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  1. Thanks for posting this link. The posted images are very informative.
  2. Sorry to say, a few have closed their doors. Warehouse Hobbies and Cellar Dweller remain open according to Google. However a new store has opened, called Hobby Sense, (34-845 Dakota St, Winnipeg MB), which according to friends & family who reside in the 'peg has a decent selection. They have a web-store as well: https://hobbysense.ca/
  3. A little late for this, but my impression none the less. One of their poorest kits. You'll require 4 correction resin aftermarket sets from CMK to make it passable as a replica of operational aircraft. I started an out of box build a few years ago for my local club forums, unfortunately it's no longer online due to the loss of the website we had then. The farther I progressed in the build, the more errors I found with shapes of some of the moulded parts. Which aggravated an already poorly fitting kit. -landing gear doors are all incorrectly shaped, they do not match the fuselage wells. the misshapen doors really can't be used if you want to model them correctly, as they close once the gear cycle down. There are a few good Czech airforce videos of patrolling Iceland in 2014-2015 that illustrate the doors cycled closed nicely. (that was when I was building the kit) -pylons are very bad, incorrect shape, the kit leaves large gaps between them & the wing actuator fairings, when there shouldn't be any. (image search Gripen pylons-there are 2 types also) -under-wing actuator fairings are incorrect/undersized, which further emphasizes the pylon gap. -ordnance incomplete or wrong for the aircraft (tossed in ordnance from their Mirage F.1 kit) -no drop tanks (some builders utilized tanks from Hasegawa Draken or aftermarket) -no targeting pod, yet pylon is provided... -exhaust petals 'notch' is reversely moulded compared to the actual aircraft In addition to the above, my kit had slight mould shift for some parts, along with warpage & damage due to cramming a 'standard' sized box. (at least that is how they promoted their packaging back then - the Jaguar & Mirage F1 were in the same size box I believe.) I worked around the mould shift/misalignment by trimming & aligning parts via the moulded panel lines. I was able to repair broken pieces & carefully sand out the repair seam. Warpage required a lot of clamping, which still left a gap near the front under-fuselage area, (shimmed & puttied). Managed to assemble the aircraft components together, but stalled with the gear doors, as they are incorrect shape & size. So never finished the build. Moved on to other kits (other manufacturers) with better engineering & quality, some of which were produced decades before the Gripen kit! If a 1/48 Gripen is a must have for your collection, can only recommend that you pick up the aftermarket correction sets. Whether it's this kit or the Italeri kit. Most of the builds I've seen online have been OOB, (you'll see the aforementioned gaps). The build that used to be featured on the company website appeared to have aftermarket correction sets on it. Example being, an open exhaust. (not provided in the kit). A quick search just now, no longer results in a 'company' website, at least for me. HTH & you achieve a better result than I did.
  4. Thank you for such a quick answer! It is indeed back to the rate %.
  5. I took advantage of the half price air mail a few weeks back, ordered some kits, which I had not done in almost a year. The reason it had been so long was air postage rates to Canada. Prior to the half price air mail, changing from the USA designation to Canada resulted in an increase of 34% in USD. No issue with the percentage increase, as it appeared to be the current dollar exchange rate, however I did have issue with the 34% still in USD funds. That essentially meant that I would pay more than the 34%, once the currency converted to CDN funds - might as well say another 34%. Add another 5% for my CC exchange fees & the HK Bank fees-which is the cost of their services, no issue there. A week after the half price air mail, the $4 surface fee was offered. Having utilized the old $2 surface specials before, (parcels are compressed due to stuffing shipment container), I therefore only looked at Armour kits to avoid damaged canopies in aircraft kits. When you choose your country, air parcel is the first to be offered. I was quite surprised to see an increase of over 300% in air mail to Canada, from the USA. Was not impressed, didn't order anything. Kit example: RMF Jagpanther G2 at $71.98 USD Shipping (USD): USA air parcel $12.87 Canada air parcel $43.67 Canada surface special (now expired) $4.00 After the surface special, checked shipping on an aircraft kit. Kit example: Kinetic Gold 1/48 F/A-18D Atars at $39.99 USD Shipping (USD): USA air parcel $13.66 Canada air parcel $43.67 Canada surface parcel $13.70 The new shipping rates far exceed any dollar exchange rate, which essentially prices you out of the market for me. Competitive on-line stores in USA provided alternative shipping options when their third party shipping rates became very high. Some On-line stores in Hong Kong and Japan provide lower shipping rates, plus I can perform the entire transaction in CDN funds. Thus when I check my CC invoice, it matches theirs, plus the CC fee. I don't have calculate two bank fees, exchange rates of the store AND shipping. Hopefully the N.America warehouse will change this situation, once it's up & running. The current pricing is incoherent. Only current monetary exchange rates for any country makes sense.
  6. I've built both older Academy & Tamiya Tigers, at the time both kits were the 'standard' turret, where they did not correctly portray the asymmetric turret. I couldn't be bothered to obtain an aftermarket 'correct' turret, as they were priced more than the kit, at that time. Recent Tiger kits from other manufacturers, like Dragon, have depicted the correct shape. The Tamiya Late Tiger has individual tracks & a commander figure, along with the option of different barrels, loaders hatch, roof & gun sight. You only need to add zimmerit & their etch screens for the rear deck. Academy's latest Tigers, have corrected the shape of the turret, have etch screens, but 'band' track. However the roof is still questionable, and escape hatch is 'early' type. Therefore your looking at replacing the track, to achieve a realistic look on the model. Looking at online reviews/builds on the latest Academy Tiger, I never bothered to obtain it. Mainly due to the msrp being 2-3 times what I've paid for both older Tamiya & Academy Tigers. I've also managed to pick up Dragon Tiger kits for less. Two online reviews highlight some issues while building the Academy kit. If the turret shape is not an issue for you, the Tamiya kit is a classic. HTH http://amps-armor.org/SiteReviews/showReview.aspx?ID=3400&Type=FB http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=11351
  7. Welcome. You've already pre-ordered from Amazon, but for future reference, The Book Depository is also/now an Amazon company. Don'y know when that happened, but I noticed it awhile ago while looking for hard to find historical reference books. They were/are my 'go to' source when trying to find reference material, especially on European subjects or publications. So far, they still offer free shipping to most countries.
  8. Pen & Sword are publishing a book in May 2018 on these tanks. Author is M.P. Robinson. ISBN10 1526701677 ISBN13 9781526701671 The Book Depository (U.K.) is taking pre-orders for it. According to info, it will be the 1st English language publication on this tank. HTH
  9. Hopefully your search was fruitful, I usually try more than one search engine, as I find each search function to have a slight bias to certain sites/results. Using more than one search function occasionally results in alternative photos or sites. Interesting regarding the book on the 503rd. Decided to do a search for 503rd books and discovered there are a few. I've been using Tigers in Combat Vol I & II (W.Schneider) for most of my Tiger builds. Have built 2 Tamiya Porsche King Tigers using Vol I, a Normandy tank & 'Anneliese' Hungary winter '44-'45. Both were built before any other companies had King Tigers in their catalogs. Have a DML kit still to do & recently acquired Takom's #2074 kit, so I just need to figure out what tanks to do. Have fun with your build.
  10. Nice build!
  11. Box art depicted is 503rd Heavy Panzer battalion, 3rd company Normandy 1944. There are quite a few famous images of this unit in various publications. Try searching for images of: 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion - King Tiger Normandy 1944 Note: 503rd also had Tiger tanks in their other companies, so you'll most likely see some of those too. HTH
  12. Like the emanual PDF idea. New website looks promising. Sprue shots & PDF emanuals will help in marketing of your products. Although I realize that most sprue shots are available on your Lucky Model web-store. Would like to see an emanual PDF of your FRS.1 Sea Harrier #K48035 kit .
  13. The Modeling Madness list has parts break down of the Hasegawa F-16 kits. Along with other Hasegawa aircraft kits, as that company rarely has everything for more than 1 variant in a box. You'll need to scroll down , as they're listed below the Phantom II's & Eagles... http://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48d.htm According to the list, your linked kit #06103 is PW exhaust. The GE exhaust kits require parts trees 'H' & 'L' to be in the box, according to the list, which is the next kit numerically at #06104 It's listed as a block 30. According to f16.net, Block 32 were PW F100, Block 30 were GE F110 engines. http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions_article6.html I'm definitely no expert, but the two linked websites I find helpful. Hopefully they can help you determine which kit you'll need for whichever Block 30/32 you wish to do.
  14. No idea. Looking at the listings & considering how they market their Phantom II's, I'm doubtful .
  15. Monogram F-15 kit 1:48 from 1979 initial release, nose cone had a very pronounced 'step' under it, where it joined fuselage-tossed the kit. Monogram A-10A kit 1:48 1991 boxing, fuselage halves & pylons all suffered from sink marks & ripples. Monogram sent me replacement parts, but they too had the same defects, tossed all, except the ordnance. So technically never finished building those two! Definitely a fan of their Century Series kits & Phantom II's. Current kit, that is extremely poor, but hope to finish (haven't tossed it yet! ), is Kitty Hawk Gripen 1:48. Bad engineering, poor representation of some pylons, main gear doors, exhaust cone, and ailerons, flap actuators... Most aftermarket correction sets are required for this kit, haven't bought any of them, as I didn't feel like spending almost the same cost of the kit to correct it.
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