'm done painting grey... See? Can you see it? It is there! THERE! Yes, it is there! Thanks, Ismael
  6. According to the news the Russians will now send aspiring Hind technicians to Brazil first for initial training :)
  7. Hello, Made the refueling boom out of plastic and aluminum tape. It is not attached yet so don't mind it is skewed. By the way, the fuselage is painted and I was able to save the windows by masking them. External fuel tanks will be attached next. Thanks, Ismael
  8. Meu amigo, I just spent more than an hour going thru this thread. Incredible work! Not surprising we ran out of superlatives. A true inspiration for us mere mortals. Looking forward to see more. Eu levanto meu guaraná! 🙂 Thanks, Ismael
  9. Hello, Both drop tanks are done They will attach to the aircraft via these added brackets. First coat of paint applied. Windows were masked so hopefully will be see thru. Here is a shock for everybody! Dealing with fuselage seam lines on 1/350 scale is quite a challenge! Thanks, Ismael
  10. Hello, Moving along, the first of 2 scratchbuilt external tanks is taking shape. Fuselage was painted black inside except for the windows, which were slightly tinted. I'll try to keep them translucent. Fuselage halves glued together. Started masking the windows for painting. This is a real challenge at this scale. Thanks, Ismael
  11. Hello, It is finally FINISHED! OK, so this is most likely the highest detail/scale ratio I've ever done in over 40 years in this hobby. Wiring, plumbing, brackets, clamps, seatbelts, tail rotor pitch control, etc. Even the pilot headphones. Pictures don't do it justice. I'm VERY happy especially considering what I started with and the scale. The story of the fictitious registration number: You can see this helicopter has registration NAUF1LT. After searching for weeks in hundreds of decal sheets and decal leftovers, I found the remnants of a 1/24 Williams-Rena
  12. Hello, Finished and sealed the cockpit. Mockup with the fuselage. Not attached yet. Thanks, Ismael
  13. Hello, The turbine shaft has what seems to be like a brake rotor or something. Took out the plastic part and machined my own. My eyes hurt! Adjustable brass shaft. Thanks, Ismael
  14. Hello, While not the most optimal, this also addresses my display space issue 🙂 It comes with both folded and regular rotors. I'll go with the regular unfolded look. Thanks, Ismael
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