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  1. Hello, #17: Monogram 1/48 AH-64 Apache. I believe this was my very first helicopter model! Must have been built around 1988-89 or so. Completely brush painted! I remember very well one of my worst modeling accidents was building this. I glued a part and noticed I had to remove it. Can't remember if it was for painting or if it was incorrectly glued or what. I was using a pocket knife. It slipped and went thru my right thumb like butter! Still hurts remembering it! As found: Missing both doors and a few of those little U shaped handles. For some reason this dust
  2. Hello, #16: Your Majesty! The Queen herself! Advent Boeing 747-100 in 1/144 scale. My only model that doesn't fit the big light box. I apologized to this model for leaving her unattended for many years. I'm pretty sure I bought and built it in 1993. As found: The seam cracked in the back. I'll have to live with that. These are my scratchbuilt parts to replace the missing box stock ones. Not in the pic but the wingtips have what looks like antennas or something. One was missing so it was cloned. A landing gear door, done TWICE as I stupidly made
  3. Hello, #15: Testors 1/48 Mig 37B Ferret E Soviet Stealth Concept. This model was released in 1987 when the Stealth concept was in full rage. Designer John Andrews also designed the controversial Testors F19 Stealth fighter model released in 1986 creating a stir of controversy and media frenzy. If I recall correctly, I bought this kit as a Christmas gift for a friend and fellow modeler. Somehow I ended up with it at a later time. Must have been late 80's or very early 90s. As found: Even then it seems I was a decal hater. Only a single red star and nothing els
  4. Hello, #14: Testors 1/48 RF-18D I clearly remember this was one of the first times I ever used my friend Carlos' Badger 150 airbrush in his office studio. He showed me by painting one of the stabilizers or tail fins. I remember been in awe witnessing airbrushing! That must have been late '92 - early '93 or so. Not been very knowledgeable about military aircraft, I incorrectly thought if it is a photo reconnaissance aircraft, then there is no need for wing hardpoints. You just want to be as light and fast as possible. While that is true for an SR-71, that is not exactly the case
  5. Hello again, OK, this is a fun one! #13: Testors 1/48 Gee Bee Racer. This is one of the simplest kits ever made and from what I understand the mold dates back to 1949! The short story of this aircraft is that it was intended to be the fastest land airplane in the world. Seaplanes were another category. In 1931 the most powerful engine was the WASP 9 cyl radial. So the aircraft was designed around that engine as minimalistic as possible. It remains one of the most difficult and dangerous airplanes ever to fly. Jimmy Doolittle set a speed record of almost 300MPH in 1932. I b
  6. Hello, #12: AMT/ERTL 1/72 Kamov Hokum In October of 1990, while working on a college class project with other classmates, I clearly remember discussing this model. It had nothing to do with the project. I was still learning the basics about helicopters and was not aware of this counter rotating rotor configuration, which is actually almost as old as helicopters themselves. I was impressed with the benefits mentioned in the instructions of this model. As found: Turns out many other parts are missing in this picture but were all in the bin. Most importantly, the deli
  7. Hello, #11: Testors 1/48 F117 Stealth Fighter. As a teenager and engineering student in the late 80's, there was nothing more badass and revolutionary than this aircraft. In my mind this was one of the most important aircraft of all time. I mean, beating radar? mind blowing! This kit was released in the early 90's. I must have built it around '92 or so. Not sure but I think it was painted with hardware store spray cans. As found: With about 30 years of dust I was able to find all parts but the broken nose pitot tubes which were replaced with wire. Cleanup prove
  8. Hi Kurt! Long time my friend! Glad to see you! How are you? Life in general has been pretty busy and this hobby took a back seat for a few years with limited action. Plenty of on going projects in both cars and aircraft models. Just squeezing out precious minutes here and there whenever possible. This particular project was a nice surprise and has taken a life on its own. I'm really enjoying this trip down memory lane. Thanks, Ismael
  9. Hello, I have reached a milestone in this project: Halfway there! However, I'm getting into more and more challenging restorations. #10:Testors Italeri 1/72 Mil Mi-28 Havoc. This model was really a concept of the then still secret Soviet Mi-28, which ended up looking different. This model was released in 1989. I think I may have built it around '93 because it seems to be an early airbrush job, or maybe a combination of spray cans and airbrush. It has a healthy coat of dullcoat. Can't remember if airbrushed or from Testors spray can. It has what seems to be maybe dullcoat runs?
  10. Hello, #9: Testors Fujimi 1/48 AH-1S Cobra I remember building this kit in the late 80's and painting it rattle can light green, then a while later repainted as it is now. Leftover decals used on the repaint. As found: Getting a bit more complex into broken or missing parts. Had to scratchbuild the rotor mast as per the original part from online pics of unbuilt kits. Also had to fabricate some hidden supports to keep it in place. As a happy accident it is now the smoothest turning helicopter rotor in my collection 🙂 After the restoratio
  11. Hello, #5: Revell 1/72 CH-3C Jolly Green Giant. I clearly remember finding this open box model at Walgreens missing the decals. I got it cheap. I don't recall but it seems it was painted with airbrush, not rattle cans. If so, then it was ~1992 Almost 30 years of dust! I found this picture that has a date Feb 93 on the back. I remember using a railroad layout grass mat for this picture. After some TLC This brought back so many nice memories of the joy of a simple box stock build! Very similar picture, almost 30 years later
  12. Hello, #4 from the bin: AMT Bell 222. I clearly remember the store (PITUSA on Post street) where I got it. Can't remember if this was painted with spray cans or if it was one of my first airbrush jobs. The uneven yellow halves at the bottom tells the story that this was painted before assembly. Some of the seam lines were addressed with a thin strip of masking tape. Built around 1991-1992. The most important part of this build is the initials "K" and "B" which stands for Karen and Betsy, my two younger sisters and my biggest fans to this date From the bin:
  13. Hello, #3: AMT 1/48 MIG 27 Flogger-D I understand this is a 1988 release and a reboxed ESCI kit dating from the late 70s Based on the thick paint and tape residues this was built in the very late 80's. I kind of recall "sand" color Rust-Oleum spray can. The bottom is a very light green. Cleaned 30 years of dust. The control stick is missing. I replaced with a little piece of wire. The centerline drop tank was fitted but it was lower than the landing gear, touching the ground, so I took it out. Interestingly, I found in the parts box what I am convinced is the cannon
  14. Hello: #2: VEB Plasticart 1/100 Yak-40 I think this was the first Yak-40 I did, not the one I showed earlier elsewhere. Built ~1993 This one was built in gear up configuration. Looks complete. BMF rings in the engines. Only needs cleaning. After the restoration: Surprisingly, I found the little top antenna in the bottom of the bin. Isn't Photoshop great? Thanks, Ismael
  15. Hello, I hope this is the right place for this post. A few weeks ago, my sister brought me this big bin full of my stuff, originally from our parent's house: Among other miscellaneous items, there were 20 aircraft models there in various stages of despair. Not in the picture, I filled a shoe box full of loose and broken parts. Most of these were built between 1988 and 1993. That is 18 - 23 years old me! I thought these were all gone! Back row left to right: -AMT 1/72 KA50 Hokum ~1990 -Monogram 1/48 AH-64 Apache ~1988 (brush painted, cl
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