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  1. If you've ordered anything , then don't expect anything from Mastercasters for 5 years - I thought you guys need to read and see this as Jason "Jay" Laverty gets 5 years for sexual crimes against children. Suffolk: Lowestoft man jailed for five years for child sex offences | East Anglian Daily Times https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/23418964.suffolk-lowestoft-man-jailed-five-years-child-sex-offences/
  2. Interesting and fascinating . Scotty Wilson built a full replica to fly.... ... watch the video .
  3. EXQUISITE, STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS. Sleek looking model. You should be proud of this magnificent Starfighter... KUDOS.
  4. Eric, Your Apache is SUPERBLY done. I like it. Good job .
  5. JCSUP ... hello & . What a beautiful model and done very nicely. It looks AMAZING. Superb workmanship. Kudos.
  6. PHABULOUS PHANTOM John. Pretty impressive .
  7. I agree with Gregg. EXQUISITE looking Tomcat and has to be MY favourite . 😍
  8. https://www.artscale.eu/12-aircraft-helicopters Art Scale Kit - vše pro modeláře | Vše pro modeláře Art Scale https://www.artscale.eu/ They are based in Europe... in Czech Republic.
  9. I have not used them but found this review on YouTube. I know he talks about masks but this guy uses ASK products most of the time in his builds.
  10. STUNNING build. Only just seen it after being sorta away from ARC
  11. WOWZER.. thats nice. Very good workmanship. thank you for the updates.
  12. I've watched some of his videos and they are informative..so thank you for this one, which I hadn't seen it. Much appreciated.
  13. Its getting closer for this show. Hope you will post photos if you go. I would like to see them if you can post them. Enjoy.
  14. Ah I see it now Phil. thank you muchly for the link, I appreciate it. How lovely that must have been.
  15. Well thank you for the information but I am doing something else on the day.... arggghhh!! It would have been nice to get back into going to shows.. Thank you so much for posting this.
  16. Thanks for the link. HOLMES.
  17. maketar, Some really STUNNING models on display obviously from ipms model shows and real aircrafts photos too. Fantastic array of models . Thank you for sharing.
  18. MY first "hobby shop" was on a Highway between BARODA(Indian name is VADODARA) and BHARUCH(British Raj called the place BROACH ) in Indian Gujarat State . ..I was 4 years old and MY late Father took Me there and bought a tiny scale Hawker Hunter. The "hobby shop" was a grocers, sweet shop and a general store but every so often he would get a model kit and MY Dad bought it for 5 Annas. with his help I built it and was crudely painted as a 4 year old would. And later gave it away to our servants son who until 2017 still had it ... but it was falling apart !! MY earliest Mem
  19. Oooh ..GORGEOUS 😍 look at that detail. :👏 Thank you for sharing this beautiful (it is to ME) looking aircraft with us.. When in 2023 please? thank you.
  20. Never had any kit boxes that came damaged.. all were securely and tightly packed with the inner packaging being sturdy. It maybe that some E Bay sellers don't realise how a model kit is fragile especially in transit when they post it.. and so don't package it securely inside and outside but that is a rare case I think. A reputable company always makes sure you get your package very secure and undamaged.. Good Luck with yours. 👍
  21. WOWZER !! Extremely beautifully painted and finished ever so superbly. It is a PRISTINE looking model and the metal parts look AMAZING. KUDOS Aigore.
  22. Chris, Your video review was good and concise.. Looks like a neat kit but will you have to do any scratch building or redefining the hair and fingers etc.. Thank you for the video. I enjoyed it.. look forward to your build(do you do build videos Chris?. thank you.)
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